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Reality check

I thought Hillary did an outstanding job, considering the concerted efforts to discredit her. She had to face an onslaught of BS from the Fux and the congressional republicans they threw every piece of shit at her over and over until they finally duped the masses. The Benghazi crap, if they had their way, they would had the national enquirer publish with pictures of her sniping the Americans in the consulate compound. They are on par with Goebbels when it comes to propaganda. They are Unified when it comes to messaging. They switched their focus to emails and vilified the Clinton foundation add in Comey's tampering. Never forget 11/9.

I can not see a way around the next 4 years. So lets look over the next 2. DSW, Brazile, other DLC leaders failed us. they did not have the faith in our system and worked to hinder another Social Democrat running for president. We as Democratic Party members need to take a hard look at the choices the DLC have made.

We have steadily lost ground as a party. The other side is gaining because our messaging is not resonating with under half the country. I believe that the Democratic party is interested in serving the countries needs as whole in a sustainable fashion. We seek to protect consumers, environments, families, students, and especially business(provided they profits don't do long-term harm). This is a good message. Our leaders however are not doing enough to fight against a ruthless opposition. They are failing us as a party. they are not thinking big.

America loves big ideas. We look toward our future and start finding leaders who lead and have some fighting spirit. Lets take and find new leaders coming out of this cycle. We were making significant gains and then we lost 2010 and we have steadily lost as party since then.

We lost in some significant traditionally blue states. These are heavy union states. Our leaders took the unions but did not listen to the individual union members. Unions have been taking a beating too. If a xenophobic message is resonating, we must ask why? Again I argue our leadership. It is not that they don't have our ideals, but they are taking us for granted and not giving that message that we are listening and are willing to help. Instead, they say, "we know what is best and will fix the problem". Governing by the consent of those governed.

The Warrens, Deans, Ellison's, Sanders are just a few that have a fairly strong messaging as fighters for progress.
I know that the status quo will not do in light of this election. We need leaders so that we as party can fight against any attempt to subvert our rights and responsibilities to our country. We are in for a tough 4 years and this means we need to work more effectively as Dem's.
Rant off.

What's with HuffPo's New Format?

I just saw it man it sucks. But you are welcome to disagree. Whats your opinion?
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