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Gender: Male
Hometown: Chicago
Home country: USA
Current location: Chicago
Member since: Fri May 4, 2007, 12:12 PM
Number of posts: 5,532

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The people of Flint WANT Governor Snyder!

(to be held accountable) as do most Americans.
How is he still in office?

Gov. Bruce "Ruiner" Rauner delivers State of the State address

and hilarious Wikipedia edits ensue...

|name = Bruce Rauner + |name = Bruce "Life-Ruiner" Rauner

|successor = Please literally anyone. Can we bring Blago back? We at least had a budget under Blago. I mean yes, it took two months but that's better than EIGHT.

|spouse = Elizabeth Rauner {{small|(1980–1993)}}<br>Diana Rauner + |spouse = Elizabeth Rauner {{small|(1980–1993)}}<br>Diana Rauner, who is apparently so special she gets a $100,000 chief of staff while the rest of the state gets LITERALLY NOTHING.

LaVoy Finicum - Bundy's Curator of Native American Antiquities

This shit must be stopped!

Being Pro-Bernie Does Not Mean I Am Anti-Hillary


What I find so disconcerting is the vicious discord among Democrats. I am a Bernie supporter. I post Bernie Sanders things on my Facebook page. Within minutes, I am inundated with Hillary people coming to dump all over whatever it is I have posted. They call me a “Bernbot” and much worse. I am not a bot, which implies I am mindless and incapable of independent thought, nor am I a “c*nt.” Since I don’t go to Hillary supporters’ pages and do likewise, I can’t speak to the issue of Bernie supporters engaging in the same sort of disrespect, although Hillary people have told me it happens. I take them at their word. I don’t believe that just because someone supports Bernie Sanders, they have the grace to remain as focused on issues as the candidate they support without disparaging the opposition. Such is human nature. But I find it sickening, no matter who is doing it.

Should Hillary Clinton capture the nomination, I will vote for her, and anyone who doesn’t is flirting with a (God help us all!) Trump presidency. However, I have solid reasons for preferring Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton. Whenever I write about them, I am accused of being negative. How is comparing the stances and the history of the two candidates negative?

How is it negative to point out that Hillary Clinton once proclaimed that she believed marriage is between a man and a woman? She said it. She has since changed her stance, but she said it. I prefer the candidate who has always worked for equality, whether it be race, gender, ethnicity or sexual preference; and Sanders has consistently been on the forefront, no matter what kind of spin you want to put on it.

Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq war and has since said it was a mistake. Bernie Sanders voted against that ill-conceived conflict and predicted exactly what would happen if we invaded that country; and everything he said – and worse – has come true.

Robert Reich: The Bernie skeptics are wrong — here are 6 reasons why


1. “He’d never beat Trump or Cruz in a general election.”

Wrong. According to the latest polls, Bernie is the strongest Democratic candidate in the general election, defeating both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in hypothetical matchups. (The latest Real Clear Politics averages of all polls shows Bernie beating Trump by a larger margin than Hillary beats Trump, and Bernie beating Cruz while Hillary loses to Cruz.)

2. “He couldn’t get any of his ideas implemented because Congress would reject them.”

If both house of Congress remain in Republican hands, no Democrat will be able to get much legislation through Congress, and will have to rely instead on executive orders and regulations. But there’s a higher likelihood of kicking Republicans out if Bernie’s “political revolution” continues to surge around America, bringing with it millions of young people and other voters, and keeping them politically engaged.

3. “America would never elect a socialist.”

much more at the above link...

Whiny militia ranchers in Nevada are certain to have a tantrum over this court ruling.


The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday overturned a Nevada judge’s decision that rancher Wayne Hage, and his father before him, had no right to bolster a water rights claim on federal land into the right to graze cattle on that federal land.

The decision reinstates government’s claims that Hage and his father “openly trespassed” on federal land between 2004 and 2008 in remote Monitor Valley, 200 miles north of Las Vegas. After Hage senior died in 2006 his estate was replaced as a defendant. The appeals court ordered the case back to Nevada with instructions to hold Hage liable for trespass on federal land for the grazing of his cattle and calculate the appropriate damages and bar him from repeating the practice.

In a rare move, the appeals court found U.S. District Judge Robert Jones of Reno so biased against the out-of-state lawyers representing the government that the panel ordered the case taken away from him and given to a new judge.

Just dropped my first donation of the year via DU for Bernie - Act Blue.

Democratic Underground for Bernie - Act Blue now has 1,162 donors and has raised $41,287.51.


Now I'm a thrifty fellow and hauling out my wallet involved some dust and moths flying about, but I'm convinced Bernie is our best shot at unwinding the corporatocracy.
If you agree and have some spare change, please consider donating today.

When Omaha Steve last edited this page, there were donations totalling $2,506 and now we've gone over $41-large!
Here's the OS thread, if you feel like crowing about your donation-

DU is currently ranked #4 in donation groups on the site...nice job you durty librul hippes, you!

About those water filters being distributed in Flint (band-aid alert)

It's great to see that water filters are being distributed to help during Gov. Snyders man-made Flint water-pocalypse, but let's not be lulled into a false sense of security.

The Detroit Free Press article on the subject heralded "... 5,500 filters have already been distributed."

Looking at the empty boxes, it appears as though they are handing out Brita water pitchers (or similar).

Here's a study about lead removal by such filters-

Lead removal
Lead is a toxic heavy metal that causes brain damage and organ damage in the human body. Natural News has found significant quantities of lead in Organic Rice Protein superfoods imported from China.

Lead removal ranged from a low of 14.1% (Brita) to a high of 93.7% (Waterman Mini).

Average lead removal was 52.5%.

It's time for a sweeping federal response, beginning with FEMA and ending with the prosecution of Snyder, et al.

Don’t Call Them Patriots. They’re Terrorists Occupying Sacred Native American Land


“President U.S. Grant established the Maiheur Indian Reservation for the Northern Paiute in 1872. It is no coincidence that the historical reservation shares a name with the Maiheur National Wildlife Refuge, site of the current armed standoff.”

The above map shows the progression of how much land Native Americans had taken from them by armed white men from the beginning of colonization to the present day. Before 1492, Native Americans enjoyed full use of the land that had been theirs for thousands of years. By the end of the Revolutionary War, whites had stolen land down most of the entire East Coast. By the time the Civil War began, whites had stolen much of the Midwest and the Great Plains. Colonization spread west to California after the Gold Rush.


Posted by Snarkoleptic | Sun Jan 3, 2016, 04:49 PM (1 replies)
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