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Plucketeer's Journal
Plucketeer's Journal
May 27, 2016

Imagine that!

Bernie's gonna have a rally less than a MILE from my home. I just don't know if I can stand waiting in line to get into the stadium. I've got several medical maladies that could be a problem. What to do!

May 24, 2016

A plea for someone capable

I wouldn't BEGIN to know how to cut and splice video clips, but I'd sure like for someone else - someone capable of editing video clips - to take my idea and run with it.
What I've got in mind is lifting that couple of seconds where Hillary rolls her eyes and assures her interviewer that "I will BE the nominee! I will BE the nominee!". THEN - dovetail that clip with Newt Gingrich arrogantly making the SAME proclamation prior to his failed quest. Play those two clips - back to back, about 3 or four times in repetition. Gotta be less than 30 seconds.

LOL! Just dawned on me that someone who's REALLY good at such things, might well be able to work it so the two of them sing in concert with each other. I think it would be compelling - the arrogance of these two losers - played for chuckles.

May 21, 2016

What am I missing?

The topic of the quarter mil speech transcripts gets almost NO mention of late. Yet, unless I missed some pivotal post one day, I'm still under the impression that Hillary's challenge HAS BEEN met. That challenge being that we'd get to see her speeches "when all the others have released theirs!". So - is there some specific qualifiers I've overlooked? WHO is it that constitutes "all the others"? And what's required to certify that those others have released any pertinent transcripts?
I'm betting - if pressed - she would specify that ALL of the long-departed presidential aspirants will have to cough up speeches as well (Rubio, Christie, Webb, OmMalley et al). It's not been that long ago that Bernie's mentioned her lofty speaking fees, but he's never, to my knowledge, called HRC out on her specifics other than to say that he had nothing to release. So what am I missing here? Why hasn't his campaign held Ms. Phony's feet to her own fire?

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