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Member since: Tue Jul 10, 2007, 02:49 PM
Number of posts: 39,495

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Why Trump-Palin *could* happen: The Trump Trot.

Donald Trump is a Cluster B. He's a textbook case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, one of several Cluster B personality disorders (Borderline Personality Disorder, Antisocial Personality Disorder, Histrionic Personality Disorder are others)--mental disorders that not only negatively impact the inflicted person, but those around him or her as well.

It's been said of serial killers (mind you not all Cluster Bs are serial killers, but many serial killers could likely fall into some Cluster B categories) that they grow more impulsive as their killing go on. They get an inflated sense of invincibility, as well as a sense that they need to top their past killings in their spectacular nature. Eventually, this leads to many of them ultimately making a mistake and getting caught.

While not a serial killer (at least not that we know), Trump in his Presidential quest seems to thrive off a sense of invincibility. He seems to love the idea that he was dismissed as a joke and then rose to the role of frontrunner and subsequently presumptive nominee. He seems to thrive on his legion of adoring, personality-cult worshiping fans. As we all remember, he once proclaimed, "I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn't lose any voters, OK? It's, like, incredible."

So I think we're expecting too much when we think Trump as a nominee will act more pragmatic, or nuanced, or measured, or "more presidential". He knows he's selling The Greatest Show on Earth, and picking an establishment type running mate just doesn't seem to be in his character.

He wants to be buzzworthy and talked about and the big story in the news, because he's hopelessly NPD, and having a counter balance of someone who at least thinks before he or she speaks just runs against that style. So I see Trump wanting to pick a VP nominee who is outside the establishment and is every bit the wildcard he is. There's several notable people who could fit that role, but Ben Carson seemed to identify the one name that would undoubtedly cause the biggest, yuuugest splash:

Sarah Palin.

It sounds crazy because it is crazy and Trump wants crazy because people will talk about Trump. And Trump has built up what he thinks is an immunity to bad acting and insane thinking based on what I call the Trump Trot, a corollary to the Gish Gallop. I explain it in detail here:


But in short, it means he overwhelms us with obnoxious behavior, bizarre statements and bewildering actions, things that if isolated would cause campaign killing outrage against any other seemingly normal candidate, but because we're placed into a state of shock due to the sheer number of instances he acts out like this, calling him out seems futile and useless.

And what's better than one practitioner of the Trump Trot? Two practitioners of the Trump Trot. And no person in politics comes closer to the level of sheer insanity and general unfitness for office that is Donald J. Trump than Sarah L. Palin.

Trump wants The Greatest Show on Earth, and he knows the media will promote it to no end. Naming Sarah Palin to the ticket would guarantee such a result.

Despite all the insanity that Trump-Palin entails, the prospect itself is not as crazy as you think.
Posted by Tommy_Carcetti | Tue May 17, 2016, 09:18 AM (6 replies)

My 25,000th DU post, and my best DU moment: More apt today than ever.

Well, this is post number 25,000 for me here at the DU. I didn't think that when I signed up circa 2007 we'd be discussing the horrifying prospect of Donald Trump as our next president, but that's where we are that. Glad to say that we saw the final end of the Bush presidency and for the most part we've enjoyed President Obama and all that he's done for the country. Yes, our primaries discussions are a bit ugly--at least here in the DU bubble--but I'm still confident that come November we'll all be behind our nominee, whoever he or she ultimately is. We certainly can't afford not to be, knowing what the stakes are if we lose.

When it comes to milestone posts, I usually do something goofy, and I thought about doing the same this time for 25,000. Perhaps something related to a certain bald, mayonnaise loving white Canadian rapper with poor video production values. But somehow, whenever I do that in GD, my posts get locked. Apparently people don't appreciate great poetry such as, "You can catch me in the alleyway gettin' drunk and high." Sigh.

