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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 08:28 PM
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Here is the tRump/Repub problem as I see it.

Fat Nixon is a liar, everyone knows it even his supporters, they didn't care because it was always about sticking it to the Libs.

Now they have a different problem, the lies are being proven, hard to laugh away lying about collusion with Russia, the #1 enemy. Repubs have no cover left, he has left them naked to insults of not being patriots. (They aren't) Not favoring Democracies, (they don't) not being true to the Constitution.

They will be unable to bring up politics, how great tRump is, in any setting where there might be a Democrat. Because the only response needed, is your guy worked with our #1 enemy, laughed about it, and hid the transcripts, don't you dare challenge anyone's patriotism, because patriots don't vote for traitors to our Constitution or Democracy.

I only have one request... rough him up a bit


Just hit me

A poster earlier had a clip from Russian News stating impeachment would not go through, it will stall in Senate, we got tRump elected. (Paraphrasing)

So I read it, got pissed at the Russians and Orange Shitstain and moved on.

But then it hit me, why would the Russians be so confident. Could be bravado, could also be they own a lot of Senators. Mitch and Lindsey are obvious, how many more?

They don't care and Dems need to change tactics

Man this is getting old, every week brings out a new outrage that partisan Dems believe will take the Orange ShitStain down. Every time the Dems slow play it, let's wait for all information to come out before we make solid charges. Then the next outrage comes out and the cycle starts again.

Yesterday Schiff was asked if he believes it was the President who was the target of the whistle blower, he danced around it. Why, say hell yes it is in all likely hood the Orange ShitStain. tRump stated he saw nothing wrong with what Putin did in 2016, said anyone would be stupid in not taking help, said he would do it again. tRump constantly tries to promote Russian interests.

In the rare cases that tRump is not guilty of the latest, then go down the list of tRumps transgressions. Fuck the media, go right after them, fuck the protect tRump questions go right after them, turn it around every time, tRUMP IS A RUSSIAN ASSET. WILLINGLY OR UNWILLINGLY!

tRump supporters are not going to be turned. The latest issue will be the pResident can declassify anything, and they truly don't care if he is horse trading to get dirt on Biden. (I know they would say the opposite if it was a Dem doing this, but they have no core beliefs other than Libs are bad)

So forget about them, forget about the Obama to tRump supporters as defined by the media. Go after tRump hard, never let up, impeach, slam republicans. That will energize the base, flip some independents, and never ever stop attacking.

Those against impeachment - Ponder this - Intelligence pulled a resource in Russia because of tRump

Obviously concerned that tRump would burn the resource who provided election fraud information on the Russians. Any logical person knows tRump will do ANYTHING to win in 2020.

So why would a logical response be to sit back and let him use/abuse the power he now has and hope we can overcome his built in advantage.

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