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Member since: Wed May 2, 2007, 04:22 PM
Number of posts: 15,288

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ROB REINER is a winner on Twitter.

Rob Reiner @robreiner
The NRA has no problem allowing our children to be killed. More guns is always the solution. The only place the NRA bans guns is at an NRA conference.


i had VERY vivid dream last night. A UFO flew & Crashed into the Supreme Court Building !!

It was sooooooooooo vivid. Everyone died,
It looked like this from old movies


Who do you think made that tape we heard on Rachel's program between Kevin & Liz ??

Did Liz make it or some unknown person.

"Lordy, I hope there are tapes." ..... The news guys says ..... UH, there are a lot more tapes.

the tape info on Rachel ...... https://twitter.com/i/status/1517322929356214272

twitter wants men to TAN men's TESTICLES too. i got banned.

TWITTER JUST banned me --- they said i was ADVOCATING SELF HARM or Suicide

this is what i posted

Hey @TuckerCarlson .... go ahead and burn your testicles moron haven't you ever heard of skin cancer ???
Telling men to "Tan their Testicles" is BAD ADVICE. It's dangerous. People can DIE if they take your advice.

Twitter sucks.

CONGRESSMAN JAMIE WAS ON FIRE. he should be the atty general. my opinion......

the committee voted to hold Navarro and what's his name in contempt of congress. Raskin's comments were right on !

Gees i love that man.

for my 15,000th note. i wet my pants when viewing these

well sometimes. other times i snort. enjoy my 15 thousandth post my lounge friends.

funny cat video ... cats with hats



it is late and i don't know anything else else to say. i hope all of you make a super cool 15,000th DU note. Good night.

Posted by Trueblue1968 | Sun Mar 6, 2022, 07:01 AM (7 replies)

got a bad email from a member

I sent an alert last night. A man sent me UNWANTED EMAIL.
I feel what he sent me was a RUDE attack against me.

Does this TOS pertain?
~~> No personal attacks or flaming
Do not personally attack, insult, flame, threaten, bully, harass, stalk, negatively call-out, ascribe ugly ulterior motives to, or make baseless claims about any member of this community. Do not post in a manner that is hostile, abusive, or aggressive toward any member of this community.

Pres Eisenhower generated enough taxes to launch and complete the labyrinth of interstate highways,

Raise taxes on the rich

Eisenhower proved higher tax rates could work

President Dwight David Eisenhower, perhaps the last real Republican, had a 90 percent tax rate for the super rich during his administration.

Eisenhower explained it this way: The super rich could avoid the high taxes by investing their money in things that make America stronger. If they wanted to avoid high taxes, he said they could invest in business expansions and higher employee wages. They could give a million or two to tax-exempt non-profits that feed, house and clothe poor people of America, among other things.

They did some of that, but the Eisenhower years generated enough taxes to launch and complete the labyrinth of interstate highways, the largest road project America had ever seen and is needed again. https://apnews.com/article/alexandria-ocasio-cortez-archive-2184e9f18f6f4acca1ed007bdcdca818?fbclid=IwAR1twlEMKER47ka0VN_mnq_gTQ4SaTF2OvFZQ0jIoGPDXk5bIqzgCqtAE7s

MY BIRTHDAY FEB 11TH & was born at 11;39 am. i had a crap birthday. just getting over covid

my family are all trumpers. none of my niece or nephews sang happy birthday to me this year.
3 family members blocked on fb cuz i can't stand donald rump.

just got over cold that lasted most of january, then came down with covid in feb.
sigh. i know life could be worse but i'm depressed

same all over usa ??? Poll finds Portlanders frustrated by homelessness, crime, city leadership

'Voters are in a really sour mood': Poll finds Portlanders frustrated by homelessness, crime, city leadership
88% of respondents said quality of life is getting worse in Portland, with nearly 70% of people citing homelessness and crime as the city’s biggest problems.

Andrew Hoan, CEO of Portland Business Alliance, said the results surprised him. "This is a historic response in terms of alignment of voters," Hoan said, adding that voters are focused like never before on what’s wrong and feel current political leaders are not effective at bringing change.

"It shouldn’t be lost that homelessness now is so ascendant and that crime has risen to the top of the issues," Hoan said. "That should not be taken for granted by anyone in public office, by anyone running for public office, or those managing our public resources."

Two Portland commissioners are up for re-election this spring. Only 18% of respondents said they'd vote for Jo Ann Hardesty, with 54% saying they’d vote for someone else
28% saying they were unsure.
Even fewer respondents, 10%, said they’d vote for Dan Ryan again, with 34% saying they’d vote for someone else
56% saying they’re not sure.

Posted by Trueblue1968 | Fri Feb 4, 2022, 03:20 AM (6 replies)
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