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My grandmother, Sarah Taggert Kohr Raulston, widowed with 6 children in 1936, during the Republican gifted Great Depression, always told her grandchildren that she and her children would have starved to death had it not been for FDR and the Democratic Party. I have never forgot her gratitude or failed to heed the following: "It's a mortal sin to vote Republican." I maintain a blog for our local Democrat Party called "Mike's Corner." http://bureaucountydems.blogspot.com/ Please stop by. My wife Bonny and I maintain the educational website, "International Brotherhood Days," http://www.brotherhooddays.com which is dedicated to the vision and memory of my friend Severt Young Bear Sr. Stop by for a visit.

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Here's One County's Take-A-Ways Under Rauner's Looting of Local Governments

-Here’s the details. Prepare to looted-
by mike kohr, Bureau County Board, District 18

Governor Rauner’s proposed budget has so many flaws in it, that it would be difficult in one short piece to cover them all in detail. But perhaps the most galling is the transfer of the State’s problems onto county and local governments. County, village and city governments have had no part in the State’s 50 year record of underfunding of the pension systems, but Governor Rauner is proposing they help pay for Springfield’s fiscal malfeasance.

We have lived within our means. We cut, scrimped, shaved and saved yet proving the old axiom that no good deed goes unpunished, Governor Rauner is proposing reducing the local share of State Income Tax from 8% to 4% as our reward. Below is a breakout of what Governor Rauner’s proposal means to your community and county:
1. Bureau County Government: -$439,894.00
2. BC Mass Transit (BPART) -$212,122.00
3. Arlington -$9,537.00
4. Bureau Junction -$15,912.00
5. Buda -$26,585.00
6. Cherry -$23,818.00
7. Dalzell -$35,431.00
8. Depue -$90,825.00
9. Hollowayville -$4,151.00
10. Ladd -$63,993.00
11. Lamoille -$35,875.00
12. Malden -$17,888.00
13. Manlius -$17,740.00
14. Mineral -$11,711.00
15. New Bedford -$3,706.00
16. Ohio -$25,350.00
17. Princeton -$378,521.00
18. Seatonville -$15,516.00
19. Sheffield -$$45,759.00
20. Spring Valley -$274,650.00
21. Tiskilwa -$40,965.00
22. Wyanet -$48,971.00
Total Reductions -$1,838,920.00

I urge everyone to consider how this will impact your communities and county. I urge you to contact your Representatives and Senators and the Governor himself. Springfield created the State’s fiscal problems over a period of 50 years. The solution should not be bore on the backs of those that lived with-in their means and governed responsibly and prudently.

Special thanks to Rosemary Laudani for providing the link to this information.
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