But I figured for 25,000, something more serious might be more appropriate. And I got to thinking what my ultimate moment in DU has been, what one post at DU am I most proud of out of the 25,000. And there've been a few, but there was one in particular that stood out. It was back in September 2009, back when the whole Tea Party hysteria began to manifest itself as an ugly, reactionary response to the fact there was not only a Democrat back in the White House, but a black Democrat to boot.

And I saw a picture from one of those rallies of a smiling old lady, kindly looking, holding up a sign reading, "The zoo has an African (lion) and the White House has a Lyin' African." And it really didn't make me angry to see such an ugly display of racism. It just made me sad.

So I sat down and typed out an open letter to this nameless--yet very real--woman. It only took about five minutes, and I didn't think much of it. I wasn't out to get a huge response. But I managed to get over 400 recs on that post, and it shot to the top of the Greatest Page, something I think has only happened to me once or twice since. And mind you, this was back in the day where DU was experimenting with "negative recs", so technically anyone could have voted it down. But I don't think there was anything in there that would have made anyone wanted to vote it down, because that's what DU is at its very best moments--a place where certain universal human truths, such as rejecting ugly bigotry, are heralded. Remember that fact the next time primary season comes around and we're all at each others' throats about Candidates X and Y.

So I'm reposting that as part of my 25,000th post here at DU. I'm reposting this because we are in the midst of an election season where it has been determined that our Republican opponent is one of the most loathsome, despicable and disgusting human beings to ever run for the office of the Presidency of the United States. And this man has openly supported and advocated for an atmosphere where attitudes such as this poor, unfortunate woman are the norm. That we ought to be divided. That we ought to go for the low blow. That we ought to make cheap jabs at race and ethnicity and whatever they can that runs so contrary to the spirit of civil rights movement decades ago. When I saw the old woman with the "Lyin' African" sign, I was shocked at that display of racist bigotry. My hope was that it would subside by the time 2016 rolled around and President Obama was finishing his term in office. Sadly, after seeing so many signs at so many Donald Trump rallies, I'm no longer shocked like I was 7 years ago. This woman had become the norm. There are thousands upon thousands versions of this woman at every place Donald Trump stops at, and we should always be cognizant these are real human beings fallen by the wayside and caught up in the ugliest display of humanity. And we can only hope--perhaps against hope--that maybe they can change, that they can be redeemed. But it will take some sort of internal reflection on their part.

And I wonder if this woman is still alive, and if so, if she's seen the error of her ways.

And my sincere hope is that she has.

Thank you to all the DUers past, present and future for all the great political discussions. You've made the time pass much easier, and I've learned a thing or two thousand.

Oh. And long live Chuggo.


An open letter to the woman with the "Lyin' African" sign:

Dear Ma'am:

I do not know your name. Chances are, I will never know your name, nor will the billions of other people totally oblivious to your existence. You see, you and I, we are the anonymous. While I do aspire to do great things with my life, I have resigned myself to the fact that the probability is high that my name likely will never be a household name, and I am quite fine with that. Being a good husband, father, employee, citizen, human being--that alone is enough for me to judge my success in life, without having my face thrust into the spotlight.

So, as a fellow member of the anonymous, I must implore you--what the hell were you thinking? From the looks of it, in 20-30 years you probably will have passed on from this world. And us anonymous folk, well, we only leave little tidbits of our existence on this earth after we are dead and buried. A mention in the local newspaper here, a donation plaque on the wall of the library there, and the rest is relegated solely to the memories of relatives and friends that you directly dealt with when you were alive. So few are the easter eggs that one leaves behind to remind the common person of one's existence.

So given that you will live and die for the most part anonymously, and unlike the great men and women of history, your legacy will be razor thin, you have chosen to define your legacy to the world with a simple sign. A sign with clearly obvious racial overtones to it. A sign that appears to be poorly crafted and poorly worded to boot.

