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Gender: Female
Current location: Wisconsin
Member since: Sat Apr 14, 2007, 05:49 PM
Number of posts: 27,985

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The Catholic takeover of healthcare is dangerous.

You shouldn't go to a Catholic hospital and expect you will get decent care.

At all. Especially if you're a women or might be facing end-of-life decisions. In fact, try, at all possible costs to avoid one. Tell your loved ones and put in advanced medical directives that you want nothing to do with them. The problem is that many poor have no choice so dogma is given priority over your health.


This is such an important issue. The ACLU is suing other catholic hospitals for this as well.






Please please consider taking a moment and donating to Planned Parenthood today


And/or if you shop Amazon, use Smile to select your local branch: http://smile.amazon.com/

It always cracks me up when people use this as a response to archaic misogynistic doctrine

"No, no, no, just ignore what we think is the bad stuff anyway!!"

That reeks of such privilege and is so selfish I can't stand it. OK, you ignore it and defy the teachings for your own lives while supporting the message and efforts to impose them on a literal global scale. Plus, while you ignore the stuff liberals think is bad, the right ignores the few liberal messages in literally the exact same manner.
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