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Gender: Female
Member since: Mon May 14, 2007, 08:07 PM
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Some of Bernie's accomplishments: In the Senate Bernie was known as the Amendment King.

Go to 4:15 in the video.

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LOL! On Your Left! Go Bernie Go!

In a nutshell this is why the Hillary Camp is going berserk over Bernie's Vatican conference.

A female president means diddly-squat! Britain's first female PM wrecked Britain!

Promoting Hillary because of of her gender is nonsensical. Margaret Thatcher wrecked Britain for everyone but the wealthy, those with lots of money benefited, everyone else suffered.

One of the strongest similarities and the most worrying is that Hillary, like Thatcher is a war hawk, with no problem unleashing the dogs of war and cosying up to brutal regimes.

Hillary has shown her hand, she will do nothing to change the status quo and the status quo isn't acceptable.


OP got hid because ONE letter in Hill's name was changed. Was it the letter or the subject?

I changed one letter in Hillary's name to "k" and that got my OP hid. Interesting that no one takes exception to Shillary but this seems to have struck a chord. Now it could be that Camp Bansalot just doesn't like the gist of the OP which is that Hillary's gender is meaningless given that Thatcher was Britain's first female PM and not only she wrecked the country for all but the rich but also was a hawk who didn't think twice unleashing the dogs of war and cosying up to brutal regimes.


19 Examples of Bernie Sanders' Powerful Record on Civil and Human Rights

Here are 20 ways Sanders has stood up for civil and minority rights, starting in the early 1950s up to the present year.



I thought it was just two guys. Wrong and as these guys have painted their cars. THat is a labor of LOVE!


Irish Times: Bernie Sanders youth electrify rally in New York!


The creative posters, bright costumes and painted faces reflect the electricity that the oldest candidate in the US presidential race has generated among young people disillusioned with politics as usual and a “rigged” economy that has left them with diminishing opportunities to get ahead.

It’s in contrast to the carefully stage-managed Clinton rally in Baltimore last Sunday where one five-year-old’s “Go Hillary, No To Trump” sign encapsulated a more sober mood.

“He is the first candidate in our lifetime to really represent something that’s outside self-interested, self-driven, ego-maniac politics,” said Ally Fernandez (23), a student and waitress from Sleepy Hollow, New York, praising Sanders.


For Sanders’s young supporters, Clinton is seen as a flip-flopper, untrustworthy and dishonest; Sanders, on the other hand, is authentic.


Shakespeare nailed Hillary's MO: Look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it.

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