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rufus dog

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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 8,419

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To sum up Comey's logic - anyone correct me if I'm wrong

Bill Clinton meeting with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac in Phx is suspicious thus the information on Hillary Clinton must be given out to the American public even though there is NO evidence of wrong doing.

tRump officials meetings with Russians, while suspicious, does not rise to the level of suspicious activity that should be given out the the American public.

I am not sure how ANY logical person can argue that there are only two consistent actions:

1. Release information on both
2. Do not release information on either


Option 2 is the ONLY valid option that upholds the duty of his office.

Did the Obama Admin reapprove Flynn's clearance in 2016?

Spice just claimed this, if I recall statements from yesterday that was NOT the case. Off to do research.

Latest Wikileaks developments

The current administation has had a change of heart and now is going after Assange, thus questioning authority and accuracy of Wikileaks? Why the change of heart?

My guess is they are going try try to beat the Russian rap by going directly after Russia and Wikileaks. They will claim you can't trust ANYTHING coming from either source, FAKE NEWS! LIES!

I am also guessing, fuck that, 100% certain, that the media and tRump supporters will fall in line.

Oh FFS, it is like a bad B Movie - John McCain

Working directly off a prepared script in an "impromptu" press briefing.

Being a bad ass on Russia and Syria, saying this puts to rest the question of who controls Trump, USA, USA.

But then he stumbles and locks up when asked two questions

1. "What do you think about the advanced warning to Russia?"

2. "How does this impact the refugee crisis? Do we need to do more?

This shit is so god damned transparent.

Take a deep breath

1. Syria gases their own people, again.
2. Russian equipment and military were on the same base.
So no one noticed what the Syrians were doing?
3. We strike at the Syrians

Now, the current President is plagued by issues regarding his involvement with Russia, his approval numbers are dropping, yet all of the sudden he is taking on Russia, doing the right thing. WITH ADVANCE WARNING TO THE RUSSIANS.

Come on people. This ain't chess, this ain't even checkers, this it tic tac toe.

OH FFS! Kristen Welker (MSNBC WH Reporter)

I will write verbatim, "The President has been alleging that he has been the victim of surveillance, of wiretapping, you remember that tweet, that he put out several weeks ago by the former Obama administration. And also has said that unmasking by the Obama administration has crossed the line. This is some of the clearest indication yet of what he may have been talking about, what he may have been referencing in some of the tweets. And again the push back, and you heard Susan Rice say this, according to her and other Obama administration officials, there was never the intent to learn the identity of these individuals for political purposes and there was no leaking."

Katie Tur called her out that the President said Trump Tower was wiretapped. "Isn't that a pretty definitive statement?"

Kristen responds, "Well it is, but remember, even in the wake of that, Secretary Sean Spicer said that by wiretapping, that he meant surveilled and by surveilled, not necessarily not of Trump Tower but were some of these communications swept up in other communications that the Obama administrations may have been monitoring. And so the developments in recent weeks have put a little bit of meat on those bones. The President himself saying he put the term wiretapping in quotes so I think he was talking about the broader surveillance. But none the less, this is the Trump administrations push back to what they feel has been unfair when it comes to the investigation into what may or may not have been Russian interference into the election."

Katie responded, "certainly the way the administration wants to frame it."

Read carefully what Kristen was doing, reporting tRump talking points as fact, especially "what may or may not have been Russian interference into the election."

How the hell is this person a WH Reporter?

GAWD FUCKING DAMN IT! Any congress staff reading this please pass along


The Republican Chair of an investigation just ran to the WH, THE FUCKING PERSON BEING INVESTIGATED, and then comes out with an apology. Gee, I'm sorry, should't have done that.

What the FUCK, seriously, What the FUCK!. If a Dem had done this what do you think the Repubs would do, accept the apology and move on? State, oh, it was wrong and we are looking into it?

