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Mr. Ected

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Member since: Tue Feb 13, 2007, 02:35 PM
Number of posts: 9,635

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Words matter. Trump isn't 'failing to concede'

He's consolidating power and intends to subvert the vote and install his dictatorship by fiat.

People spend too much time thinking about whether he'll be successful or not. It is high time for Trump to stand before us and declare his intentions. I don't want to wait until January to deal with a reckless and eminently dangerous Trump.

Let the normal processes proceed as Joe transitions to his presidency. But Trump is a one-man wrecking crew right now, and it would be smart to stop him now before he gains any momentum.

COLLUSION in 2016 - has he already forgotten?

It has been firmly established that Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential election, with the express intention of boosting Donald Trump, harming Hillary Clinton, and sowing distrust and division among the American people. According to the FBI, this was undertaken at the direction of one Vladimir Putin. This interference was corroborated by our intelligence community, the international intelligence communities, the Mueller Report, the Senate and House of Representatives, and anyone else paying even a little bit of attention. It was summarily dismissed - and covered up - by Donald J. Trump. Because the man is an amateur, his participation was evident throughout his ham-handed obfuscation of the truth.

Despite the fact that there were no consequences to pay, it is irrefutable that Donald Trump owes his victory in 2016 to the infiltration of our elections by a hostile foreign power. There were no actions by Trump taken to acknowledge or remedy this breach of our national security and the sanctity of our elections.

Fast forward to 2020, and this time the American people did the only thing that could possibly circumvent another stolen election: we came out to vote in droves. This victory is one to be cherished, because we fought every odd against us. Anything less and we might as well have stuck a fork in the USA, it was doomed to transform from democracy to fascism in very short shrift.

However, NOW, the very man who dared to partner with an enemy to defeat a domestic rival now has the temerity to assert that the 2020 election was plagued by voter fraud. After covering up and lying incessantly for four years regarding his collusion, against all facts and truth, he finally wants to weigh in on the legitimacy of the election: the won he lost. And he wants to stir up millions of sycophants to wage a war by proxy on Democrats in particular and the USA in general.

To that I say: We need closure on 2016 before we can even pretend to address 2020.

I wonder if William Barr has had a change of heart about his coveted Unitary Executive theory

Something tells me the idea of a consolidation of power under a Democratic president isn't quite as much of an urgency to him.

Anyone else mildly nervous that DU may be sabotaged again like in 2016?

Those were some of the worst days I can remember, and frankly, I've pushed it deep into the back recesses of my brain and tried to forget it as best as I could. It's overwhelming to be separated from others of a similar mind in the midst of an existential shift to your paradigm.

I have great faith in everyone who manages this site, which is the best website on the planet. I'm just skeered that I may lose touch with some of my friends here if the shenanigans return. Let's stay strong together. See you on the other side.

What is House Bill #344 about?

Looks like it's abandoning the collection of intangible tax on no-interest loans made by charities for the purpose of building or repairing single-family homes. Is this to help non-profits such as Habitat for Humanity?

If so, I'd be good with it. If this is subterfuge, I'd like to know.

If he's well, he's well. Let's turn the cameras to news items, then.

Media is right back to giving Trump 24/7 coverage every day on the way to Election Day. Time to change the narrative back to his taxes and pound his sickly little ass into submission. He's fair play again, and this time we need to go for the jugular.

"I Could Stand In the Middle Of Fifth Avenue And Infect Somebody And I Wouldn't Lose Any Voters"

The Trump death cult has shape-shifted but never lost its diabolically-insane tenor.

Help us, Obi-Joe, you're our only hope.

Trump told us EXACTLY how he plans to take over the presidency for another 4 years last night

Knowing full well that he can't and won't win this election fairly and squarely, he intends to take it to the Supreme Court and allow them to usurp the power of the people and deem the irregularities in the vote to have negated the election. He intends to be INSTALLED for a second term.

He was quite clear about this. With all the attention on his disruptive behavior and his call-out to the white supremacists, this seems to have been given short shrift. In the end, it may be the news byte we are doomed to see over and over again as the death knell of our democracy. We can only hope that there are sufficient means to stop him from what he has spent a lifetime doing: exploiting the shortcomings of our judicial branch to win by fiat what he couldn't accomplish legitimately.

You know who would have leveled with the American people AND not caused mass hysteria?

Barack effing Obama, that's who.

That's called leadership. You don't feed the people bald-faced lies in an effort to avoid panic. You tell them the truth, and then you tell them how you intend to lead the country back to safety and optimal health.

You know who else would level with the American people and not cause mass hysteria?

Joe effing Biden, that's who.

My God, the machinations these people have to go through to justify their utter dearth of humanity and leadership skills.

He's spent us deeply into debt, isn't religious at all and he hates the military

Who the hell is his mythical base, then?

Haters, Conspiracy Theorists, and the easily pandered to.

Anyone care to add to the list?
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