Yet there you are, grinning and smiling, holding up your poorly crafted and not-so-subtly racist sign, and congratulations. You and your shit-eating grin have been beamed through cyberspace for thousands--perhaps millions--to see. You have voluntarily exposed yourself to be a racist, the worst kind of a person, someone who judges people solely on physical appearance and place of origin as opposed to the character they present. They may never know your name, but they will know you for who you are, and whatever your name may be, it would surely be mud to anyone who sees your face.

On your finger I see a wedding ring. You are somebody's wife, and likely somebody's mother and perhaps grandmother. You have placed your husband, your children and your grandchildren in a horrible spot--they must now defend you to the rest of the world and plead with them--no, she wasn't really like that. She loved dogs. She made a whopper of a peach cobbler. Yes, so she was a little "antiquated"--so what? Aren't we all deep down inside? No?

The bitter irony of this all is that the gentleman who is the subject of your sign will have a great legacy. He is one of only 43 individuals to hold the highest office of power in this country. People will remember him for many great deeds and words and decisions. Yes, at some point in his life he too may have his public moments of embarrassment or shame like you have--he is, after all, merely human. But unlike you, he has more than ample opportunity to counter-balance any missteps with acts of greatness. You and I, however, as members of the anonymous do not have any such luxury.

Therefore, you have made your sign to the world, and now you must be forced to wear it in perpetuity. My only hope is that in the remaining years of your life is that you somehow wake up and realize how perverted and hateful your mindset has been up to this point, and change your life accordingly. Otherwise, we will only know you for the photo you gave us.


A fellow anonymous
Posted by Tommy_Carcetti | Thu May 5, 2016, 09:38 AM (22 replies)

Donald Trump: The *real* first Internet candidate.

Sure, I know the internet has been around for decades. I know that it's been a major part of public life since the mid 1990s, and much has been made about it, how it has transformed global society and connected the world at our finger tips.

And yes, political candidates have flocked to the internet as a campaigning tool. From campaign websites to social media to Youtube videos, it's hard to imagine a political campaign that hasn't been heavily centered around the internet.

But there's the internet. And then there's the Internet.

There's the internet in what we, in our most optimistic and idealized state of mind, conceptualize it to be: the free and open exchange of ideas across the globe, a marketplace of speech, where we can engage one another in stimulating thought and conversation from miles apart. It's a great "Buy the World a Coke" type of attitude that would make anyone want to stand up and cheer.

But then there's the Internet, the Internet that it far too often actually is: an anarchic, chaotic Wild Wild West of a place, full of liars, scammers, predators, bigots and bullies. Full of ugliness and people emboldened by anonymity to be the very worst human beings that they can possibly be.

And that--the latter Internet--is what embodies this entire Donald Trump phenomenon as a whole. The Internet plays towards con artists and uninhibited human nastiness at the very lowest level, and that is everything that Donald Trump is.

Donald Trump is the clickbait links that seek only page views under the guise of vague, sensationalist headlines.

Donald Trump is the pseudo-scientific woo talking about fake natural cures to serious ailments or encouraging bad health advice, such as skipping vaccinations.

Donald Trump is the multi-level-marketing (MLM) scams that seize the minds of well-intentioned but gullible folks to sell useless products that would fail on the shelves of your neighborhood retailer.

Donald Trump is the "like-farming" on your Facebook feed, promising to enter you in a contest for a free vacation worth thousands of dollars to a place they have no authority or affiliation with, if only you "like and share" their phony page.

Donald Trump is the Alt-Right--angry, hateful, racist and misogynistic cretins found in places like 4Chan and Reddit, the people behind Gamergate, who have an odd unending obsession over "cucks" and "SJWs" and posting "dank memes". (These people really are attributing to much of Trump's online support--read any live feed to a Trump speech and it's teeming with them. It's scary.).

Donald Trump is the fake news stories from fake news sources passed off as truth--not satirically, as The Onion and The Borowitz Report do so,so well--but in a genuine attempt to confuse and mislead people, even though a simple internet search of minutes or a checking of Snopes or Politifact would reveal it all to be lies.

Donald Trump is the pop-up ad that you try to click away, only to inadvertently infect your computer with a nasty virus.

