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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: South Carolina
Member since: Mon Sep 3, 2007, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 6,001

Journal Archives

Judas priest 2001 London WITHOUT Rob Halford

my Metal Gods at their best

it is NOT going to be a revolution

people are talking revolution or whatever....be honost

How many here are willing to be killed for the cause?

HOW MANY HERE are willing to take a bullet for the cause?...I would guess not one single person.

Stop the revolution talk if you wont walk it

tree went up today...starting to feel like christmas

who has the tree up?

so I set up the tree today while she was at work

she will be pleased is all I will say about my tree setup

Anyone else set up your tree yet?

Ferguson e-mail scam out there so be careful

I got an e-mail tonight saying thank you for your signature on our petition,we agree the police must stop shooting unarmed civilians....blah blah.
Then the catch of course.....we just need to verify a few pieces of information to verify the authenticity of your sig.
Be careful guys

to the Hillary Supporters

If someone other than Hillary wins the primary....will you support them?Or will this be another PUMA election?
A simple yes or no question

hmm a wonder terrier thread...we dont have enough of those

my love...my Charleston sound

we have a 7 pound mini toy poodle and a 2 pound teacup mess

she is half teacup pekinese and half teacup maltese......she is close to going in heat.

When the pups happen I will consider requests for the adorable pups on a how much do you love me scale

Seriously...is it safe for dogs this small to have pups?I've always dealt with my big doggies....I've never dealt with dogs this small.Is a 2 pound dog capable of taking care of pups?

She is TINY and she is closing in on breeding age...I'm really worried.I've just never dealt with dogs on this small of a scale

I'm 5 foot eight and weigh 155

should I be taxed for what I eat and drink?

Should I be taxed extra for drinking sugary drinks even if I am healthy?
Where do we stop the nanny state?

I have put about 300 pounds of venison in my freezer....how much should I be taxed?

Where does it end?

Should I be taxed for every carb I eat?
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