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rufus dog

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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 8,127

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They don't care and Dems need to change tactics

Man this is getting old, every week brings out a new outrage that partisan Dems believe will take the Orange ShitStain down. Every time the Dems slow play it, let's wait for all information to come out before we make solid charges. Then the next outrage comes out and the cycle starts again.

Yesterday Schiff was asked if he believes it was the President who was the target of the whistle blower, he danced around it. Why, say hell yes it is in all likely hood the Orange ShitStain. tRump stated he saw nothing wrong with what Putin did in 2016, said anyone would be stupid in not taking help, said he would do it again. tRump constantly tries to promote Russian interests.

In the rare cases that tRump is not guilty of the latest, then go down the list of tRumps transgressions. Fuck the media, go right after them, fuck the protect tRump questions go right after them, turn it around every time, tRUMP IS A RUSSIAN ASSET. WILLINGLY OR UNWILLINGLY!

tRump supporters are not going to be turned. The latest issue will be the pResident can declassify anything, and they truly don't care if he is horse trading to get dirt on Biden. (I know they would say the opposite if it was a Dem doing this, but they have no core beliefs other than Libs are bad)

So forget about them, forget about the Obama to tRump supporters as defined by the media. Go after tRump hard, never let up, impeach, slam republicans. That will energize the base, flip some independents, and never ever stop attacking.

Those against impeachment - Ponder this - Intelligence pulled a resource in Russia because of tRump

Obviously concerned that tRump would burn the resource who provided election fraud information on the Russians. Any logical person knows tRump will do ANYTHING to win in 2020.

So why would a logical response be to sit back and let him use/abuse the power he now has and hope we can overcome his built in advantage.

The case not to impeach


With the new RGB health scare, with Donnie melting down daily, there is no logical reason not to impeach. At some point you need to lead, and the average American will reward Dems for actually leading.

Conversely, waiting for the election will allow Donnie shit for brains and the repukes to drive the narrative AND display to the middle that Dems are afraid to do what is right.

FFS this isn't a hard decision.

Twitter is manipulating markets

He did this as a private businessman, he is now doing it a President He needs to be shutdown immediately.

WTF is going on with the Texas (R) Congress members retiring?

I live in the OC which flipped blue in 2018. In our case we saw six to ten (maybe as high as 11) point R victories in 2016 get eliminated in 2018.

We had multiple factors in play. We never elected the flat out ignorant Repukes other than the Huntington Beach/Costa Mesa district (Dana Rorhbacher) which has a lot of older defense contractor retirees. Thus offspring who felt the Hispanics caused their problems. The defense contracting jobs left to the South in the late 80's so they never got the decent paying jobs like their father, so the MAGAt BS worked on them.

Also every third resident moved into the County since the late 80's, so we have a mixture of other US and International residents impacting our transition.

The sharp Repubs also realized that tRump literally fucked them with the tax law. People with huge mortgages saw write offs capped. But many didn't realize it until this April. Seeing that NJ districts with similar demographics also flipped, I would have to guess that the tax law had an impact, but also the fact that we are a very diverse society. I can't think of an area in the OC that is anywhere near the breakdown when I went to HS, (80% white, 20% Hispanic, with most of the Hispanics striving to get the middle class, while most of the whites were middle class) so I think numerous people saw through the tRump racial division. AND I am not concerned about the newly won seats in 2020 because now a shitload of ignorant repubs just got screwed on taxes. And when I say screwed, they took a 10 to 20k impact due to dipshit Donnie.

So back to my Texas question. they have no State taxes, but did the April tax shock hit many areas in Texas hard this April. The impact wouldn't be as great as in CA, NY, NJ, WA. But did these newly growing suburbs take a huge hit thus the Repuke Congresspeople running for the exits? If not, what is causing these people to drop?

And wouldn't it be so fucking sweet if Dipshit Donnie expedited the transition of Texas from Red to Blue!


What will it take? We need to stop this shit now.

Threads about people afraid of going to a mall, going to a sporting event, because they are afraid of being shot.

You want to know the threats I dealt with growing up? Don't eat unwrapped candy or fruit on Halloween. Come home, throw away the unwrapped candy and apples and move on.

My kids, the oldest has completed undergrad. She gets together with her High School friends every New Years eve. About a dozen kids, 10 of them had active shooters on campus during their four years. She had a friend killed in his final quarter of college. A skinny assed, always smiling kid whose parents were missionaries, a half a fucking world away when their son was executed by some disgruntled prick with access to guns. A kid who was getting straight A's but would attend class rarely. A kid who was called out by another friend for not attending classes so made a promise that he would show up for every class his last quarter. So the kid who challenged him to attend every class lives with survivors guilt, a kid who was in tears at her graduation because of her challenge to a friend.

Second kid had to take a test in a student center guarded by campus police due to a shooting threat. Calls in tears after the test because she had to be escorted off campus. She heard Security talking on radios throughout the test. Walks out and sees fear in one of the guards who says, let's get you off campus.

Seriously! My mother told me not to eat any candy prior to getting home, made me dump the candy on the floor and then pointed out what to throw away. I recall one year her even joking about it and popping an unwrapped candy into her mouth and saying it was too good to throw out but I couldn't eat it. Her point being, we are probably going too far, but better safe than sorry.

WTF, now it is you can't go to a mall, to a football game, to a concert. The solutions aren't that difficult. We are going to need to knock some heads to implement the solutions.

So six Repubs retire prior to the Summer recess and the "liberal" MSM says ...

That they have a conscience

No they are fucking cowards who are exiting prior to taking heat for being cowards.

If they thought they could win their district they would stay.

The shit got waist high and they pulled themselves out and left their constituents.

If they were leaders, if they were Patriots, they would have come out strongly against tRump.

Instead, they are taking the Ryan/Gowdy approach. Slink away, stay silent for a bit, collect a big pay check.

Fuck each and every one of these wimps.

anyone know of a site that keeps track of tRump actions by day?

There are so many daily transgressions, just wondering if someone is keeping the entire history.

It is time, we need to go after the media

Republicans are the biggest threats to Western Democracies, but they are being enabled by the media.

Jake Tapper going after AOC for her concentration camp comment, while completely ignoring that there are concentration camps.

The media reporting Barr's comments about the Mueller report without ever contemplating that Barr might be lying.

The cluster fuck this week with the Mueller testimony.

Ignoring Pelosi's comments today YET focusing on a supposed Pelosi/AOC feud.

Ignoring all of the tRump history in 2015 and 2016.

We could go on and on. Point being, they are pushing propaganda. They aren't ignorant, they know what they are doing. It is anti-democracies, and it in no way follows journalistic ethics. If we don't take immediate action they will skate by and get tRump reelected.

We need to make them uncomfortable, unwanted, and unwelcomed. When they collectively take their jobs seriously then they get respect. Until then Tapper, Mitchell, Todd, Williams, Ruhle, and on and on, must be reminded daily that their focus on supporting their corporate master does not make them a journalist.
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