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Gender: Female
Hometown: Western NY
Home country: US
Member since: Sat Aug 25, 2007, 01:21 PM
Number of posts: 28,084

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But who started the culture war

I'm the daughter of a man who did not feel it was safe to move back to Talladega Alabama with his white wife and two bi-racial children after distinguished military service as a US Army Captain and Green Beret -

In 1978.
It really did NOT come from the media. It started when I was 3 years old and living in Weisbaden, West Germany. A guy was running for President in 1976. His name was Ronald Reagan. He related to a group of Mississippi Voters the story of this welfare queen . . . from the 'South Side of Chicago'. South Side of Chicago in 1976 AND now is code word for 'black people'. It came from ONE side and ONLY ONE SIDE that did it - the Republicans. They've told this lie over and over and over and over again.

It's the 'reality' that many white Americans know - REGARDLESS of their region. They believe it. And they are the power structure in the South. You have pockets of liberalism and inclusion - but Atlanta and Austin aren't enough to make the change.

There are moves to disenfranchise minorities going on in the south. I wait and hold my breath that the SCOTUS is not going to send ALL of us to the back of bus. But if they let the 'South' have their way - that's what is going to happen . .. to all of us. Check out what went down in Philadelphia this past Presidential Election. It's like a 1956 time warp.

There is also a move from ONE side - NOT the media - to undo what the Civil Rights Era DID. And that was to assert the authority of the Federal Government. And their efforts are already working - have you seen who my Governor is lately? And what he stands for? And who voted for him? It's a very Everyone For Themselves State of Mind in NJ lately.

Point blank - I'm supporting someone other than Booker in our Primary as a matter of principle. No doubt - he (Booker) will win the General Election. I will be canvassing and making calls for both he and Barbara Buono (Gov Race - solid progressive - knows first hand poverty and working ones way up from it). If I knock on the door and show your map in Camden, Newark, Jersey City, the Oranges, Atlantic City - I will get the door slammed in my face.

It won't work to get Booker elected to the US Senate - and I need to be able to sneak Buono info in on that canvassing. It won't resonate to a poor black single mother living in Jersey City. It simply won't.

You know how you are on a plane - and the flight crew is giving safety information. And they tell you about the oxygen masks?

Put yours on your face first and then help others. Well -I'm doing AOK in this economy. Seriously. So I first have to turn to the people in the seat next to me and help them get their oxygen masks on. Then I can move up the front of the plane and help those folks.

I truly believe poverty has to be addressed in the WEALTHIEST states in order to provide a roadmap for the poorer states. We have the means to help those down the road from us and in the 'shadows' of wealth. We can do it WITHOUT needing ANY help from members of the House or Senate from the South that might for instance -

Want to attach rules around school lunch programs and backpack programs (food for the weekend) about gender roles being taught in the classroom. Or prayer taught in the classroom. Or limiting abortion rights for teachers in public schools while making rules that they must be fired if they have a child out of wedlock.

We can do it here without the onus of the Moral Majority and Christian Coalition. And until the South realizes that Christie and Scott Brown aside - we are rejecting anything to do with God and Morality in the public sector in our neck of the woods -it's going to be very hard to come to agreement.

I'm not saying what you have posted is a pipe dream. I just don't think it can happen Right Now - at this minute. It's just not going to happen. I supported Edwards in 2008 because he actually said the word Loud and Proud: Poverty. But without a champion for it Nationally - I can't wait for that . . . I've got hungry people coming to the Bound Brook NJ Food Bank this Saturday and I've got to worry about my neighbors first. I'm sorry.
Posted by JustAnotherGen | Thu Jun 20, 2013, 11:19 AM (1 replies)

NJ Special Election Could Hurt Democratic Voter Turn Out in October AND November

Yeah - I'm pretty ticked. We the tax payers of NJ are being asked to fund Republican Political games at a cost of up to $24 Million dollars.