Donald Trump is Infowars and World Net Daily and the peddlers of insane, impossible conspiracy theories that people nonetheless buy into as the gospel truth.

Donald Trump is your spam email account, full of Nigerian lottery scams, ads for porn sites and fake prescription drug offers.

Donald Trump is Stormfront and other online hate groups that do nothing but to divide and incite the most ugly, hateful, bigoted reactions against any possible group imaginable.

Donald Trump is all those things of the Internet. He is the green, oozy, sickly, foul fecal-smelling slime that coats and suffocates the high-minded foundations of the internet like an invasive algae bloom.

He is the first true Candidate of the Internet.
Posted by Tommy_Carcetti | Mon Apr 25, 2016, 10:44 AM (1 replies)

There's something very, very odd about one particular Trump social media booster named "Gary Forbes"

Out of sheer trainwreck curiousity, I check up on the Donald Trump trending list on Twitter. While I personally can't stand Twitter as a social media platform (its awkward layout and inscrutable mix of hashtags, ampersands and misspellings and abbreviations are an assault on the eyes) and don't bother with an account of my own, it does have its purposes. And one of those purposes is to gain an idea of what's being talked about by people across the spectrum.

There's a lot being said about Trump online. A lot of it is very funny at Trump's expense. Other things by Trump supporters range from ignorant to downright bigoted and scary. But one particular name kept coming up as a key source of social media Trump propaganda: A man only identified as one "Gary Forbes".

Gary Forbes' Twitter page doesn't really offer much into who exactly this person supposedly is. He claims to be CEO of a company called "The Forbes Group". That makes it sound like he's affiliated with Forbes magazine or the Forbes family (including Malcolm Forbes and former presidential candidate Steven Forbes). However, there's nothing to indicate that he's actually associated with any of it, although it appears that's what he wants you to think.

His Twitter page contains very few personal pictures. The profile picture shows a middle aged man in his 50s, wearing a suit, against the background of an unidentified city skyline. While I suppose it's supposed to convey the sense of a saavy business type, the unintentionally comical expression on the man's face and hands raised makes it look more like some guy who's being held up at gunpoint on a city street after a night of too many cocktails.

So what does this "Gary Forbes" do? Simple. He produces graphic slides in support of Trump. Lots and lots and lots of them. And they'll pop up all over Twitter after being tweeted and re-tweeted and re-re-tweeted, etc. Most tout endorsements of Trump. Some tout Trump's nonsensical policy positions. Others just merely serve to fellate Trump the Man.

The first Gary Forbes slide I ever saw popped up on my Facebook page from one of the handful of Trump supporting friends I had, and it was a doozy. It claimed--in true North Korean Juche propaganda fashion--that Donald Trump had a "genius IQ" in the 99.9904590555 percentile. "Forbes" supposed this based strictly upon the fact Trump attended the Wharton School of Finance. And that's it. (No mention of whether or not Trump also scored 18 holes in one in a round of golf or whether a double rainbow appeared on the date of his birth or that he doesn't defecate.) Here, take a look for yourself:

That was back in October, and since then "Gary Forbes" has produced dozens upon dozens of similar Trump propaganda slides. All this would appear to be insignificant fanboyism except for the fact that they have been so widely circulated over Twitter and the internet, and that so much of what Forbes claims is just plain wrong. For example, in November, Forbes created a slide claiming that aviation legend Chuck Yeager had endorsed Trump. In fact, this incensed Yeager who never endorsed Trump and demanded Forbes remove the slide. However, this has not stopped the false claim from continued to be circulated as fact amongst Trump supporters for months afterwards. The incident gained so much notoriety that it actually came to Snopes attention, who rightfully called the BS on Forbes:


But Forbes on his website seems to clearly have an agenda of spreading propaganda regarding Trump, true or not, and even explains how to do it to maximum effect:


What is more curious is whether this "Gary Forbes" actually exists as a person. If you Google that name, most of the results lead you to sites discussing a professional basketball player of the same name who is obviously not the same guy. There's very little, however, of a "Gary Forbes" relating to either Donald Trump or this "Forbes Group". The bio on Forbes' own website is mysteriously vague, only claiming that he is an "Author/Speaker/Strategist/Negotiator" but does not list any family, educational, or professional background or give any type of CV listing his accomplishments and publications and such.

