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Member since: Thu Jun 7, 2007, 11:21 AM
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We've had Goldie for nearly twelve years.

She was a rescue, who seemed extremely fear aggressive when we met her at her fosterís house. Back up barking, showing teeth. My wife said yes, so we brought her home. On the way home I did my best to pet her, but I could barely reach. We stopped at the grocery to get some food, because it was Sunday night. When I ran in she started crying. When I got in the car she jumped on my lap! As soon as we got home she jumped on the couch next to and put her head on my shoulder.

Over the years weíve had many adventures and walks twice a day. During one of th.e walks she fainted. We turned around and went home. I didnít know what was wrong and I didnít know what to do! The next day we went to the vet and found out she had IMHA -immune mediated hemolytic anemia- a deadly coNdition caused by a vaccine! Two and a half years later, my girl was the 1 out of 4 that - mangeís to survive. Immune suppression. A schedule of prednisone, mycopheolate azithromyacin and omeprozole to help her stomach. Itís a costly disease that we were able to afford, and a pill schedule we could mange to keep. She got fat on the prednisone and due to the disease unable,to get excersize.

So then we effectively killed her immune system to save my Goldieís life. Then she began to have repeated UTIís until she started bleeding. They said she had bladder cancer. Thankfully, it was a bad cyst. And again we figured it out.

Now she has arthritis. She can barely stand. She is eating only turkey, rice and green beans. Not all s. Just some. Our walks are at a snails pace. We have her on meds that are controlling her pain. But Iím trying to process letting my best friend go. Sometimes life sucks

We golf.

My wife is a low handicap, iím a duffer. Today we went to a local Ďexecutive course. We were paired with a guy from Indiana. The man seemed nice enough, and had many tattoos. Most were as far as I knew, inoffensive. After about four holes, I saw the tattoo on the front of his shin. OMG! This fool put a likeness of the 1/6 shaman on his shin. I said nothing, but admit I changed my opinion of him. That dumbass is going to be wearing pants to hide that soon enough.

Today is Goldie's gotcha day!

Ten years ago, we adopted a fear aggressive dog. We didnít know her age, but she took to us immediately. We are so lucky, for so many reasons. She comforts me whenever I swear. She has had a few physical diagnosis that suggested death, but she overcame them. Our vet complains she is overweight, and she is, but we are fortunate sheís still here. Such a good dog!


My nephews post

Sort of annoyed me, though I think he was trying to be funny. He said he misunderstood pride and had fifteen lions to sell. Trying not to get my undies in a bunch, I asked if they were rainbow colored. ďIf you have grit and dyeĒ was his response.

Honestly, that is where I became pissed. Grit? Get disowned and tell me about grit. Be reinstated because they need your help. Risk your job to go to a Pride parade. Stand in front of a car with teenage boys who are breaking windshields, when the cops wonít come to help. Watch friends, and your brother die because ďthey deserve itĒ. Meh. Grit.

My cousin died today.

Her mom died a few months back. Iím so sad for my uncle,(91) but Iím so sad for our family. My cousin had advanced kidney disease and had a recent transplant. Her brother gave his. So proud of him and so sad my friend, my cousin is gone.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! 5 hearts! I feel lucky.

Happy New Year!

So glad we are in a new era.

I was born in '56

In an Irish Catholic family, I was the ninth child. The day my mom found out she was pregnant again, she prayed for a miscarriage. Instead my older brother was hit by a car and almost died. Same day, you canít make this shit up.

I wish I didnít know this stuff, but I am that unwanted kid. I know what it feels like to be emotionally abused. My dad wanted me, but died just after I turned 13. That was when things fell apart for me. I had no protection. My oldest brother was 13 yrs. older, and was physically abusive. I was beaten. I had garbage dumped in my room. While I washed dishes, he stood behind me saying ďBitch, bitch , bitch!Ē While stabbing a ham bone. He turned off the main and threatened to kill us all, but my mom didnít throw him out- just took us for a ride in the car.

Well, I was 13. Maybe just over sensitive. Maybe being told I was unwanted as a teen was just teenage angst. Despite my suicidal thoughts, despite everything, maybe I really was the problem.
Maybe my mom didnít mean the things she said, she was in pain. She was depressed. Blah blah blah. I loved my mom. I did.

So, I donít,know, 40 years later? Trying to get rid of my momís hoarding, I threw out waist high newspapers while making sure nothing important lingered. Got to the basement- finally only to find her list of things to do, from years earlier, and fifth on the list? Learn to love cate94. Argh.
So my point of view? Forcing people to have children is bad for the children. Forced birth sucks.

My decent siblings are horrified of the notion that Iíd be better off as an abortion statistic, but me? Iím not so sure.

A rant

A Fatherís Day get together, with my BIL, SIL, niece and her husband and of course my wife and her 90 yr old mother. All of them are right wingers except us, which is annoying in and of itself, but the subject of Covid came up. On this subject, I must give my BIL props, because he is educated and careful.

OTOH, our nieceís husband is off the wall. He is a tech director at a school. What if half the teachers claim a pre-existing condition and donít show up for work? Blah, blah, blah. I managed to argue his points without losing my temper, until he said ďsome people want things to open up and get back to normal.Ē

What kind of a wimp canít manage to wear a mask and social distance? What kind of a jerk doesnít concern themselves with the vulnerable around them? Like the Spanish flu in 1918, the second wave is going to be worse, are you prepared for that? (Iím looking at a deer in headlights...) wife says ďThat was a long time ago.Ē Look it the fuck up. Same shit different day. People open things up too early and the second wave is far more deadly. The majority of people in this room are vulnerable. Who would you be willing to sacrifice? Honestly, there are people living in poverty that donít have the luxury of social distancing. People in war zones dealing with far more shit than this but ďsome peopleĒ canít bear wearing a face mask? Or staying six feet away? What absolute fucking wimps. ĎSome peopleĒ need to grow the fuck up.
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