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Gender: Female
Current location: Wisconsin
Member since: Sat Apr 14, 2007, 05:49 PM
Number of posts: 27,985

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Gosh, there should be a book about the persecution that Sanders and his supporters endure

while he travels lands far and near performing miracles, gathering crowds and sharing his message. I'm sure it will include Elizabeth Warren betraying him to the Establishment. And .... hey, wait this sounds familiar!

To quote a great DUer on this:

"Intelligent women who have heard her on the abortion issue know that she is accurately reflecting the state of the law for the last 40 years in this nation.... like it or not the state has the right to restrict abortion past the point of viability. It's settled law and that's not going to change.

Women who know reproductive law like me understand exactly what Hillary is saying. That you refuse to accept my expertise and the expertise of organizations like Planned Parenthood doesn't win any points for your argument.

In your attempt to explain reproductive law you only show your shallow understanding of it." ~msanthrope


Many of us don't plop signs in our yards, or plaster our bumpers. We support her at the polls.

We aren't 'fans' who are wooed , we're Democrats who understand the impact of this election, we GOTV and focus on the importance of that over rallies and merch.
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