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No it's ALL Trump. Even though Des Moines Register just gave Bernie more delegates than Hills.

Enough Rubio already!!! Come on M$M do your job. What about the toss-up Dem results??? nt

A razor thin race on Democratic side, so M$M all cut to Rubio speech. argh. WTF? nt

Clinton declares "victory" while votes still being counted. NBC says, not so fast. n/t

Wall Street's Third Way Absurdly Wrong About Sanders' Social Security Plan

Wall Street's Third Way Absurdly Wrong About Sanders' Social Security Plan
by Nancy Altman Founding Co-director, Social Security Works * 1/31/2016 * HuffPo

Third Way is reaching the point of desperation in its quest to cut Social Security and protect its Wall Street, K Street lobbyist, and GOP donors from paying their fair share. As Third Way has become more and more marginalized, its public outpourings have become more and more extreme and, quite frankly, head-scratching.

In a 2011 Politico column, "Progressives: Wise Up," Third Way's president and vice president for policy lectured advocates for Social Security to stop fighting a Grand Bargain that would have cut Social Security's modest benefits - cuts that are opposed by 93.8 percent of Americans.

In 2013, the duo took to the Wall Street Journal where they attacked Senator Elizabeth Warren for proposing to expand Social Security as a solution to the nation's looming retirement income crisis. This time, they lectured not just progressives; they warned the entire Democratic Party not to "follow Sen. Warren...over the populist cliff." Since Senator Warren was standing with the 90 percent of Democrats (and 73 percent of Republicans) who want to increase Social Security benefits, it was no surprise that Third Way admitted that they represented, "no people," beholden only to their wealthy paymasters.

Now, as Senator Bernie Sanders is running strong for the Democratic nomination for president on a platform that includes the incredibly sound and popular idea of expanding Social Security, Third Way is at it again. In a new report, "How the Sanders Social Security Plan is Not Progressive," Third Way is warning the electorate that Sanders is coddling the rich. (In the report's words, the Sanders plan is "substantially tilted toward the wealthy."


Bernie Sanders' Small Donor Fundraising Continues To Set Records, $20 Million in ONE month.

Bernie Sanders' Small Donor Fundraising Continues To Set Records
Almost all of the $75 million his campaign raised in 2015 came from small donors.
by Paul Blumenthal, Money in Politics Reporter * 01/31/2016 * The Huffington Post

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign raised $33.6 million in the last three months of 2015 and another $20 million in January alone, the campaign announced Sunday. The campaign further stated that 1.3 million people have made 3.25 million donations to Sanders' run -- a record number of donors at this stage in a presidential campaign.

“The numbers we’ve seen since Jan. 1 put our campaign on pace to beat Secretary Clinton’s goal of $50 million in the first quarter of 2016,” Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager, said in a statement. “Working Americans chipping in a few dollars each month are not only challenging but beating the greatest fundraising machine ever assembled.”

The vast majority of Sanders' money has come from donors giving under $200. This contrasts with Hillary Clinton's campaign, which has raised the majority of its funds from donors giving maximum contributions of $2,700. Clinton’s campaign has also raised substantial sums from small donors, but Sanders’ ability to remain competitive with Clinton’s fundraising by relying solely on small contributions is unprecedented.

The Sanders camp said that the fourth quarter total will show 70 percent of the campaign's donations came from small donors. Further, the $20 million it reports to have raised in January came almost exclusively from online donations averaging $27 a piece.


Bernie Sanders Calls Hillary Clinton's Emails 'A Very Serious Issue'

Bernie Sanders Calls Hillary Clinton's Emails 'A Very Serious Issue'
Just because he called them her "damn emails" doesn't mean he doesn't think they're important.
by Elise Foley * 01/31/2016 * HuffPo

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is still steering clear of directly attacking opponent Hillary Clinton over her email controversy, but said Sunday it's a "serious issue" -- and that his past statement that he was "sick and tired of hearing about [her] damn emails" doesn't mean he thinks she did nothing wrong.

Clinton, a former secretary of state, is under renewed scrutiny for her use of private email during her time at the State Department. The agency announced Friday that it had withheld 22 emails determined to be "top secret" from public release, although at the time they were sent they were not marked as classified.

CNN's Jake Tapper asked Sanders, an independent senator from Vermont, about his memorable "damn emails" remark in an October debate and whether it meant he didn't think Clinton erred in her use of a private email account.

"Nope, nope. That is not, I think, a fair assessment," Sanders replied on CNN's "State of the Union." "That is, I think, a very serious issue. There is a legal process taking place, I do not want to politicize that issue. It is not my style."


Now that Hillary, Bernie & O'M have agreed on more debates, how about one on HEALTHCARE?

Hosted and organized by Physicians for a Nat'l Health Program

Doctors group welcomes national debate on ‘Medicare for All’
Nonpartisan physicians group calls single-payer reform ‘the only effective remedy’ for nation’s continuing health care woes and urges focus on facts, not rhetoric

Contact: Mark Almberg, PNHP communications director, (312) 782-6006, mark@pnhp.org

Physicians for a National Health Program, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization of 20,000 doctors who support single-payer national health insurance, released the following statement today by its president, Dr. Robert Zarr, a Washington, D.C., pediatrician.

The national debate on single-payer health reform, or "Medicare for All," that has emerged in the course of the presidential primaries is a welcome development. But unfortunately a number of misrepresentations about single-payer national health insurance – and the prospects for its attainment – have crept into the dialogue and are potentially misleading the public.


Hillary isn't making sense. How does 'debate' on Bernie's single payer plan equal Obamacare repeal?

Hillary isn't making sense. How does 'debate' on Bernie's single payer plan equal Obamacare repeal?
By Ian Reifowitz * Saturday Jan 30, 2016 * Daily Kos

I’m a bit, shall we say, confused by Secretary Clinton’s criticism of Senator Sanders’ call to implement a single payer health care plan. On Friday she declared that such a plan is an "idea that will never, ever come to pass." We can agree or disagree on the soundness of that prediction, but that’s at least a coherent statement. Then she continued:

I want you to understand why I am fighting so hard for the Affordable Care Act. I don't want it repealed. I don't want us to be thrown back into a terrible, terrible national debate. I don't want us to end up in gridlock. People can't wait. People who have health emergencies can't wait for us to have a theoretical debate about some better idea that will never, ever come to pass.

People can't wait. You daughter calls and says she has a mass in her forehead, you can't wait. You quit your job to take care of your sick daughter -- something I think a lot of us can relate to -- you can't wait.
In the words of Tom Hanks’ character in “Big”: I don’t get it. What she’s saying literally makes no sense. Talking about, debating, and either passing—or failing to pass—a single-payer health care plan won’t force anyone having a health emergency to “wait” for anything. Doing so won’t take health care coverage away from anyone. Doing so won’t “repeal” one iota of the Affordable Care Act until and unless a new law is not only passed but implemented.

If we end up in gridlock while discussing single payer, the Affordable Care Act remains in place. Surely Secretary Clinton knows this. Surely anyone who has even the slightest clue about how laws work in this country knows this. Yet she seems to be telling voters something different. She’s leaving them with the impression that even having a “terrible, terrible national debate” about single payer will somehow weaken or destroy the Affordable Care Act.


Saw this on Facebook (Occupy) but photobucket is down, for maint, so I can't DU-post it cleanly

but I thought it was post-worthy so I'm sharing, if anyone wants to steal it
and post it cleanly, have at it.

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