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Gender: Male
Hometown: Chicago
Home country: USA
Current location: Chicago
Member since: Fri May 4, 2007, 12:12 PM
Number of posts: 5,533

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Next month we'll have recreational 'jazz cabbage' sales in Illinois.

I illegally smoked the stuff from high school until my late 30's, but backed away due to scarcity* and the possibility of hefty penalties being imposed, if caught.
*Until she moved away, I used to get weed from my neighbor, who is a mental health counselor.

I'm pleased that so many Illinoisans will have their cannabis convictions expunged, as I'm certain it's kept many folks from employment/career advancement.
It will be a real sea change for me to be able to walk into a dispensary and purchase legal weed.

Hoping Santa will bring me some fun paraphernalia this year.

Handy Guide to the GOP Impeachment Fog Machine

>Not snipped as it's from a pair of e-mail<

by Dan Kovats, IDCCA Executive Director
@ILDCCA @dankovats


Remember: Betrayal of America, Betrayal of the Constitution, Betrayal of our National Security System.

Trump’s actions were so serious that patriotic whistle blowers have come forward to expose his betrayal of America. As President, Trump orchestrated a mobster-like scheme to withhold military aid to Ukraine unless they investigated and reported on a political rival. Think about that; the President directly threatened another nation that, if they didn’t dig up or make up information to help attack a political opponent, he would see to it that the United States government would stop supporting their efforts at self-defense.

Republicans are exposing themselves – not as patriots – but as small-minded Trump loyalists who are willing to betray the Constitution. Trump and his Republicans have treated the proven Russian election manipulation as ‘no big deal.’ But today, influence in the election process from foreign governments is on Donald Trump’s request list. That’s a blatant betrayal of the Constitution.

Trump betrayed our nation.
He has betrayed the basic elements of national security;
He’s betrayed the Constitution;
He’s betrayed the citizens of the United States.


CLAIM: Democrats held secret hearings where Republicans were not allowed to participate
RESPOND: Democrats deposed several witnesses to investigate the allegations made against Donald Trump. Normally these depositions are conducted with the Justice Department. Since the Justice Department would rather serve Donald Trump than the American public, they have refused to conduct these depositions. Furthermore, these depositions were conducted by the Foreign Affairs, Oversight & Reform, and Intelligence Committees. Republicans who are on those committees were not only invited; they were expected to participate. They choose to make a political stunt instead of engaging in the process.

CLAIM: Democrats were not transparent about the process from the start and this has tainted the inquiry. Since they did this, the entire process is a sham.
RESPOND: Democrats were following the impeachment inquiry procedures that were approved by the Republican controlled House of Representatives in 2015. To say that Democrats were not transparent about the process would mean that the Republicans own rules were not transparent.

CLAIM: Speaker Pelosi was against impeachment in the spring but is now in favor of it. What has changed?
RESPOND: It’s true that Speaker Pelosi stated that an impeachment is “divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan.” What has changed since that statement is Donald Trump attempted to bribe the leader of a foreign country. By trying to engage in a quid pro quo, Donald Trump put his needs over the needs of our country.

CLAIM: The President of the United States sets our foreign policy and Donald Trump is well within his right to conduct whatever policy he believes is in our best interest.
RESPOND: While the Constitution grants the President the authority to set our foreign policy, it does stipulate that the foreign policy must be in the nation’s best interest. The summary of the call between Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky & Donald Trump clearly shows that an attempt was made to withhold military aide unless Ukraine started an investigation into Vice President Joe Biden’s son.

CLAIM: Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman is a “Never Trumper” and his testimony should be considered slanted
RESPOND: Lt Colonel is a 20-plus year Army veteran who served honorably in the Iraq War. He is a decorated soldier who was awarded a Purple Heart for being injured in battle. He was doing his job as a military officer working in the Situation Room. He was so alarmed by what he heard on the call between Zelensky & Trump, he was compelled to provide information the NSC’s top lawyer.

CLAIM: Donald Trump didn’t understand what a “Quid Pro Quo” was when he spoke with Ukrainian President Zelensky
RESPOND: Just because Donald Trump doesn’t understand that he broke the law doesn’t mean that he didn’t break the law. Ignorance is not a defense when it comes to violating our Constitution and putting our national security at risk.

CLAIM: The whole impeachment is a “witch hunt.”
RESPOND: Call it what you want. The impeachment is a serious investigation about Donald Trump’s corrupt abuse of power. IF Trump is the victim of congressional abuse, why has he been stopping witnesses from testifying to congress?

CLAIM: Democrats are just wasting time; mad they didn’t win the election.
RESPOND: First, Democrats aren’t alone. There are Republicans who support the inquiry. Second this isn’t “revenge” for winning the 2016 election. It is enforcement for potentially violating the trust of the American people and betrayal of our Constitution.

CLAIM: Joe Biden and his son are corrupt, that was President Trump’s point.
RESPOND: There isn’t an ounce of evidence that Biden or his son did anything illegal or corrupt. The Biden’s have been nothing but transparent and clear. It is Trump who has engaged in a lifetime of corruption and a stunning display of continued abuse of power.

CLAIM: Voters don’t want the impeachment inquiry and Democrats are going to lose their elections.
RESPOND: That’s false. The latest surveys and polls are revealing a growing number of Americans who support the investigation. It’s now over 54% of support for some kind of inquiry.

CLAIM: Trump is just doing what any other Presidents have done.
RESPONSE: Um, no. Trump is abusing his power and betraying our country.
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