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rufus dog

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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue May 8, 2007, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 7,948

Journal Archives

Big picture all - Today was a clip and save day - Let's pack the churches on Easter Sunday

It displays everything wrong about tRump.

Complete inability to be proactive and plan.

Huckster Condo Salesman trying to close no matter the facts.

Lack of empathy for what everyone is going through.

Focused on profit over lives.

In a week his pronouncement will be proven to be idiotic, again. We need to push the ignore button on him. At some point the media will be forced to follow suit.

Then we can focus on getting better, getting the Country back on track.

Forget about the bullshit polls, it is March, focus on staying healthy.

Then we kick the every loving, mother fucking shit out of him and every Repuke, We mock them, we treat them like shit. we never let up. Remember how fucking ignorant they are, remember how many they killed. Never let up, never be nice, never compromise.

To do this we are going to have to move out some Dems, again anyone saying we need to move on needs to be shouted down. We are a dozen fucking years from the last Repuke caused catastrophe. If we let up it will be a never ending cycle and will continue to get worse.



Funny thing is, Repukes will not even get the irony.

When you lose Kelly O'Donnell you are in trouble

But hey Kelly, don't fall for his shit ever again.

If anyone wondered what it would take his base to desert him. I believe we have the answer.

Nothing! The racism, the hate, overshadows anything he can do to make them jump off the crazy train.

They are extremely sick people, any logical person would look at the daily bullshit, the lies, the name calling, the finger pointing, and come to the conclusion that tRump in one of two things. (or possibly both)

He is either a monster who is completely incompetent or using the pandemic to tear apart the Country.

Can't think of any other plausible explanation, yet his base doesn't waiver.

Someone needs to ask - WHERE IS THE FUCKING WEBSITE!

Come on hammer the idiot. Stroke the mfer out!

Two important questions

Who the hell is Biden's Tailor and how can I lose thirty pounds in 90 days?

I think the first 45 minute should lay to rest the meme that Joe can't hang with Tangerine Ida Amin

He is kicking the shit out of Bernie tonight.

Someone get the towel ready.

So travel from the EU is stopped.... but not the UK, who wants to penalize the EU but not the UK

The Mother Fuckers have to be stopped.

Psst hey Bernie supporters, come on in, we need to have a talk

I know it hurts, but time to take a look at the big picture, and at this point you need to decide are you ready to fight for tomorrow or do you want to burn it down.

I have been there, almost 58, my voting history goes back to 1980.

In 1980, my choice in the Primaries lost.
In 1984, my choice in the Primaries lost.
In 1988, my choice in the Primaries lost.
In 1992, my choice in the Primaries lost.
In 1996, my choice in the Primaries lost.
In 2000, my choice in the Primaries lost.
In 2004, my choice in the Primaries lost.
In 2008, my choice in the Primaries won. FUCKING FINALLY, after an ofer seven start finally got a win.
In 2012, won again
In 2016, back to losing

You want to know what happened in 2020, my choice for the primaries lost again.

FOR FUCK SAKE!!! I have a less than 2 in 10 chance on getting what I want. LESS THAN 20 FUCKING PERCENT!!!!

Now in 84 and 96 I got a bit pissy and couldn't support the Dem candidate. 96 was basically a throw away because Clinton was going to win anyway, but still a mistake on my part. From 2000 on I got it, there is no Democrat that could possibly be worse than the Repuke candidate. And you know what, I was right.

So I understand the hurt from losing, what I can't understand is the logic that makes one say that there was no difference. Even when I didn't support the Dem, I never, and I mean I FUCKING NEVER, thought the repuke candidate was an equal. In 84 I voted for the lady next to me, in 96 I voted for my 13 year old nephew. Throw away vote, yes, but in both cases I was in States that my vote didn't matter.

The choice is easy, and the choice is yours.

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