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rufus dog

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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 8,142

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So let's follow the story here, ignoring foreign stories and focus on domestic events

1. Story leaks of tRump internal polling being horrible
2. tRump goes on ABC Interview and denies he is struggling
3. Media focuses on AOC comment about concentration camps - specifically Chuck Todd (along with tRump asshole statement from interview)
4. Media can't get legs on AOC comments, because if you push too hard some people might actually think about what is going on in the concentration camps.
5. Media focuses on a Joe Biden comment. Again no focus on the deeper issue, that is what the fuck is going on with Repuke Senators not passing anything.
6. tRump gives interview to Telemundo and NBC.

So the asshole claims he doesn't have a huge problem with internal polling yet rushes out and gives three interviews in a week to media he claims is "the enemy of the people." And that same media responds by focusing a huge amount of time on negative coverage of two Democrats.

Do a semi decent job media, cover the fucking story of how the majority of Americans don't like the pResident.


You RW piece of shit. She is trying everything this morning to make it look like tRump is good because he is unpredictable and it works.

A guest compared tRumps actions to what REPUKES CLAIMED were weaknesses in Obama. That is the Repukes CLAIMED Obama was weak for not dropping bombs on the Middle East at every chance, and now we have Don acting like a tough shit and then backing off. The guest also pushed back at Ruhle's assertion that tRump being unpredictable works by pointing out that he ALWAYS talks like a bad ass, then threatens, then backs off. Thus he is very predictable.

Ruhles response "so you are claiming tRump is weak like Obama!...."

The guest had to immediately cut her off, no, I am claiming that tRump is weak like Repubs claimed Obama was.

So, it is highly likely that Dipshit Jr. got tripped up

And admitted the tRump campaign took help from Russia. Now, the Orange Shitstain would have hung him out to dry unless there is proof that the Shitstain was involved.

So he is poisoning the jury pool (voters) that it is acceptable to have Russia assist, before the testimony gets released.

Which makes the case for impeachment, haul them in front of the House, let them defend themselves, and force the American public to make a choice. If we can't convince 1% to 2% of tRump voters to either not vote or vote D then we have a different issue, draw the thing out for months, air all the dirty laundry.

And we all go on the offensive, loudly and continuously call out every tRump supporter for being un-American. Don't let them utter a fucking word, don't ever back down, because tRump is just a symptom, the 63 million Americans who voted for them are the disease.

At some point you have to be done!

In 2006 I almost change my registration to Independent when Pelosi took impeachment off the table.

I am fucking done with this appeasement bullshit, all types of excuses for not moving forward with impeachment, no lines that can't be crossed.

At some point you need to knock some fucking heads, I don't care who get's bloodied, I don't care who gets upset. We are in a fight for Western Democracies, if people can't step up and fight, then I don't want to be a part of that team.

So the clock starts for me, 48 fucking hours, they Dems come out strongly for Impeachment or I become an Independent on Monday.

I will never vote for a Repuke, but I will not support any Dem that isn't fully on board for impeachment, along with charging and prosecuting these criminals.

4th of July question

I am thinking about buying a California flag and flying that for the 4th.

Sure to be asked by the neighbors, and my response will be, "when Republicans start putting Country above Party I will go back to the US flag, until then, I am a resident of California first.


No Damn it! Nobody owes the Orange shit stain any respect, I fucking don't care about previous norms!

The Royal Family doesn't need to meet with him, they need to ignore him.

We as voters owe him and Republican nothing, there is nothing to compromise.

Look, he is actively working with a hostile foreign Nation. Taking actions almost daily that weaken America and our allies. And god fucking damn it, people need to stop making excuses, allowing his activities to become normal.

And finally, he needs to be impeached. If ignorance wins, then let it be, because then we have already lost. Any ignorant shit stain that gets upset over the patriotism of Colin Kapernik, but supports the Orange shit stain needs to be called out. The heat gets turned up daily yet we all wait, for the next 'big' thing to take him down. Bad move, we need to move ASAP to take him down along with all of his cult followers. Some will come along, a lot actually, but Dems need to lead.


You, as a govt employee, don't get to have a 10 minute conference, not answer any questions, and refuse to talk to congress.



OK, i am done, wife drives a Honda CRV, which I have always hated. I am on my third Acura.

With Honda/Acura having a Mar Lago meeting I am done.

The Honda/Acura website is weak. So here is my issue, how can i make it clear to them I am done.

This is my third Acura, going back to 2002. Will take a loss on my current one and buy anything.

As stated before, I HATE my wife's CRV, no problem trading that in for a Hyundai or something else.


There is a Horse in the hospital!

Years ago in Los Angeles a station played ďI donít want to work, I just want to bang an the drums all day,Ē every Friday afternoon. Canít recall if it was 3:55 or 4:55. Regardless, as long as we have tRump, I think this video should be put up every Friday afternoon.


So who has outraged Republican friends?

Outraged over Barr and Kavanaugh directly stating there are one set of rules for Republicans and a separate set of rules for Dems.

They have shown that the don't have issues with laws, they have issues on enforcement of laws. IOKIYAAR, or white upper class.

Check in with stories of the outraged Repubs, because the ones I know are silent!

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