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Profile Information

Name: Annette Bacchus
Gender: Female
Hometown: British Columbia
Home country: Canada
Current location: New Westminster
Member since: Fri Sep 7, 2007, 02:15 AM
Number of posts: 5,530

Journal Archives

Seriously, this is mind boggling, will you Americans vote for Hilary?

Or are you choosing the lesser of two evils? Frankly, if you do not vote for Ms. Clinton, America is screwed as there is no alternative.

Age is just a number but I do not think she is qualified, I could be wrong, Enlighten me if am wrong!

It is so good that President Obama was elected twice and

he did the best he could with all the adversity thrown against him. For me, he is the best President in this century just like I admire Prime Minister Jean Chretien!

President Obama you did well and your successor cannot even, be it Hilary Clinton, the liar! cannot step in your shoes and be the person you are! You did well President Obama!

Seems like Hilary Clinton is the only Democrat running!!

You all will have to vote for her. Another Republican in the White House is not the way you all want. More wars and less gun control!

Just curious, only Hilary running for the Democrats?

Who else is running? I know it is too soon as President Obama has a lot of months to go!

Is Mr. Sanders planning to run as a Democrat? If only Ms. Clinton is running for the Democratic Party, then she might win!

On the other side of the pond, Alberta swinged left and elected an NDP majority. Cannot wait for Harper and Christy Clarke to go!

England too in a voting frenzy, if that Scottish Lady gain ground, it will change the politics in the UK. I hope she gets a lot of votes to make a difference in the English Parliament!

I know it is late and not too

many DUers are online. We just went to Omaha via Seattle and Salt Lake City.

What are those huge round things and barren areas? Are they really salt?
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