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Gender: Male
Hometown: South Carolina
Member since: Mon Sep 3, 2007, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 6,001

Journal Archives

possibly the best boys are back in town cover ever

give your personal favorites

babies in my lap...sorry if I'm a posting pain

He's my baby.I'm falling in love all over again.

Miss my Budster so much but junior is...something.

When he is awake he is a bundle of energy that suddenly wants a hug...he reminds me so much of the budster it kills me.

LOVE my new baby...we have bonded.

junior strikes back at the wonderterrier

We made some beef ribs for dinner and the wonderterrier and Junior were happily gnawing when katie decided to raid Juniors bone pile.


That puppy can make some seriously weird noises when he is aggravated

LOVE it...Katie sat down and just stared at him...she may have finally met her match

welcome to the world..here is...junior

got me a new baby

wow...got me a baby...he's only 9 weeks but he already has a head of steam and let's everyone know he is boss.He's fun.
Got me a newfoundland.

He's something.Already see the bond coming.We work

He's amazing.

Have a feeling I'm about to fall in love again...will get some pics.

He's a 9 week old horse of a dog.


I REALLY like this dog.

in the last six months at my old shop in Virginia

three people under the age of thirty five have developed cancer...two have died.

A REAL good friend of mine got pancreatic cancer...he died last week.

Another friend,who was someone in excellent health who did MMA fighting...told his buddies he didn't have any energy before a match a few months ago but went ahead anyways since he was scheduled.He took a beating and went to the doc the next day and found out he had leukemia....he was dead in three weeks.

Now a third person has been diagnosed.

Who do you call over something like this?It's obvious something isn't right when three people under age 35 get cancer at the same shop in 6 months and two die but really who do you call?

and off we go

me and this guy are getting along good...he is much cooler than his dick buddy who I took money from...three frames in...three strikes each...this guy is good.

I just got accused of *cheating* at bowling :)

how the hell do you cheat at bowling?Granted I've sandbagged in leagues but how the hell do you cheat in a one on one game for money?(and yes I took his money)

bless you to everyone who gave me a heart

It means a lot...more than you know.

It's been hard since I lost Buddy.This means a lot...thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Been doing a lot of work at the shelter the last few weeks.The pyrenees got adopted but we have something I'm thinking about...we have a bernard at the shelter

Thinking about it

I've built the Avalon from hell

stage three chip...K@m air system. ..100 shot noz....my poor little sleeper Avalon is pushing about 330 horses.

My old man car can eat mustangs and camaro's for breakfast

my baby

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