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Gender: Female
Hometown: Western NY
Home country: US
Member since: Sat Aug 25, 2007, 01:21 PM
Number of posts: 28,098

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Journal Kick Rec Screenplay?

Thanks for this - Great story!
Posted by JustAnotherGen | Sun Jul 26, 2015, 08:10 AM (0 replies)

Adding to Journal

Posted by JustAnotherGen | Fri Jul 24, 2015, 10:05 PM (0 replies)

Group Hosts - Notification that I'm going to block a Member - AA Group Host Thread

AOR - Popped up in my MIRT Inbox - 40 posts since July 10th and may come back here and start trouble. Seems focused on 1strong and I don't have time for the nonsense.

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Author: AOR
Subject = This is what you and many others are missing...

Posted by JustAnotherGen | Mon Jul 20, 2015, 08:30 AM (19 replies)

Just remember these threads - Journal Primaries and GE

When the General Election rolls around . . .

Or -when the Primary Republican Rallies look the same . . .

I guess folks are gonna have to keep their fingers still because if it's not right to point it out about one - it's not right to point it out about another.

Posted by JustAnotherGen | Thu Jul 9, 2015, 03:17 PM (1 replies)

Thanks! adding to journal

Can use these on my smartphone when I'm canvassing for him!
Posted by JustAnotherGen | Sun Jul 5, 2015, 05:18 PM (1 replies)

O'Malley does have support in the black community - who are they?

I posted in a GD thread because I saw - Clinton and Sanders will split the black vote. This thread isn't about them - It's about O'Malley, who I know is supporting him, and who we should be reaching out to. I'm expanding on my post in GD - I've linked it below.


Subtract 1 - Me - from that. Telecom, deal with Federal Law agencies, married to an immigrant who is in the arts and has a business that makes art commercial - restoration, railings, copper bars and bar stools, gates. We interact as it relates to business with other blue collar business owners, historical/preservation societies, architects, and artists/entertainers - as well as many people in the tech fields. Voted for Booker and Obama. Involved in anti racism coalition - started our community kitchen, hell raisers in our small towm in NJ. We live in a bright red district.

2 - my brother owns a green building supply company. That one is a no brainer. The best thing for him is leadership that sees the value in the repurposed and new things with a small carbon footprint that can also be reconsumed. Think about all the small business tradesmen he touches.

3 - Lisa from WNY - lives in Baltimore about 14/15 years now. Well educated single mom, active in black lives matter, saw the positive impact of O'Malley's approach to crime in her neighborhood, took part in a community police initiative - voted Obama - supported Clark in 2004.

4, 5, 6 - My sister and her two eldest.  Sister is another single mom in the sciences. Actually - pretty uch everyone in her circle is for O'Malley. People who work hard but need SNAP to get by - up to Corporate Attorneys. Nieces sweet 16 a few weeks ago was interesting. Interesting - older son just started first job in private equity on Wall Street after interning last summer. K to Antie A - It's not about me.

7, 8 - Dougbug and his wife - Elizabeth NJ  - he's high up in telecom but never left his old neighborhood - wife is a nurse. 5. Kids including the nephew they took in. Strong Democratic family.

9, 10 - D (From the Caribbean)and his wife - Brooklyn - Came here when he was a little guy - dad became police man in NYC - was killed on the job. Wife is a Spelman grad. He worked on Wall Street in the 90's, made sick money - woke up one day and said: this sucks. Wife is in Fashion industry - he's with an equipment manufacturer. Live in Williamsburg section. Solid on the O'Malley train. Education for their son and safety for him. That's key for them.

11 - Uncle Otis - 78 - Atlanta - my dad's older brother. Retired for quite a few years - owned three business (in the trades), Morehouse grad. Deeply religious but likes his home made grain booze. Active in youth outreach and stepping up when dads aren't around type organizations.

12 - Cousin Michelle, Husband (Senegal immigrant) , Aunt Lela - MD - They love O'Malley. She works in Fed Gov (NIH used to be CIA) , he's with Catholic Charities. Aunt Lela moved with them to be closer to their daughter. Environment, education are critical to them. Fair pay - extremely anti war.

13 - Juls - San Diego. Says her dad back home in Rochester is with us. She's in telecom (we met at work about 17 years ago). Her husband is a Chef. She's still pissed Al Gore in her words "rolled over". Mixed race couple - they see the ugly in America as my husband and I do.

That's just a few. 

Around the country, different journeys, different goals, different financial backgrounds, different financial and life circmstances etc etc 

Two things when I think of discussions be it to face, by phone, by skype,, via email that are common threads - 

A disgust with Washington DC long games 

A lack of people who really want to accomplish things or they would have done it already 

Personally I don't want to be like a one issue pro life Republican - you know the type. They had all the branches of the Fed give for six years and they couldn't make abortion illegal - yet the dummies on the right with that one issue keep voting for them - and on the way to vote . . . The bridge they cross is crumbling. 

Step by step, inch by inch - sorority, fraternity (understand these are hugely significant associations in the black community), links meetings, b & b meetings, jack and Jill etc etc the message starts there and funnels out to our civic endeavors. 

Don't believe all is lost to Sanders and Clinton. These are the types of folks you need to be engaging. There are others I'm sure - but this is a handful I know - strong supporters.

Honorary mention - my mom. White woman in her late 60's. At the top of her business in her career - but she never made the kind of income I do. She has deep pockets, deep roots as a hippie whose true nature met a tragic end when she married my dad (Army Officer), engaged in warfare with my dad in 2008 - she was Edwards he was Obama. I think DU II I posted about the 'sign wars' they had in that election. Extremely anti war, anti establishment, but has deep pockets and we tease 'Lady Di' about wearing her pearl earrings to bed. I won't share her comments on Senator Clinton (she strongly supported her for the Senate) - those are negative.

Let's just say 2008 - Clinton caused her mama bear to kick in regards to Obama. She really related to his mothers choices in life and said - he's not an orphan. There's a lot of women out here like me that see their son.

Those women you guys - we can get them.

And we can do it by staying positive and on point!
Posted by JustAnotherGen | Wed Jul 1, 2015, 03:00 PM (5 replies)
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