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Old Codger

Old Codger's Journal
Old Codger's Journal
December 24, 2011

A Christmas story

My wife and I are foster parents, we are what is referred to as "therapeutic " foster parents, we take the children that are at extreme risk and work with them in our home. This is a short story about one of them.
He came to us 3 years ago, I'll call him Billy,when he came here he was not much more that a housebroken animal, a real wild child, he was then years old, in that time he had lived anywhere from the streets to motels and any other shelter his alcoholic mother and her stream of boyfriends could manage. in the 3 years he has been with us he has come a long ways, he has become a reasonably normal young boy of thirteen, he suffers PTSD , he was seriously molested at one time , he witnessed his older brother kill one of his mothers boyfriends for that molestation. he was in and out of 6 foster homes before he came to us. There have been a lot of changes in his life one of them was to have his mother pass away, but the latest one is a true Christmas story. About a month or so ago the state did some searching and found a man who had been living with his mother for a short time about that time hhe would have been conceived, they took the swabs to run a paternity test, it came back positive, the man was his father. This man had no idea he had another son, yesterday he met this son for the first time, he has a family , a wife and two children not much different in age than Billy, the end result is that tomorrow, Christmas day ,Billy will spend it with his new family, for the first time in his life he will spend Christmas with a family of his own. We will miss this little boy whom we have come to love, but we will be able to visit him as he won't be that far away, but he will now have a chance for a normal life with younger parents rather than a couple of worn old codgers and children that are actually relatives not "foster" brothers and sisters.
There is much more to story of Billy's life than this but I said short story so will stop now

Yes Billy there is a Santa Claus

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