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rufus dog

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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 7,304

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Twelve Rep Senators break with tRump! Republican Party in Disarray!

I'm sure that is the main topic tonight and will be all day tomorrow, right?

No news for me tonight, but I expect that it being mentioned, but tomorrow it will be ignored.

Today should provide comfort to all of us worried about the Mueller investigation

The Manifort cluster went down almost exactly as planned.

Yes he got a good deal from the original biased judge, but that all blew up today.

He is now on the hook for 7 and a half years. The campaign manager for the sitting pResident of the United States got a sentence of 7 1/2 years!

Then as we expected, but hadn't seen proof, NYC drops the hammer. Sixteen indictment for what Manifort already has been convicted.

So if you are a 70 year old, or 60, 50, 40, tRump Jr's age. Do you want to serve some time at a Club Fed OR take your chances with State charges in NY or Virginia? Your legal fees double, your potential sentence may be longer, and you are in a State Pen not a Club Fed.

Anyone pondering loyalty to tRump and potential pardon now has to consider loyalty to tRump, processing through Rikers and some fine time as a guest of NY Prison system. (Queue Law & Order sound effect)

There are a shitload of Defense Attorneys in DC and NYC billing huge hours this week.

What they meant to say "tRump to be headed for another budget showdown"

What I heard "tRump to beheaded for another budget shutdown.

Not sure if the locals on Channel 5 in LA comprehend what they were reading.

"I only hire the best and brightest"

That should be talking point number one ALWAYS when the Dems attack tRump. It is really simple, tRump said it repeatedly yet every one of his hires is a piece of shit.

Manafort, Cohen, Flynn, Gates, Papadopoulos, and on.

It is not our job to rehabilitate these assholes, it is Repukes job to defend. So when Cohen inevitably lies then the fucking pukes say see he can't be trusted. At the gym today I see the chyron saying Cohen lied. Seriously, fucking seriously, this mother fucking idiot piece of shit who worked for tRump for over a decade lies and not it is being spun as favorable to tRump

FUCK NO!!!!!! Your ignorant fucking president hired him, your ignorant fucking party made him financial chair. Oh, and shove your family values and personal responsibility up your hypocritical ass also!

This isn't that hard, every Dem could simply open with this about Cohen, "it appears that he may be looking to rehabilitate himself, but he did work for tRump for over a decade, like tRump, he tells numerous lies, he is not the type of guy I would ever hire or trust, but I'm not the type of person who has dedicated his life to running scams.

Rant almost fucking over!

Remember "if you like your Dr you can keep your Dr.? All they understand is redundant hammering. Jackhammer "I only hire the best and brightest" into their brain. Shove it down their throats over and over and over again. Head slam, head slam, head slam.

How the ever living fuck can any media outlet push Cohen is a liar as a positive to the Orange shitstain, because we let them. (and it wasn't FOX, it was CNN)

Complete and total failure

This is what we need to be saying to every ignorant fucking tRump voter.

This totally inept and corrupt admin fails at every fucking turn.

This totally inept and corrupt admin is in place because of every stupid, racist, hate filled tRump supporter.

The stakes are too high, and it is going to increasingly spin out of control.

Wouldn't it be great if Obama tweeted a 10 million bet about releasing grades?

You go first Donald, I already released the BC, you're up.

I bet $100 million could easily be raised for charity.

Something to tell your 20 somethings

This morning I was leaving at 6:30 AM, quiet neighborhood, a loop that runs up the hill. Get to the corner and there is a car sitting askew against the curb, a lady standing on the sidewalk with her dog talking to the occupants in the car. She waves me up so I pull up behind the car and step out.

There is a young lady in the car trying to start the car, male passenger passed out in the passengers seat. The lady walking the dog is freaking out so I tell her to start walking away. Talk to the female driver and tell her, look, you guys look like you are wasted. She immediately goes off saying the lady is a bitch and they are just trying to get home but the car won't start. I tell her the car isn't in park, so it won't turn over, but I will follow her home assuming she lives in the neighborhood. Her response, "you aren't fucking following me." She puts the car in park and starts it up, luckily she can't get it into gear after starting. I tell her she has two options, I try to park the car for her and they call someone up, or I follow her and if she goes past a stop sign a quarter mile down the hill then I call the cops. Her response, 'who the fuck am I going to call Ghostbusters? and you aren't fucking following me.