Really trying to find the cost to JUST add a few names to the November ballot as opposed to doing everything from the print/mail of the Sample Ballot to finding Poll Workers 2 months in a row.

Any DU'ers in outside of NJ who have experienced this? I.E. Back to back elections? Are you in a defined by the media Red or Blue State? Real time experience?

I'm a GOTV'er and will volunteering on both the Gov and Senate race - as well as volunteering for my preferred primary candidate.

Chances of voter fatigue by us coming through several times?

The U.S. Senate race in October appears likely to result in even lower turnout, currently pegged at about 40% compared to a more typical 46% to 48% turnout. The Monmouth University Poll’s likely voter model is based on a combination of past voting history from voter registration files and self-reported intention to vote in either the October special election or the November general election.

The poll finds that Democrats are more likely to opt for voting in the October Senate race over November’s gubernatorial and legislative election. If forced to choose to vote in only one election, 73% of likely New Jersey voters say they would cast their ballot in the regular general election to 20% who prefer the special Senate election. Democrats (26%) are more likely than Republicans (14%) to choose the special election.

“Low turnout normally benefits a Republican, so the Democratic nominee will need a boost from supporters more interested in the Senate race to maintain the party’s normal edge in Garden State elections,” said Murray. “This could also translate to fewer Democratic voters in November, which will serve to pump up Gov. Christie’s already daunting lead.”

New Jersey voters, specifically those likely to show up at one or both of this fall’s elections, are not particularly happy with the governor’s decision to call a special election to fill the vacant Senate seat, he added. Just 30% of likely voters approve of this decision to 42% who disapprove, while 24% say it doesn’t really matter to them. Seven-in-ten likely voters (70%) say they have heard that this series of special elections could cost the state up to $24 million and 75% say that this cost bothers them. Only 18% are not bothered by the cost of running these extra elections. Nearly two-thirds of likely voters (65%) say it would be better to vote for U.S. Senate on the same day as the November governor’s election. Just 23% prefer holding the Senate ballot at a separate election.

Read more at http://www.politickernj.com/66395/monmouth-university-poll-christies-numbers-versus-bookers-numbers#ixzz2W6aTr66T
or sign up for a free trial of State Street Wire at http://www.politickernj.com/freetrial
Posted by JustAnotherGen | Thu Jun 13, 2013, 10:14 AM (16 replies)

Watchdog groups support effort to stop Christie from holding October election for U.S. Senate

TRENTON — A coalition of government watchdog groups and left-leaning organizations today filed briefs in support of a lawsuit seeking to block Gov. Chris Christie from holding an Oct. 16 special election for the seat left vacant by the death of U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg.

NJ Citizen Action and NJ Communities United said Christie's decision to spend $12 million on a special election just three weeks before the November general election was a waste of taxpayer dollars and could disenfranchise voters. Christie has said it's worth whatever it costs to install a new Senator quickly.

On Friday, the chairwoman of the Somerset County Democrats, Peg Schaffer, challenged Christie’s authority to call for the election, calling it illegal and an attempt to suppress the vote. Schaffer said her law firm asked for and was granted permission by the state appellate division to file a motion for emergent relief.

“As New Jersey’s largest citizen watchdog organization, we felt it was important to do what we can to ensure our members and the public have a voice and real opportunity to participate in a fair election for the open US Senate seat,” Phyllis Salowe-Kaye, executive director of New Jersey Citizen Action, said in a statement. "The governor’s decision to hold the special election less than three weeks before the regularly scheduled general election could cause voter confusion and disenfranchise newly registered voters as their registrations might not make it into the voting rolls by October 16."

Another article/commentary:

Christie may be underhanded but he ain't playing beanbag

But here’s where the game gets underhanded. A special election for a single seat held on a Wednesday in October represents a recipe for low turnout. That’s good for Republicans. A putative candidate Booker would likely have to mount a major turnout effort almost three weeks before the general election. Many of those Democrats won’t turn out twice. The statewide Republicans’ expected Nov. 5 landslide remains on schedule.

