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Mr. Ected

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Member since: Tue Feb 13, 2007, 02:35 PM
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1. The threat of a Russia-compromised Trump is the single-most sensational news item now or ever

2. The Republicans in Congress have stonewalled, dissembled and all-but-quashed the respective investigations of their intelligence committees, and would surely suffocate any effort to appoint a special counsel.

3. The Department of Justice is understaffed, in disarray, running on fumes, and the chief investigator has resigned her post.

4. The Trump administration continues to throw nails on the road to impede and misdirect any media or intelligence community inquiries or investigations.

5. The international IC has been attempting to rectify this assault on our very sovereignty by leaking copious amounts of information to allegedly unreliable bloggers and news reporters, but the mainstream media seems disinterested and non-committal.

6. The FBI is either slow walking their investigation or is in the process of uncovering the MOAScandals in real time, pulling in co-conspirators by the dozen.

7. Rachel Maddow is the pinnacle of mainstream reporting on the subject, but her reports don't seem to resonate or escalate the conversation at a speed that seems commensurate with the gravity of the subject.

8. Republicans in all positions of leadership are abdicating their solemn duty to protect our sovereignty.

9. Republicans in all positions of leadership have attacked our sovereignty, but the divisive nature of our nation permits them to claim partisanship as the underpinning of our dismay.

10. The path to justice seems blocked at every corridor. Will the FBI pursue this as a non-partisan criminal investigation and hand out indictments? Is that the course of events that need to take place? If not the FBI, who? Is Comey the good cop or the bad cop?

Seems like it's been ages since our last #TrumpRussia blockbuster report

Please, Rachel, dish some more dirt. We need to wipe this faux military attack off of the news cycles and replace it with more evidence of Trump/Russia collusion in the 2016 election.

Nothing else matters. Nothing. Just getting this poser out of the White House so he can't inflect any more damage to our country's reputation.

Can't wait to add Trump to that number


Moving forward, the best way to discern fact from fiction in the ongoing #TrumpRussia saga

Is to completely ignore every single utterance of Trump and his administration. Period.

It's called misdirection. Propaganda. Spoken by the perpetrator, publicized by PRAVDA, also known as FOX, or vice versa.

It's hiding in plain sight. Otherwise good Americans have been snookered.

As the evidence against Trump piles up, look the other way when any tweet or Spicer statement infiltrates our media. They want us to change directions, to corrupt the spoor that the true investigation leads us to.

We could easily morph from the USA to the USSR otherwise.

If Trump gets away with this

And pardons his sycophants in the process, will the American people revolt? Will we take to the streets? Can the will of the people overcome the archaic processes in place that could conceivably allow the Commander in Chief to retain his office by simply playing his cards right?

I know we point to the mid-terms and find some comfort in the idea that we may prevail, but if Trump is able to avoid consequence for his so-called alleged crimes, it would be a bitter and hollow victory, to say the least.

I guess I won't be content until I see with my own two eyes Trump being led away to prison, stripped of every penny to his name, with Pence, Manafort, Bannon, Kushner, Nunes, Ryan, McConnell, Stone, Page, Guiliani, Uday and Qusay frogwalking right behind him.

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