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Gender: Male
Hometown: South Carolina
Member since: Mon Sep 3, 2007, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 6,001

Journal Archives

so what are the real solutions to police killings?

not the overblown fire all the NYPD cops...not all the overemotional crap that poses as discussion.
Lets talk REAL solutions.

My proposal.
All LEO's will have body camera's active 24/7 while on duty.Short of a independently verifiable malfunction the first offence is a two week non paid suspension and the second time you are barred for life from any LEO position including security guard.

If any LEO commits a crime while body cam is turned off....lifetime barred from any LEO position and a lifetime ban from owning a gun.

so if you are disgusted with our current money buys votes system

what do you do?Where do we go from here?
With our current (d) vs (r) winner take all system where the winner....no matter which letter they have....is going to become a millionare if they win.....how do we get the system back to having the government representing the people instead of the monied elite?

With Citizens vs we gave the monied elite free access to buy every seat...from senate seats and reps right down to local BoE seats. Currently the only redress is to get our elected officials to vote against their own monied future to change the system....and that isn't going to happen.

So what do we do?

Avery the Child drummer

he is good

I know music vids are frowned upon but PLEASE let this stand...James Durbin

My hero..My legend
James is an Aspy who also has tourettes....who killed it on American idol.

I thought he deserves a thread here.

One of my favorite Durbin songs

On edit...I horribly made my point.
So many in our society write off anyone we don't consider average or someone who fits in...we dismiss anyone who doesn't fit our mold of productive and conforming....far too often we marginalize those who make us uncomfortable...those who don't fit into our boxes.....James blows those molds away.

James faced us and blew us away with my favorite music genre...but much more importantly...he makes us face ourselves...our beliefs...our stupid preconcieved notions.

James changed everyone who understood what he was standing there doing...he proved himself and in doing so dared us to prove ourselves.
I LOVE James Durbin...he has more guts than anyone on this board...myself included

the best Christmas ever for me

It really is.
A year ago me and the wife were ready to divorce over her at that time sorry ass son and his boyfriend living with us and not helping with anything...neither worked...neither would help around the house.I threw a fit and told them both they needed to get it together and moved out...one is 25...the other is 34


The kid just finished his time to get his Pharm tech license ...his boyfriend is working as a financial consultant........between them they should make 100k this coming year.
The kid bought me my sought after albert lee mother of pearl on a white music man guitar
His boyfriend bought me an official leather nfl lions jacket

They both said thank you...My leaving was a wake up call to them.

I'm so proud of BOTH my kids today

to those who got *delivered the goods* Judas Priest

ok I'll be the one who asks...what did everyone score for Christmas?

I had a banner year.
Albert Lee Music Man Guitar
Lions Leather Jacket
Damascus steel German Boker Lockblade.

My toy though is this


A cheap little magnum knife sharpener

That thing absolutely put a razors edge on every knife I tried it on.

How'd you guys do?

got me a new Peavey Albert Lee LPS Music Man Guitar for xmas

Wife gave it to me this morning.......I dont want to think about what she paid for it.

I scored ....she searched hard for this one.Mother of pearl on a white background...she paid for this one.

I LOVE Music Man guitars...they have a unique sound....neither fender or gibson sounds quite like them.



Go guys go

looks like I'm going to the finals in my ff league

this is my seventh year in this league....my third finals
I have never won this league...this is my third finals.....I'm going to win it this year.

DAMNIT I'm going to win this year
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