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backwoodsbob's Journal
backwoodsbob's Journal
March 20, 2015

Hillary can't win.....period

why wont the Hillary hangers on face it? She has too much baggage and she will be destroyed if we make her the nominee.

Do you really think they wont bring up the e-mail thing and all the donations to the foundation from Saudi Arabia and other foreign countries?

She will be DESTROYED if we nominate her.

Lets start a movement for anyone else

March 20, 2015

has anyone ever tried polish sausage chili dogs?

have some polish sausage and thinking about trying it

March 5, 2015

just amazing singing in a mall just mindblowing

it brought tears to my eyes

February 28, 2015

dog food question....Science Diet vs Blue

I'm a Science Diet person for my pets....they seem to thrive on it,however.

We tried a flavor of Blue last night...which is supposed to be as good or better than Iams and they loved it.Charlie had his feet on top of the feeder hanging upside down with his head shoved in the bowl....Happy hugged the bowl while she pigged out.
They love it.

I'm sure someone here is more knowledgeable than me on foods...is Blue really as good as Science Diet?

February 19, 2015

Jimmie Page doing it right

February 19, 2015

Jimmy Page at his best

February 19, 2015

our southern God of rock

February 8, 2015

another year...another SI swimsuit edition war...predictable and sad

Humans are visual creatures....we react to visual stimuli.

Sex sells.Nothing will change that fact.

There are male models out there who's purpose is to titillate females...there are female models out there who's purpose is to titillate males.....it is human nature to look and it sells.

We can debate objectification for the next 1000 years and 1000 years from now sex will still sell

Get over it and lets fight some meaningful battles

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