But looking a little deeper, things get even weirder. Because not only is Trump Superfan and social media booster "Gary Forbes" a CEO/author/speaker/strategist/negotiator, but apparently he's also an accomplished New Age pianist. At least according to his Youtube site and website that was created with the exact same website platform as his Trump page:


The music that Forbes claims is his is reminiscent of that of John Tesh, if you've been so lucky to hear that in your local elevator. He claims to have a CD for sale called "The Illusion of Love" but there's no evidence of it being sold on Amazon or any other sales site. Forbes also claims a glowing review from "actor/writer/film producer" Steven Shavers, calling him an "extraordinary genius". You know, that Steven Shavers....whose name never comes up on IMBD or anywhere else as being an "actor/writer/film producer".

A little clue pops up on Forbes' musical site, however, as the copyright section gives the name "Gary Pasquariello Forbes", and a home video on the Gary Forbes Youtube site references himself as Gary Pasquariello.

Now....what does this have to do with Donald Trump and the country? Very little on the surface. But one has to really wonder if Gary Forbes/Pasquariello/Whoever is acting complete as a free agent spreading the word of Trump, creating intricately detailed slides containing false and libelous information in Trump's favor....or whether it's someone who was put up by the Trump campaign to do so, and the Trump campaign can retain a sense of plausible deniability of non-affiliation when called on the bullshit.

And sadly, this bullshit from "Gary Forbes" spreads like wildfire over social media and becomes nearly impossible to refute due to its viral effect. It does appear to be a logical fit--one con man (Trump) enlists the help of another con man ("Gary Pasquariello Forbes", i.e. the CEO/author/speaker/strategist/negotiator/pianist selling non-existent CDs that are praised by a non-existent actor/writer/film producer) to further catapault the propaganda and the lies all over the internets.

"Gary Forbes" Twitter:


"Gary Forbes" website:


Posted by Tommy_Carcetti | Wed Mar 23, 2016, 11:13 AM (10 replies)

I think people are discounting a major reason for Trump's popularity. And it's very simple.

That is, the susceptibility of a significant portion of the population to being conned and scammed.

As evidence, I'll point where I'll always point: Facebook. Because sad as it seems, Facebook is our best means today to see normal human interaction and human reaction to stimuli over a diverse group of people you either know or people who know the people that you know.

Over the past year or so, I've seen essentially the same scam come up every month or two, in a variety of incarnations. It's called "Like Farming". A Facebook page will appear, purporting to be the page of a major US company. Most frequently it's Disney World. Sometimes it will be an airline or a retailer. They'll post a generic picture, and then claim that they are holding a contest. They'll claim they are giving away an all expenses paid 5 day vacation for 4. And not only that, they'll also give you $2,000 in spending money. Sounds great, doesn't it? So exactly does one have to do to win this sensational prize? Why, it's very simply. Just "Like" the page and type "Thanks" in the comment section.

And just like that, tens of thousands of people will do just as they say, thinking they're in the running for a vacation worth several thousand dollars. Of course, the problem is, they're not actually liking the real Disney World (or whatever company they think is running the contest) page. They're liking the page for "Dizney World" or "Disney World." (with a inconspicuous period behind it.) Meanwhile, the people who've created the dummy page get access to whatever information on your own Facebook page that is available to friends that isn't available to the general public. It should be obvious given that the dummy page has no other markings that an official page would have (no verified check mark, no posting on any other topics than this one contest). But you'll see tens of thousands of likes, and comments such as "I can't believe I have a chance to win this vacation!". Because sadly, despite all the obvious signs, there are plenty of people who think they are genuinely in the running for an official Disney World vacation. And it breaks my heart to see such gullibility on display.

