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Hometown: San Francisco
Home country: USA
Member since: Thu May 3, 2007, 10:17 PM
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yes. She had an interview w/Rachel where

Rachel congratulates her on being the Dem nominee and it is totally scripted.

And yeah, I saw that video last night. It's disgusting. We have the media and a few Supers deciding our elections for us and many here don't give a shit. As long as their candidate wins, it's okay that the oligarchy decides for us. Because you cannot say that this was democracy. When six states and D.C. don't get to vote before the fucking AP calls the election based on a few Super votes, that is NOT democracy! It's the very definition of an oligarchy!

Evidently turnout is not good and that is on the heads of the bigwigs in the Democratic party and the media. But that's what they want so they got it. They told me and millions of Californians and people in other states that we and our votes do not matter. We are shit to them. Fine - but I will do nothing for them anymore. The hours/days that I have put in tying to get their candidates elected, the thousands in dollars I've donated, the wasted time I've spent here! Yeah, I know... "so get out!" Don't worry, you'll get your way. You always do.

But if you think I'm alone, you are dead wrong and more arrogant than your filthy candidate.
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