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Member since: Sat Aug 25, 2007, 07:27 PM
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Those who worship proffit are eager

to sell us the gasmasks and medications we will need to exist in the world they are so busily creating.


We need a new word for government subservience to corporations, "fascist" applies to a partnership in which the government dominates, but our current gov. is led around by the nose and wallet. Regulation gets de-fanged, under-funded and subverted.
One problem is that the financial wizards concoct schemes several steps ahead of the law, which is always trying to deal with the after-effects.
One of the worst Supreme Court decisions was their interpretation of "honest services" as not applying to intent or results, but allowing "new" ways of cheating because the rules were lagging behind creative dishonesty.

Add oil pollution, and the use of petroleum-based fertilizers and plastics....

The early petroleum industry sabotaged the Edison-Ford electric efforts, then used Prohibition to stamp out alcohol as a fuel.
Next they blocked hemp from competing with their petroleum by-products, bought and dismantled the electric trams and trains, and Carter's goal of developing other-fueled fleets got handled by Reagan and quickly-lowered gas pricing.
Now we're getting inflationarily gouged for excess profits.

Lots of hidden costs there, lots.

The decade of pre-emptive war came home

The militarized police, in equipment, attitude, and personnel are nearly ubiquitous.
No more Officer Friendly.

Glug, glug, glug......Grover's REPtilian 'bots are doing fine...

The Drug War industry is as entrenched as the Health Insurance grifters: neither gives an inch.

The medical facts or the historical background should be adequate arguments for ending hemp prohibition; but it's the economic counter-productivity that seems to clinch it for most of the people I talk with. Once they grasp how much they spend on policing, prosecuting, and incarcerating hemp users they're pretty unhappy, but if they can see that it's the illegality itself that makes a florist-shop or corner drug-store
product into a dangerous contraband, and the established criminals simply make a phone call to send our police after upstart competition, that seems to be the most convincing argument!
Obama has said encouraging things, but his D.O.J. has gone the other way lately. Gotta think it's the money; everywhere you look, money trumps common-sense and idealism.

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