The Democrats are crying foul. Somerset County Democratic chair Peg Schaffer is suing to halt the election on the grounds that Christie’s goal in calling it was to suppress turnout.

She certainly got that right. But Christie is a smart lawyer who has a whole lot of other smart lawyers working for him. They had that angle covered before they called the election. If turnout turns out to be low, that’s politics.
Posted by JustAnotherGen | Wed Jun 12, 2013, 05:53 PM (19 replies)

There's Something Rotten About Jasper TX


At the link is a video of Reverend Al interviewing a woman and her Attorney - She was picked up for a $150 traffic ticket in Jasper, TX on Sunday May 5th. Hopefully the link works. Basically she takes a beating because she doesn't have the $150 to pay the ticket. No audio so we can't hear the exchange.

The two officers we're fired - but it begs the question - What else is going on down there. A whistle blower released the tape - but what if they had not? I can't believe this is the first time this happened.

As a reminder - Jasper TX is where James Byrd was dragged for a few miles in 1998 by truck until he was beheaded.

Sick sick sick. Something is sick in Jasper TX.
Posted by JustAnotherGen | Wed Jun 5, 2013, 05:45 PM (5 replies)

Only thing I care about today is the Voting Rights Act


Figured I would post this here so we can hash this out as things procede . . .

Conservatives on Supreme Court cast doubt on voting law

Justice Anthony Kennedy, the court's swing vote on racial issues, at one point during the argument said "times change" when it comes to weighing whether the nine states in question should be treated differently from other states.

This appeared to be a view shared by other justices on the conservative wing of the court, including Chief Justice John Roberts.

At one point, the chief justice asked the Obama administration's lawyer, Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, if it was the government's position that "citizens in the South are more racist than citizens in the North." Verrilli said that was not the government's position.

Justice Antonin Scalia, one of the other conservatives, said that the court should be skeptical of Congress' decision to reauthorize the law in 2006 because it would be politically damaging for politicians to vote against it.

Honestly - I just hate them. I know it doesn't matter to them - but maybe they 'feel it'. Maybe if enough folks hate them for hating us FIRST - they'll start to feel it in the place where they should have souls.

Here we go . . . Trying to re-litigate if black Americans are 'entire' people and 'real' Americans.
Posted by JustAnotherGen | Wed Feb 27, 2013, 02:06 PM (12 replies)

Hmmm not really

NJ pays a lot into the Federal till each year but we get back far less than what we put in. I guess I look at it as getting money back we've used to fund the lowest ten states in terms of what they put in vs. what they get back . . .

We have extremely high unemployment here (higher than national average) - and I don't think these issues are just the fault of the current government in Trenton. They are much larger and have a longer history than 2009. I was listening to 101.5 this am (98.3 keeps playing the same Christmas songs over and over and over again -not festive at all) - and the discussion was about reasons why folks would not vote for Christie again/or vote for him a first time when I switched over during my commute.

Know what one guy said? Turnpike rate increases and the one we are facing come January. Add that to the new toll increases into Manhattan/State Island via the bridges. My achilles tendon - is not doing enough bring blue collar jobs back to NJ. I'm sorry - but I'm beginning to believe that we need a corporate tax structure similiar to places like Alabama and Mississippi. Even if it's only temporary. . .

In the meantime - as a high earner living in NJ? I want my money back. We pay far more into the Federal till than we ever get back - other states that put in less - no one looks down their nose at them. Well - it's OUR TURN. We've offset state income tax for places like Florida for years - so now we need them to take the hit so we can get ours and get back to good.

And that goes for the citizens of NY state too . . . asking us to pay for Florida's state budget and NOT fixing Staten Island, and Queens and Brooklyn is criminal.

Sandy is gone - but the damage is still there. We need help. The Fed needs to pay for the $79 billion dollar recovery with the money that New Jerseyans and New Yorkers have been paying in all of these years. This way we support ourselves and move forward in other areas.

