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backwoodsbob's Journal
backwoodsbob's Journal
January 30, 2013

ok dog people..don't know alot about this breed...need help

Went down to the shelter this morning and connected with one dog...a*great Pyrenees* pup.Ten weeks old.

I don't know a whole lot about the breed except they get BIG!

Any info would be appreciated.

January 30, 2013

thank you everyone...just thank you

all the messages and ...just everything.

I'm just some old southerner and I'm not always good with words,but I appreciate SO MUCH the feeling of family I have felt here.

Just wanted to say thank you to all my friends

January 29, 2013

can't leave out Katie the Wonder Terrier from all this

Are there any weirder,more intense dogs than rat terriers?Katie does things only a terrier could understand.She is technically a Parson Russel terrier

I give you...the wonder terrier

January 28, 2013

the budster :)

my baby.Miss you baby

January 27, 2013

so the wife looks at me this morning and says

you know you will be at the shelter before the week is out,just name him junior because I know it will be another bernard.

Sad part is she knows me too well

I should get like ten or twenty terriers...they would eat less than one Budster

I loved that dog.

Thank you all of you for the kind words.Life sucks right now but...well it just sucks

January 27, 2013

we just lost buddy...hit ..oh god

Buddies gone..OMG..My Baby..Oh god..Oh FUCK..my babies gone..Oh shit.

Fuck me..damnit..Oh God...DAMN

January 22, 2013

Colbert was AWESOME tonight

He nailed the day perfectly.Tonights show was edgy.Loved it.

January 20, 2013

buddy is the dog of dogs

weighed him this morning...214 lbs

My boy is the beast.Vet said let him get up to 220...he is getting there fast.

My baby is getting fat

Buddy is a monster...214 pounds...God I love him so much

January 20, 2013

An apology to Tuesday Afternoon

I've had a hell of a month on DU and took it out on you and you didn't deserve it.I wanted to apologize to you

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