The lady with the dog says she is going home to call the cops, so I just sit there and wait while the young lady tries to move a car without being able to get it into gear. Cops show up and cuff both of them.

Lesson to be taught, if you are completely trashed, have run your car off the road, understand that you are in a bad situation. Use some common sense, take help as offered and realize that the option of driving home is off the table, but you can get out of the car, have someone get the car parked properly and either walk home or call a friend to get you home.

All and all he is just another Prick with no wall!

Just saw the sign in the background on the Chris Hayes show.

That wins my sign of the day award.

About 50 protesters in Lake Forest CA this afternoon. Across the street a counter protest of three, looked like a husband/wife with some sign too small to read and a douche dressed as tRump.

Horns were honking, lady next to me refused to make eye contact so I yelled out tRUMP SUCKS! She continued to stare straight ahead. I'm certain she got home and claimed she was accosted by libruls.

Why I think the costs for the "wall' funding increase

Now the costs to build the wall are nowhere near the requested funds. We are likely talking 100 billion to truly build a wall/fence.

But the 'great businessman' tRump keeps upping the number, 5 billion, 5.7 billion, 8 billion today. The question is why? And the answer seems to be really simple, and the answer is always the same with Dipshit Donnie. THE RUSSIANS.

He is being leveraged by Putin and Russians, and like any business/mob enterprise they are forecasting revenue, using the forecast to drive supply, and incurring costs. So the original 5 billion was last quarters costs, Dipshit Donnie missed a month and gets penalized. Sorry Donnie, you owe 5.7 billion now. Donnie, you didn't deliver again, in addition you will likely need to battle it out in court, new cost is 8 billion.

To be leveraged to this extent there are very few valid reasons. An honest person/party who is being leveraged like this can simply walk away. We do this in our own lives all the time. That 60 inch flat screen advertised for $500 isn't available, but here is a $570 model in stock. We have the choice to buy or we may walk away. Sorry, we can only sell you this $800 model. In that case we almost certainly walk and never waste our time going to that store again.

tRump can't walk, because he can't. At this point I don't give a shit why he can't walk, I don't give a shit that the case against tRump isn't complete. The issue is that he can't walk away it isn't up to Dems to prove why he can't walk away. At this point it needs to be flipped. The Repubs need to prove that he is not a puppet.


Did we learn anything this week? Lesson one gazillion in Repubs are assholes and Dems need to learn.

how to take victory laps.

tRump and the Repubs got their collective asses handed to them. One of the worst beat downs in recent memory.

He can't declare a National emergency, he can't reallocate funds from other sources. He can talk, bluster, bluff, pontificate and the media can continue to allow this ridiculous behavior.

He didn't get a concrete reinforced wall from sea to shining see. This after he failed at the original promise that Mexico would pay. He got less than he would have got from the December deal. (when Repubs controlled congress) He shut down the gov't, blew a ton of money, and got slapped down. He will continue to get slapped down if he tries to reallocate funds.

Folks, he lost, BIGLY! VERY VERY BIGLY in MAGAt speak.

Now the repukes are spinning, refusing to admit the smack down, trying to declare victory, it is bullshit. And Dems need to taunt them, laugh at them and loudly remind them of their huge failure. There is absolutely no need to be nice to them.

Be happy, team Pelosi basically just had a three and out in football terms. On first down the repukes ran a draw play and lost five yards, then the QB dropped back to pass and took a hard sack, on third down the QB launched a weak pass due to intense pressure, then the Receiver got hit so damn hard that the ball bounced lamely to the turf. They are bruised, bloodied, and will be hesitant to come out for the next series. Next step is to hit them even harder. Dance when we knock them down and always remember, never let up and never feel sorry for them.
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