Posted by JustAnotherGen | Wed Dec 5, 2012, 10:39 AM (2 replies)

I read this book in August


Better Off Without 'Em: A Northern Manifesto for Southern Secession -

Chuck Thompson takes a hysterical look at the "threat" of "The South Is Gonna Do It Again" and turns the tables on the Take Our Country Back Crowd.

I have hesitated to post a review because we do have so many staunch liberal and progressive members at DU who come from the 14 states he makes a strong argument *nudge* for the rest of the country INSIST the South leaves the union.

The serious side of the book (layered throughout the humor) is the vast inequality that still exists in the South today. Example - how can we head into the future when the public school system is broken and RE- segregated? With people who wish to continue the inequality by their push of "charter" schools and the massive number of "Christian" (read whites only) schools that have sprung up in retaliation to the Brown V Board cases? Would the US be better to leave those 14 states Thompson outlines behind? Allow them to go so they can take science off the table and teach creationism without United States interference?

He touches on everything from the SEC College Football shakedown to the Jesus/Creation Museums, to the very definition of a Southern Strategy by one political party who benefits from the entrenchment of Confederate values, and how it could even become a huge tourist point for Americans . . . IE - made into an exotic foreign locale akin to Tanzania or Belize.

Might be worth a read - because while funny - its also a terribly sad analysis of perhaps WHY non Southerners and those who have no roots in the South (I'm in the North East - raised here but have Alabama red clay in veins) say . . . Why didn't we just let them go when we had the chance?
Posted by JustAnotherGen | Mon Oct 8, 2012, 06:38 AM (3 replies)

NJ's Hidden Poor


Not a big fan of the Ledger - but read this yesterday. Highlights the Food Bank my husband and I volunteer at . . . We live in Bridgewater/Somerville. We "know" because of our efforts - but this rips off the Band Aid of those efforts.

In a state with one of the highest levels for cost of living and lowest minimum wage (the federal minimum of $7.25 an hour), half of all jobs pay less than $20 an hour.

That’s not enough, says Joe Kunzmann, Somerset County Social Services director, who estimates a person living in New Jersey needs to make at least $25 an hour for a fair market rent apartment in Somerset County. Because Somerset is ranked among the top-10 wealthiest counties in the United States, according to Forbes magazine, its relative affluence drives up the cost of living for everyone. The Household Survival Budget for Somerset, as calculated by Hoopes Halpin, is $66,160 for a family of four.

"It makes it kind of harder for people that are just at the poverty level or above it to get by," Kunzman said. There’s this margin of error that is very slight. … If you’re making $12 an hour or $15 an hour and your car breaks down and you have to have it fixed and you need it to get to work, what do you pay? Do you have your car fixed or do you maybe not pay all your rent or do you skimp on your Public Service bill? A lot of people that we are seeing are people like that."

To follow DU rules - I selected as few paragraphs as possible. Good read when you dive into it on the working poor who are falling through the cracks.

Posted by JustAnotherGen | Mon Sep 3, 2012, 09:23 AM (0 replies)

She's no Marie Antoinette

*Reviewing what I've written below prior to hitting post and I want to make sure OP knows I'm not being snotty - just factual*.

Marie Antoinette never would have said and did not EVER say "You people'" - or "Let them eat cake/brioche" or "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche". It was most likely said 100 years earlier by Marie-Therese the wife of the Sun King Louis. She was too busy picking out shoes to even consider it. And keeping her hair from catching fire at parties.

Most of what has been attributed to her as 'legend/lore' was written by a German Author in a 1931 children's book. Chew on that a bit. Place France and Germany in that time and place understand the German perception that they were being punished by France by having to pay back debt from World War I.

And - if there is ever an inauguration of *I shudder at the thought* of a King Rmoney and Goody Ann - and if during the fireworks a stampede ensues - I highly doubt that they will do what Louis and Marie Antoinette did - and give their personal spending money for a year to those injured in said stampede or their surviving loved ones/families.

