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Gender: Female
Member since: Mon May 14, 2007, 08:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,704

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Shocking image: Infrared footage captures extent of immense gas leak in California

The billowing gas cannot be seen with the naked eye but shot with infrared film the image is shocking.


ALL weather reports I've heard blame El Nino for this warm weather but El Ninos aren't new and

I for one have never experienced an El Nino like this. Has anyone heard any weather reports finger climate change rather than El Nino for this bizarre winter?

Legal question about entering a house with an open door. Isn't motivation taken into

account when determining this to be a crime? For example if I know my neighbors to be very security conscious and I walk by and see their door open, am I committing a crime if I go in to see if someone has collapsed?

Very soon its pata pata time! Miriam Makeba on Ed Sullivan.

Why not use downtime to send Don Siegelman a Xmas card?

Don E. Siegelman
Prisoner # 24775-001
FPC PO Box 5010
Oakdale, LA. 71463

19 Most Powerful Photos Of Refugees Coming To Canada


The amazing smile of Mike the Donkey rescued from flood waters!

A number of photos of the rescue and there is no doubt Mike smiled when he got pulled to safety!


Surprise surprise! ISIS moves in on Afghanistan:

Pictures show jihadis have set up terror training camps as it's claimed they have KILLED the Taliban's leader and seized control of large parts of the war-torn nation

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3347137/Has-ISIS-killed-head-Taliban-Attempt-terror-chief-s-life-signals-surge-jihadi-network-Afghanistan.html#ixzz3tUBR4LcL
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What I haven't seen mentioned but what jumped out at me watching interview with Farook's

fellow congregant is that their Dar-Al-Uloom, Al-Islamiyah mosque is part of the Deobandi movement, which is very similar to Wahabi,that is ultra-conservative. It is significant to note that the Taliban has its roots in Deobandi.

Watching the MSNBC reporter interview the congregant without any hard questions about the kind of Islam being preached at that mosque is a problem. Probably everyone in America knows the stark differences between Episcopalians and Westboro Baptists, well Islam is no different.

Perhaps Muslims need to start identifying themselves according to what school of they embrace so that extremist schools can be separated in the public's mind from schools of Islam that are moderate, so that non-Muslims learn to distinguish moderate Muslims from extremists the way Episcopalians are distinguished from Westboro Baptists.

Interview at link,


Anyone know why officials have not released photo of shooter Tashfeen Malik or

has anyone seen interviews with people who knew her? Doesn't a visa require a photo? I find the lack of info about her to be rather odd.
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