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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 07:28 PM
Number of posts: 8,419

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From KOS - Walker got college GF Pregnant

The roommate of Scott Walker's college girlfriend has come forward stating that Walker got his girlfriend pregnant while at Marquette.

From the woman who claimed Walker is the father:

Why did Bernadette come forward with this story now?
Dr. Bernadette Gillick is now a college professor at a major Midwestern university. Through her attorney, Mike Fargione, she issued a statement: “It is rare that you will ever hear from me on issues of politics, as I am a firm believer that most politics are local and can be as local as our own kitchen tables. But I’m asking you to consider what I have to share …”

Over the phone, Bernadette recounted how she watched a recent televised debate between Scott Walker and Tom Barrett. As he talked about his “lifelong integrity” her anger grew. This was a man who had abandoned his pregnant young girlfriend — completely turned his back on her at the most fragile point in her life. She notes his “now-convenient ‘pro-life’ proclamations” after burying his past “indiscretion.” Says Bernadette, “I cannot listen to his lies anymore … I cannot dream of how anyone would support such an evil man. Once a man shows that he has no soul, there is nothing more.”


Does anyone else feel like the current battle is all over? Final shots delivered today?

Ahead of the Wisconsin vote the job figures showed what most expected, a stalled recovery with nothing in the pipeline to make any major improvements possible. Two AA Obama surrogates come out defending a reprehensible Republican candidate's past to be followed up by "the first Black President" this week. Market takes a major dive, creating uncertainty. So right after the long weekend, the "official" kick off to summer and the major campaign effort, the powers that be have all the talking points, the acceptable candidate is the problem, we should switch to the other guy.

Follow this up with a Scott Walker loss next week and it will be game over.

I wondered how they could be such fucking assholes against every major voting block except White Males, tonight I am not wondering nearly as much.
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