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Gender: Male
Hometown: South Carolina
Member since: Mon Sep 3, 2007, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 6,001

Journal Archives

when I bought the grand prix the old man gave me one thought

respect the car...it is a fun...resonably fast car...it's just a cool car.

He bought it new and just loved this car.I am honored that he decided I was the one he wanted with this car.
It's just a 95 grand prix but he loves this car and I respect him....pics of how it looks now

lets throw this into the gender wars

can any guy...myself included.. understand how a woman feels knowing the meaning behind this song is reality far too often? We men need to step up and call out the *shop talk* and the cheering on of objectification of women

good because of you cover

Charlie the toy poodle decided to take on the wonder terrier

poor little fellow.We are cleaning him up.

We gave every dog a beef rib and Charlie decided he was going to hide his and take Katie the wonder Terrier's......bad decision.

He won't need stitches but he learned a valuable lesson.....dont mess with the wonder terrier

Poor fellow lasted about 5 seconds before he came running for cover

ok what did we give and score for valentines :)

I gave a $500 gift card to belks and took her out to dinner and she gave me some kickass headphones

Whats the scores people

love this song

emotional songs

post here

I'll start

probably not gd material but...wth...emotional songs you love

this is mine

slowly getting the grand prix in shape

Gonna take time I guess

Patience Robert...Patience

bud SB ad...Puppy Love

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