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Member since: Thu May 24, 2007, 03:51 PM
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I am a ham radio operator,

We live just about 30 miles from the nearest land line. We do depend upon cell phones here as that is all that is available. But I have access to repeaters and also hf radio that will work to establish communications in emergencies without repeaters.

For those that want to become a "ham" , the FCC has eliminated the requirement to learn Moris Code, so that removes a stumbling block for many people. It is a great hobby and filled with many wonderful people. You can install transceivers in your home, in your car or even carry a "walkie-talkie", but keep in mind that if cell sites go down many repeaters (2 meter) will also for the same reasons.

Cellular sites can go down for many reasons such as lack of power, loss of microwave communications to or from the next site, heavy congestion or electronic failure.

It is a great comfort to know there is an emergency back up in place.

The movies that we have watched over and over are:

The money pit
Dances with wolves
Mars attacks

Another that we have watched over and over is a really old one called "30 seconds over Tokyo", Because we knew two of the characters portrayed in the film. (My uncle, Col. Travis Hoover and Ellen Lawson, his close friend.)

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