Or sometimes there will be a blurry picture, and the message above will say, "Like this page and type 'Like!' in the comments and see what happens!". And again, thousands of people will fall prey, thinking that the simple act of liking a picture will magically change a static .jpg's digital properties.

I've also seen people fall victim to MLM scams on Facebook. I saw one friend posting about her "Essential Oil" business, and claimed--without any sense of irony or sarcasm--that these Essential Oils helped claim--among other things--Parkinson's, Autism and Cancer. No. Really. Apparently, the key to ever major disease out there is flax seed oil.

So now, we have this bombastic, in your face, presidential candidate who's made his living hawking himself in front of television cameras. He's had exactly two specific proposals in the 7 months he's been running for president: First, he's going to build a wall along the Mexican border and claims he'll have Mexico pay for it. Secondly, he's going to deny admittance to the US on the basis of religion, namely to Muslims. Other than these two ridiculously impractical and offensive proposals, the rest of his campaign has been shrouded in vaguery and smoke and mirrors. He'll talk about all the polls he's leading, about how he's going to win, all the people he knows, how he'll "Make America Great Again", how he has hats that say "Make America Great Again", and lots and lots of tearing into enemies and perceived enemies under the guise of "I'm not politically correct."

He hasn't said anything. He hasn't said a thing. He's gone on and on and on blabbering his mouth, but has yet to offer a single realistic, viable proposal or vision of how he wishes to lead the most powerful country on earth and help its citizens. All he talks about is himself. It's one of the most frustrating things I've happened upon in the news in recent memory, about how someone so obviously vapid and doing something only to selfishly feed his own pathologically festered ego can be so successful at the hands of gullible people.

But people eat it up. They think "Make America Great Again" is an actual policy, or that his "I'm not politically correct" validates their own internal bigotries. Just like "Like Farming" and MLM scams, we're seeing another great con being played on the American people, and far too many of them are falling victim.
Posted by Tommy_Carcetti | Wed Feb 10, 2016, 11:14 AM (38 replies)

A very important DU Public Service Announcement:

General Discussion: Primaries is for general discussion about the Democratic Party primaries.

In case you somehow missed the giant banner that you had to click on before posting here at plain old General Discussion.

And that includes the whole "I was just making a general, non-election related comment on X Democratic Candidate, No really, I was" thing. Because no one believes you and that's just pathetic.

Some of us consciously avoid the ridiculous shit flinging insanity that is GD: P for a reason. Not that there's anything wrong with shit flinging. Just fling your shit over there for a reason.

I'm glad I can bring this to everyone's attention, and I'll expect beaucoup hearts for everyone in return for the public service I have provided today.

Posted by Tommy_Carcetti | Tue Feb 9, 2016, 08:13 AM (10 replies)

I'm sorry. I keep on going back to the fact that DONALD TRUMP CANNOT SPEAK.

Yes, he talks. And talks. And talks. And talks.

But I'm not talking about talking. I'm talking about speaking.

And he seems completely incapable of giving an actual coherent, organized, thought out public speech.

Yes, the argument can be made that in politics, talk is cheap. And I'm sure we've all felt let down by at least one politician who gave great speeches but failed to follow up with concrete results.

But still, there's something to be said about someone who can speak to inspire or move, or make us think about something greater than just them. I saw it last week at the State of the Union. I beamed at President Obama's speech. He made me feel proud and hopeful, even despite the fact that we still have problems in the world. And while those are just feelings, I'm glad there's someone out there who can use the power of words to convey a idea of something more than yourself.

I actually tried listening to Trump's speech from Liberty University today. Because I wanted to know if somehow, there was something I was missing about the man's appeal. I knew I would vehemently disagree with his message, but that wasn't my purpose here.

