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madamesilverspurs's Journal
madamesilverspurs's Journal
April 30, 2021

Something to look forward to

found on facebook

April 24, 2021

My Doubt Meter is pinging loudly.

This ad, and iterations of it, keeps showing up under different "merchants". There's a similar one that features a photo of a warehouse full of guitars. And the reasons for the low prices range from covid to stories like "my tenant couldn't pay the rent, so he paid me off in merchandise." Can't help wondering if that legendary Nigerian prince has found a new gig . . .


April 24, 2021

"Oops" in the offing?

April 22, 2021

One senator had the courage to say "No" to McConnell. ONE.

ONE Republican defied him to vote for Gupta.
Which speaks volumes about the remaining Republican senators.

April 20, 2021


April 17, 2021

Proving us wrong

April 14, 2021

Senate vote - Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans

Just switched over to Cspan2, note that there are 4 no votes. Anyone know who they belong to?

Update: Now 6, Marshall and Cruz adding their no votes.

April 10, 2021

What the . . . ?

Was watching the "Band of Brothers" marathon on History Channel. As one episode ended it proceeded to the next, but it came up in Spanish. Commercials are in English, all other channels are in English. It's just the one program on History.

Any ideas what's going on with that?

Update: After all afternoon in Spanish, it's now back to English. Still no explanation.


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