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Gender: Male
Hometown: South Carolina
Member since: Mon Sep 3, 2007, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 6,001

Journal Archives

I hate pimping a product...but

the wife just bought a shark navigator hand held vacuum...a dustbuster type thing.
It is AMAZING.Vacuumed out the cars and it is better than a carwash vacuum.Vacuumed the stairs.It did great.
I have to say this is the best BY FAR handheld vacuum I have ever seen

the wife says I polish the porsche too much

just curious...is it possible to overpolish a porsche

sc storms

powerful and awessome

a song that represents my love to my wife and our life

When my wife and I first got together everyone said it couldn't work...a Detroit city boy with a VERY small town country girl.And in truth it has had it's up and downs.But now we found our home we always needed and love so much in Summerville.

Just wanted to post a song in her honor.


coat of many colors ( love me some Dolly)


aerosmith then and now



citronella a bug reppelent?seems so

I loaded all my tiki torches with a citronella and ceder fuel and I have to say it works at keeping bugs away.I haven't seen a bug for an hour on the porch.

Katie is doing her part eating every bug in dorchester county

as if it doesn't show...backwoodsbob is HAPPY


The wife got a job as an assistant manager at a local bank.I'm leadman now at my job.The last 6 months have been a dream come true.I only wish all my DU friends can be as happy as I am.My life has literally done a 180 from a year ago.

As some here know I was miserable in Virginia to the point of severe depression.A year ago I tried to commit suicide.A broken 2 by 4 is the only reason I am still here.I tried to hang myself off my front porch. I was that depressed.NOW...it's like a different world.Saying my life has took a 180 would be an understatement

Tooling around in a Porsche doesn't hurt

The Budster is sitting here with me on the back patio while I drink a cold adult beverage..katie is doing things only a rat terrier would understand in the back yard She is fascinated with bugs the wife is ten feet away watching a movie and for the first time in years she is totally relaxed.LIFE IS GOOD

I just wanted to say to any of my DU friends who feel overwhelmed or hopeless there is always hope.There is always tomorrow.There is always a way.I found my way.I found the home I always needed and the life I needed so badly.It's out there...we have to grab it by the horns...or in Katies case...grab it by the insect wings

Love yall and thanks for putting up with me all these years

it's South Carolina time baby..bring it SEC..BRING IT!

We have the running game...we have the wide recievers...we have the defense...NOW we have the QB.

BRING IT SEC....USC Nation...all the way.We will stand at the end.


porsche...accept no substitute

I LOVE my Porsche..I LOVE my life since I moved to Summerville...Love yall
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