But it was nothing. It was absolutely nothing. He talked about his poll numbers, then building a wall, then mocking his opponents, then China, then his poll numbers, then Iran, then building a wall, then mocking his opponents, then China.....no more than a minute on any subject before switching to another subject. There was no actual thought put into this. He was just talking and talking and talking. Not once was he actually speaking.

Today, we celebrate one of the greatest orators in American history, a man whose powerful words struck deep into the hearts of millions and help changed this country for the better. And thank God we have recordings of his speeches on records, so that people like me--who were born long after Martin Luther King was shot dead in Memphis--could continue to marvel at that awesome ability long after he died.

Martin Luther King did not talk. He spoke. And the narcissistic, incoherent drivel I heard today was as far from speaking as was humanly possible.
Posted by Tommy_Carcetti | Mon Jan 18, 2016, 10:38 PM (36 replies)

There is nothing about Donald Trump or his personality that is even remotely admirable or likable.

Or redeemable.


You might recall the Seinfeld episode where George and Jerry are discussing Jerry's nemesis/neighbor Newman with utter contempt, when George pauses and says, "Well, he's merry." Against all that he believes about Newman, Jerry is forced to concur: "He is merry, I'll give him that."

In the world of partisan politics, at times we are forced to admit that even the worst of your opponents might have some sort of admirable qualities when one puts everything else aside. Yes, Reagan traded arms for hostages, turned his back on the AIDS crisis, and was otherwise a clueless empty suit in the Oval Office....but he did have that vague Old Spice scented grandfather fogeyness about him where we'd all expect for him to pull out a quarter behind the nation's collective ears. George W. Bush plunged the nation headfirst into Iraq and the worst economic crisis since the 1930s, but there was the whole folksy faux cowboy thing about him that probably wouldn't have been so disconcerting had he not been the most powerful man on the face of the earth. And there was always a sense of classic tragedy behind Nixon's paranoia and feelings of inadequacy.

But that's all in the past. And now you get to this man, the current beast we have to deal with:

And for the life of me, I cannot think of one single quality or attribute about Donald J. Trump that comes off as likeable or admirable. I just can't.

He's ugly, both inside and out, but will insist that he's anything but that. He's not funny or original in his thinking. He's been a horrible husband, a horrible businessman, and really horrible about everything he's ever done in his horrible little life. His self-flaunted riches and fame are the result only of a situation he was born into and not in any way the result of anything he's actually had to work for. He's stupid, with his limited vocabulary that he only seems to use to bring other people down. He fails to put forth any ideas that could at least be praised for their ingenuity or specificity. He wants to kick old ladies out of their homes so he can build tacky casinos on their land. He breaks promises to pay for the medical care of his deceased brother's infant grandchild out of spite against said deceased brother. He gleefully cheers the loss of people's jobs at Macy's because Macy's previously had the gall to discontinue his cheap clothing line. He's a reality TV show star--need I say more?

And now he's using the bully pulpit to self-aggrandize himself in his own little Cluster B narcissistic bubble, and the fuel he's using is hatred and paranoia and whipping people up into witch hunt like frenzies against immigrants and refugees, Hispanics, Muslims, women, and anyone who doesn't genuflect before his own graven image.

So with all that in mind, I can't say but I'm rather non-plussed at the fact that this man has any sort of popular support, that anyone with even a limited amount of intelligence would consider him suitable for the Presidency. For some reason, I'd like to think there's something in the collective human mind that would make us automatically reject such an awful, horrible, terrible human being.

And yet, he survives. And he thrives.

The only other political figure in modern American history where I remain at a complete loss in trying to think of anything remotely positive or admirable about would be Dick Cheney.

But even he played a great Darth Vader. Trump, on the other hand, would be lucky enough to be Jabba the Hut.

Posted by Tommy_Carcetti | Fri Jan 8, 2016, 04:48 PM (37 replies)

Pets and anti-freeze.