And in 1774 - when she became a very young Queen - she requested that a tax called "The Queen's Belt" be removed on the people of France.

Ann would do the opposite - The First Lady's Belt would be a tax imposed on those making less than 10K a year to make sure they have absolutely NOTHING so she can laugh at them and point her finger and call them 'you' people.

And with that said - it was the Propaganda of the Revolution that gave M.A. the horrible reputation. And it served it's purpose well.

I'm very well traveled to France, used to be highly conversant (learning Italian now since I married one ) and I am very well read on French history. She is one of the most fascinating female figures (she fascinates me in the way Mathilda of Tuscany does) of history - and her manners, reserve, discipline growing up in an Austrian household, sense of fashion - both glamourous and hippie, cosmetics, appearance, still influence women throughout the world to this day. You could say this leftist progressive feminist has a great deal of admiration for this woman who came into her own - could have saved her own neck, but insisted her husband was STILL the King of France and thus click, clack, chop.

Look up - Mrs. Romney is nothiiiiiiiiiiiiiing like Marie-Antoinette. She will never be. It is simply not in her to look at anyone else with empathy. Not even her dogs.
Posted by JustAnotherGen | Fri Jul 20, 2012, 09:40 AM (0 replies)

Rambling thoughts on Romney's speech at the NAACP Convention

So since yesterday - his speech has been critiqued, pulled apart, laughed at, and booed.

First rambling thought - No one in the media as stated this: When someone shows you who they are - believe them.

I think - that the attendees at the NAACP convention are the first group to see the REAL Romney. What he truly believes, no flip flopping, no bouncing all over the place, no etch-a-sketch stupidity.

In a weird way - it's kind of an honor for those who were able to attend his speech. The attendees truly got a glimpse into what a Romney candidacy would look like. Which leads to my second thought . . .

The black American exists in Romney's world to be a group to speak down to. I couldn't help hearing a touch of "I know better than you silly boys and girls." More of that - Black people should listed to wealthy white men to learn how to be better Americans nonsense.

Third - Booing in and of itself . . .
January 20, 2012
In regards to whether he would release his tax returns while in the heat of the Republican Primary:
"I don't know how many years I'll release. I'll take a look at what our documents are. And I'll release multiple years, I don't know how many years," Romney added, as some South Carolina crowd members voiced their disapproval.

While presidential candidates are not required to release their taxes, most usually volunteer the information. And the calls for Romney to do so are intensifying from Republicans and Democrats alike.

I did a quick dig through stories this morning from the time of that debate - and not ONE so-called journalist questioned the booing. No questions about whether or not it was appropriate, whether or not it was necessary, etc. etc. That same group of so-called journalists are pretty much ignoring the tax return issue now. Isn't that odd - if it was worth being booed at in the Primary and deserved lots and lots of media coverage - but the media now chooses to focus on 'booing at the NAACP' instead of important things . . . like Voter ID concerns and well - yep - his tax returns?

But when it's NAACP members - it's a Romney strength.

Or - it puts him in good company. . . They've likened in the below link Romney getting booed on serious issues like AHA and how he would be better for black Americans on par with First Lady Obama and Dr. Jill Biden being booed at a Nascar race, Sister Sarah Alaskastan's daughter on Dancing with the Stars, and then President Bush throwing out a pitch at a baseball game.

Which leads me back to my first 'thought'. It's one women know who are SMART women and who choose romantic partners with a keen eye . . .

When someone shows you who they are - believe them. Oh - you better believe them.

Romney may very well be keeping the focus on what he wants it to be focused on, but he's already lost. "Obamacare" is here to stay . . . We have GOT to GOTV in the black community and make sure every single person has an ID, a blood sample, a DNA sample, a lock of hair from their first haircut, etc. etc. Especially in PA and Florida.

I don't think Texas is an option for Obama - but PA and FL have GOT to be won.

Posted by JustAnotherGen | Thu Jul 12, 2012, 09:58 AM (9 replies)
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