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Member since: Wed Aug 15, 2007, 02:03 PM
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My grandmother, Sarah Taggert Kohr Raulston, widowed with 6 children in 1936, during the Republican gifted Great Depression, always told her grandchildren that she and her children would have starved to death had it not been for FDR and the Democratic Party. I have never forgot her gratitude or failed to heed the following: "It's a mortal sin to vote Republican." I maintain a blog for our local Democrat Party called "Mike's Corner." http://bureaucountydems.blogspot.com/ Please stop by. My wife Bonny and I maintain the educational website, "International Brotherhood Days," http://www.brotherhooddays.com which is dedicated to the vision and memory of my friend Severt Young Bear Sr. Stop by for a visit.

Journal Archives

I believe Reverand King is smiling down upon President Obama today

And I believe history will smile upon him tommarrow.

I support President Obama because he is a good man. He is competant, accomplished and pragmatic. He is a dedicated family man, and an inspirational leader.

His realistic supporters understand there was a tremendous amount of projection onto this president, irrational hatred from the far right and unrealistic expectations from the far left and some in between.

I worked to give President Obama the votes he needed in Congress. Not enough of us did. He was elected President, not crowned King.

He inherited the 2nd greatest economic freefall in US history. His policies, entirely without support and with unprecedented obstructionalism from the radical right in Congress, produced the quickest return to positive job growth in 25 years. His policies saved the auto industry. He has oversaw the greatest turn-a-round in job creation in US history. President Obama has overrsaw the greatest turn-a-round in the DOW in US history. He has reduced the yearly deficit more than every other president combined. He has presided over the most scandal free administration in US history. By next year he will have ended both of the wars he inherited. President Obama passed the first step to universal health care, a goal talked about for 100 years.

He is not short of accomplishment, but many of his critics are short of perspective and balance.

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