No GOD DAMN IT! Everything would have been stopped DEAD FUCKING COLD! EVERY FUCKING THING! No FUCKING HC Vote, No other committee meetings. THE ENTIRE FUCKING TOWN WOULD HAVE LOCKED UP. And rightfully so.

This isn't that fucking hard, stop, en masse, demand that he is Censored - IMMEDIATELY, and stripped of his position.

For fucks sake step up, or do you need the fucking people to go shut down DC?

Make the fucking call.


Rupubs come up with a late change to get dissenters on board. (Health Care Bill)

Truly shocking what they will do to screw people over.


As Thursday's House vote on the bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act looms, the pressure is ramping up on GOP lawmakers who remain undecided or opposed to the legislation. Even after threats to their careers, invitations to the White House, special carve-outs for their states, amendments on their pet issues, and other tactics, critics of the bill still say enough members are holding strong to ensure the bill will fail on the House floor.

As the clock ticked down on Wednesday, Republican leaders made a new promise to the dissenters: that the Senate will add a provision gutting Obamacare's Essential Health Benefits (EHB) rule once the House passes the bill and sends it their way.

The EHB rule, which the current House GOP repeal bill retains, requires that insurance plans have to cover a basic minimum of health care services, including emergency room visits, hospitalization, outpatient services, maternity care, mental health and substance abuse services, prescription drugs, rehabilitative and habilitative services, lab tests, preventive care like vaccines, and vision and dental care for children.

Anyone else getting the feeling that it is about to blow?

Republicans forced to admit Trump lied about Obama, Republicans looking out for themselves in the HC debate.

It has the look and feel of a cheap suit beginning to unravel and they won't want to be standing next to the Orange Turd with the little wee wee.

IMO, they can't take another week like this one, there will either be a major diversion or Donald will fall deeper into his own ignorant shit pile.

No, I am not going to reach out to the assholes - reason number 139

Remember this?

In 2005 Obama purchased a new home in the Kenwood District of Chicago for $1.65 million (which was $300,000 below the asking price but represented the highest offer on the property) on the same day that Rezko's wife, Rita Rezko, purchased the adjoining empty lot from the same sellers for the full asking price.[35] Obama acknowledged bringing his interest in the property to Rezko's attention,[36] but denied any coordination of offers. According to Obama, while the properties had originally been a single property, the previous owners decided to sell the land as two separate lots, but made it a condition of the sales that they be closed on the same date. Obama also stated that the properties had been on the market for months, that his offer was the better of two bids, and that Ms. Rezko's bid was matched by another offer, also of $625,000, so that she could not have purchased the property for less.[37]
After it had been reported in 2006 that Rezko was under federal investigation for influence-peddling, Obama purchased a 10-foot-wide strip of Ms. Rezko's property for $104,500, $60,000 above the assessed value.[7][35] According to Chicago Sun-Times columnist, Mark Brown, "Rezko definitely did Obama a favor by selling him the 10-foot strip of land, making his own parcel less attractive for development."[38] Obama acknowledges that the exchange may have created the appearance of impropriety and stated "I consider this a mistake on my part and I regret it."[37]
On December 28, 2006, Mrs. Rezko sold the property to a company owned by her husband's former business attorney. That sale of $575,000, combined with the earlier $104,500 sale to the Obamas, amounted to a net profit of $54,500 over her original purchase, less $14,000 for a fence along the property line and other expenses.[39][40] In October 2007, the new owners put the still vacant land up for sale again, this time for $1.5 million.[41]

Look closely, all verifiable, the Obama's bought a house by outbidding, the seller wanted to close the adjoining property at the same time and did, via a full asking price sale, WITH A BACK UP OFFER AT FULL ASKING PRICE!

Then Obama pays more than market value for an adjoining strip AND later the adjoining property is sold for a small profit.

So, there is really nothing to see.

But the Republicans and Faux News went on and on about the impropriety.

Fast forward to present and the same repukes and the same Faux news anchors are silent on some inexplicable Trump deals.

Fuck them all, they have no morals, they have no ethics, they have no soul.
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