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Member since: Sat Aug 25, 2007, 07:27 PM
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Add oil pollution, and the use of petroleum-based fertilizers and plastics....

The early petroleum industry sabotaged the Edison-Ford electric efforts, then used Prohibition to stamp out alcohol as a fuel.
Next they blocked hemp from competing with their petroleum by-products, bought and dismantled the electric trams and trains, and Carter's goal of developing other-fueled fleets got handled by Reagan and quickly-lowered gas pricing.
Now we're getting inflationarily gouged for excess profits.

Lots of hidden costs there, lots.

The decade of pre-emptive war came home

The militarized police, in equipment, attitude, and personnel are nearly ubiquitous.
No more Officer Friendly.

Glug, glug, glug......Grover's REPtilian 'bots are doing fine...

The Drug War industry is as entrenched as the Health Insurance grifters: neither gives an inch.

The medical facts or the historical background should be adequate arguments for ending hemp prohibition; but it's the economic counter-productivity that seems to clinch it for most of the people I talk with. Once they grasp how much they spend on policing, prosecuting, and incarcerating hemp users they're pretty unhappy, but if they can see that it's the illegality itself that makes a florist-shop or corner drug-store
product into a dangerous contraband, and the established criminals simply make a phone call to send our police after upstart competition, that seems to be the most convincing argument!
Obama has said encouraging things, but his D.O.J. has gone the other way lately. Gotta think it's the money; everywhere you look, money trumps common-sense and idealism.

Remember Nuremburg?

The Allies established a procedure in which obeying illegal orders is a crime, also we have the oath to uphold the Constitution. Both are pertinent.
Consider the video "Collateral Murder", nearly everyone has seen the shooting scene, but it's the build-up revealed in both the full 30-some minute video, and in the edited-down 17 minute version that shows a problem: we see 8 men coming from different doors and directions, 2 armed (like bodyguards), 1 with a bulky video setup. They mill around as if waiting for more arrivals, or a ride, or a meeting to start inside, etc. They are aware of the circling helicopter and the video man kneels and takes a shot of it as it goes behind a building. While behind the building, the heli crew get permission to "engage" based on the description of "8 armed men moving out", then we see the first shooting scene, a lot of shots taken at the few who manage to run and dive. Soon a small van drives up and 3 men pick up one wounded, the G.I.s again get permission to "engage", this time based on a "Bongo van picking up weapons". It gets shot up, and a bit later ground troops arrive, and the saving of the wounded children, etc. Oh, yes, and the audio of the heli crewman when they find the kids: "well, it's their own fault for bringing children to a war zone".
Sure, it's illegal to kill civilians, and so is a war of aggression based on lies, but the leaking of evidence is the crime being prosecuted.
As for endangering troops is concerned, how about making a hundred thousand troops live in a shooting gallery for a decade? Any endangerment there?
Note: on the Oct 7 anniversary of the Afghan military action, the press clip of resident G saying the reason was that Afghanistan had provided training camps. So we turn two entire countries into training camps in which we provide the targets and fund both sides! What a scam, anyone who objects to occupation is behind 9-11. The miss-use of our troops is unmitigated disaster for everyone except those who profited hugely, but let's punish evidence-leakers!
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