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Member since: Fri Jun 22, 2007, 03:01 PM
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Any DU PC gamers out there?

Need some advice on gaming PCs.

A Crash Course in the NSA Programs and the Fourth Amendment

A divide is now presenting itself in the disparate responses to right-wing nutjob Ed Snowden playing the Left with respect to NSA's perfectly legal, court and Congress supervised, communication data gathering program. The people who are up in arms about politics don't seem to understand technology, and the technology nerds obviously have little idea about government, laws or rights. So the two sides - the politically clueless tech nerds and the technically clueless political screamers have come together to launch this "Restore the Fourth" campaign, a play on both the Fourth Amendment and the Fourth of July.

Legal question

Have a buddy whose dad died a year ago. Apparently the new wife ( married only a few years ago) has been somewhat of a hard ass w the money. My buddy's mom (ex wife of the deceased) is now suing the estate for back spousal support which she is apparently entitled. It's not much (20 k) and the widow came back w a counteroffer of 12k with the stipulation that all the kids sign away the rights to the house which is now occupied by the widow ( in the will it states that the house will go to kids when the widow dies). My buddy is pissed because in addition to that this gal wants the family to pay half the mortgage and some taxes on a 401k. The plot thickens...the dad had a safe deposit box full of gold....it might be worth a lot, but it also might be empty. Apparently he can legally access the box. He wants to get someone to drill into the box, take whatever is in there and give it to his mom. Unsure of the legality of this, since he said probate hasn't gone through yet. Partly he is doing this to get back at the widow( who he previously had a good relationship with) partly to take care of his mom. He wants my opinion. Not a lawyer but I guess the principle should be to take of his mom. Thinking this might be a bad idea. Any ideas?

Need a free, web based scheduling program or spreadsheet program

I work for the government, and about a year ago we got permission to use a web based scheduling program that cost money. Now the new CIO says that there is no way in hell that he will authorize the purchase of commercial web based software because of all kinds of regulations. This really puts me in a hole, because my stafff really like this program. Any free staff schedulers out there or at least hosted spreadsheets?
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