Unlike most liquid chemicals, they say anti-freeze has a very sweet, pleasant taste to it. Thankfully, human beings have the foresight to know that despite something having a sweet taste, if it's labeled "anti-freeze", most people are smart enough not to drink it. Unfortunately, cats and dogs are not blessed with that sort of knowledge, and if they come across a puddle of leaking anti-freeze underneath a car, sometimes they will be drawn to the sweet taste and they will drink their fill of it. They are completely unaware of its lethal effects.

On my Facebook page, I was unfortunate enough to come across someone who shared a video by an individual who goes by the name "Catfish Cooley." I won't bother linking to his page because he doesn't deserve that sort of publicity, but if you are so curious, you've got the Google. While I've never heard of him before, apparently he's of that oxymoronically titled category "internet celebrity." In other words, he's completely talentless but he does have a webcam with Facebook and Youtube accounts and he'll talk into it, and people will inexplicably follow him and hoist celebrity status upon him. On his videos--and I could only stomach a few of them--you'll find the most vile, disgusting statements regarding President Obama, Muslims, guns, blacks, and numerous other topics. And of course he supports Donald Trump. The fact that he's visually repugnant (a squatty, shirtless man who slurs his words) is the very least of his flaws.

And yet he has nearly 80,000 followers on Facebook. I'm still stumped if this is a Poe's Law deal, something so absurd yet completely ambiguous as to whether it's supposed to be satire or serious. But from the looks of the comments on his videos, there are hundreds of people who clearly take his diatribes very seriously. People think he's "folksy" and "speaks his mind" and "is not afraid to be politically incorrect." It's the exact same thing that's pushing the narrative in the Donald Trump phenomena. People eat this shit up like it's some sort of delicious candy. It's the cats and dogs lapping up that sweet, sweet anti-freeze, completely blind to the fact that what they are indulging upon is slowly poisoning them.

People who prey using fear and hatred and anti-intellectualism are inexplicably being celebrated as great minds in society. And it's reaching epidemic levels.

Idiocracy has officially come to America. And it didn't take 500 years for it to happen, either.

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Overheard at the GOP Base Returns and Exchanges Department:

"Jeez, I hate doing this. Listen, I'm going to have to return this one. No, don't get me wrong. This one's great. It says all the right, crazy whacked out shit that I want to hear. I absolutely love the whole anti-immigrant thing, the self-aggrandizing, the petty insults, the ultra-thin skin, the Twitter meltdowns, the whole package."

"The problem though is.....well, the neighbors hate it. They say it keeps them up all night screeching about 'I'm going to build a big wall!' and 'Loser!' and 'Huge!' and all that sort of stuff. And not that I actually give a shit about my neighbors, but their whining annoys me, and well, I really don't want to have to deal with that."

"So I'm looking to exchange this one out for something else. You know, something that says things that are just as bat shit crazy as the things this one says, but says them in a calmer, more approachable, more likeable tone. You know, one who you don't immediately want to slug between the eyes the moment you see it. So what else do you have?"

"Oh......okay. Yeah. That technically works, but......the problem is, that's last year's model. And I'm just afraid that if I go around parading last year's stuff, I'll just be laughed out of the room. They'll just think I'm living in the past. I mean, I might as well be posting Bitstrips to my Myspace Page about doing the Harlem Shake while talking on my flip phone, you know what I mean? Anything else?"

"No, I said something that didn't want to make people punch it in the face."

"Hmm.....I guess it could work. I mean, the whole 'Let's shut down the government, come on, it will be fun' thing--I love it. Plus the whole poor timing low blow jokes against political opponents, I really dig. Still....there's the whole Hispanic Canadian thing. What the hell's that about? Is that even like a real thing? I mean that's just....weird. Right? What person even thinks of that sort of stuff?"

"Do you have anything else? Maybe something that comes from a non-political background that, while impressive, has absolutely no bearing whatsoever in one's ability to actually lead a government?"

"Oh, and do you have anything that comes in black? Supposedly that sort of thing goes a long way in making me look less like....well, me."

Posted by Tommy_Carcetti | Thu Nov 5, 2015, 09:53 AM (0 replies)
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