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Gender: Male
Hometown: South Carolina
Member since: Mon Sep 3, 2007, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 6,001

Journal Archives

my boy Brad so you Yankees can keep up...with lyrics

Brad Paisley

My boy.so good

A WV boy

some anti police southern attitude

in Florida in 2000 95k people voted for Nader..Dems..repukes..Indies...all in total

200k Moderate Dems voted for Bush.

Someone explain to me how the stupid left caused Gore to lose?

fun at the no kill this week

Started Sunday...I drove our Siberian 65 miles to meet another Siberian to hope they worked to take them both to a third place to meet a possible adoptee......luckily they all worked and we have two less dogs in shelters......This started at four in the morning and ended about eight thirty

So I could hurry back and help feed...Saturday and Sunday are my morning feeding days...I have weekends off so I feed in the mornings on weekends.We have weird pets.We have three raccoons...an armadillo we are trying to pawn off to a shelter in Arkansas so it can move it to texas or new mexico....a squirrel....weirdest story ever....basically a cat drug a baby squirrel into a house....now we have it......weirdest animal....it jumps at shit for no reason and will beg for nuts....if you are known to it and have brought him nuts be prepared...he is going through your pockets.....a mink family where the momma was run over and we rescued the babies...did I mention goats?....an older horse....she is the mamma to the whole place...she keeps order and when a 1,000 pound animal says stop it 10 pound animals tend to listen . A few snakes but they tend to go fast

We have fun at the shelter.We refuse no non toxic animal and that tends to lead to some interesting shit

Support your local no kill guys and gals

if you want to know how much power we,the 99%,really have

you need look no further than this very website.
For those who have been here long enough,you know the name Andy.
When you really think about it Andy was among the top five,and possibly the single most powerful du'er ever.He was a thorn in the side of the PTB.

And look what happened.When he got sick a disinformation campaign smeared him so bad the money we donated to get him life saving surgery was held up until it was too late and we lost him.

People wonder why I copped an I don't care attitude on DU?Because it was made clear with Andy anyone who could make a difference would be silenced.

It's time to stand up guys and gals.We don't need an Andy...we need a million Andy's.It's time to take to the streets and force change.OWS could have been the movement but far too many...myself included,sat on the sidelines and watched them be destroyed.

It's time to fight back.People far more intelligent than me need to make this happen but it has to happen or we are all screwed

hate to break it to you,but the TPP has been a done deal for years now

This isn't a negotiation to *get us the best deal*,this is simply a deal to decide which rich motherfuckers get what part of the pie....that's it.Anyone who believes otherwise is a fool.

We,the 99%,have no political power,we are too busy keeping the bills paid and trying to make sure we don't end up on the streets when we get old.This is a game we are going to lose.

Until we stand up and shut down the money,until we take to the streets and force change,not just here but in all the power centers worldwide,nothing will change.

Hate to break some hearts but that is reality

I'm getting a new set of Bang and Olefsons

happy happy me.

the wife asked me what I want for taking care of her mom for the last four months........I'm getting some new bang and olefsons

I would gladly take care of her mom for nothing.....she wants to show her appreciation.

I'm getting some new Bang and Olefsons headphones

the president knows his rock :)

you guys really take this seriously

I'm posting a reply to something I said as an original OP

I'm a registered dem...I have voted straight dem at the state and national level since 1988.
I probably donate more time and money to our local shelters than any other person on this site.

I just don't take this stuff seriously anymore.
This site is just a popularity contest now and I have no interest in winning it.

I could start a new user name and post all the things I do and have done for our local no kill shelter and all the donations that I make and *play nice* and I would be one of the most popular users here.

THAT is what makes it so funny.I could *play nice* and post all the things I do for our local animals and I would get rec after rec....I don't care.

DU USED to matter....we really did things here and helped with issues......now it is just a popularity contest that I don't care to win
Posted by backwoodsbob | Sat Apr 4, 2015, 02:40 PM (2 replies)
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