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Hometown: San Francisco
Home country: USA
Member since: Thu May 3, 2007, 10:17 PM
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"Because no one in the state department, Bradley Manning, has ever compromised security"

really? You use Chelsea Manning as your example? She's in prison!!! Maybe that's where Hillary should be? They could be cellmates and exchange ideas on National Security.

"Her history of trying to change the world is much more extensive than Bernie's, who primarily focused on his own path"

Again... really? "Change the world" - how? How has SHE changed the world? For the better? I don't think so.
Libya, Honduras, Iraq... not hte kind of changes that I want to see.

And no, he is not focusing "on his own path". He is doing all of this for us. He has no NEED to do this. He could retire onto his nice home in Vt. and play with his grandkids. But things have gotten so bad, and we progressives are not represented anymore, and so he decided to run for US. I am very thankful that he did. We haven't had a voice in politics for such a long time that we are amazed that someone like Bernie still exists.

this is exactly why some of us left and the indys are the fastest growing

voter block. But the Dems don't care. They would rather have their corporat-a-palooza/convention than go back to TRUE Democratic values. All of this is a big slap in the face to Bernie and his suporters as well. DWS and the big wigs in the party know that this is what Bernie is against and she deliberately ended that ban in February as a "FU" to him and us.

They are no longer what I consider the Democratic party. Not the party of FDR/JFK/Carter and other true Dems. Christ - even Eisenhower or NIXON would be consider left wing in today's "Democratic" party! And most of this came about under the Clintons. As they say in the video, they are Republicans minus a few social issues. And those social issues are being fought by the corporations and lobbyists that the Dems so lovingly welcome into the fold! Is the act of pushing forward a few social issues just a ruse so that they can keep calling themselves "Democratic"? Think about that.

To those of you who think this is just fine - congrats, you are destroying the soul of the party. Soon there will be no difference between the parties because those lobbysists and corporations couldn't give two shits about a woman's right to choose, worker's rights (HA! That's rich!), stopping war, climate change (again - a total ruse!), immigration reform, BLM (oh, wow...) or any other social issue. They are just SO happy that the Democrats have come around to where the Republicans have been for decades. More money, more MONEY!!

We will soon have one big party with two names. If this gets a hide, so be it. Tom Hartmann and Mike Papantonio know what's up. They even said it "progressives have no where to go except independent".
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