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"The Earth is not dying, it is being killed

...and the people doing the killing have names and addresses."

~Utah Phillips (RIP)

Bill Maher Asks Joe Biden to Make More 'Gaffes' - LOL

Bill is funny as hell here, I must say ... I agree. Go Joe!!!! Twinkles!!!

Better yet, Obama should take the hint, and start kicking ass on a whole
range of issues, like he's already won the Nov. election, and make it a

Bill Maher Asks Joe Biden to Make More 'Gaffes' After Gay Marriage Comments (Video)

When Vice President Joe Biden endorsed gay marriage last Sunday on Meet the Press,
it put into sharper focus President Obama's until-then reluctance to fully "evolve" on the
issue. Ultimately, it mayhave led the president to announce his support for marriage equality
-- a result which has given Bill Maher a clever idea.

ďIf we want historic change, we can either do it the presidentís way, slowly, using cool,
detached reason, or the vice presidentís way, quickly using brainfarts," Maher suggested.
Already well-known for his free-wheeling verbal style, Biden, Maher said Friday on his
HBO show Real Time, begin backing other taboo proposals.

"Oh Joe, would you please go on Meet the Press this week and say, 'Should marijuana be
legalized? I'm high right now!" Maher proposed to applause. "Afghanistan? What a s--thole,
let's get the f--k out now! Wall Street bankers? I can't believe we haven't hung any! Global
Warming? That's a big f---king deal, my friend!"


Am I supposed to feel "safer" because a CIA informant's "terrorist plot was foiled" ?

This is even more absurd than the case in Portland OR, last New Years Eve when
a young man was basically entrapped into believing he was being assisted by real
terrorists to detonate a bomb that never really existed except as a random Radio
Shack hodgepodge of wires and batteries.

Here the supposed "terrorist perpetrator" was already ON THE CIA PAYROLL as an
informant, from the very get-go.

Please. How stupid to these people think the public is? These "you must be very
afraid of terrorists" bogus "plots" appear to me to be mostly smoke and mirrors,
and very transparent ones at that.


WTF is up with "Obama's War on Weed" ?? It makes no sense at this point in the game.

Obama's War on Pot
In a shocking about-face, the administration has amped-up a government-wide crackdown on medical marijuana

Obama's war on weed especially makes NO sense in light of recent (within this past week) three very powerful
incidents have occurred -- to give Obama all the cover he would ever need:
1) Jimmy Kimmel's epic roasting of Obama at the recent Press Correspondents Dinner.
2) Nancy Pelosi .. yes THAT Nancy Pelosi came out in favor of medical marijuana being left alone for states to sort out.
3) SCOTUS .. yes THAT SCOTUS (with strong 5/4 Conservative majority) just refused to hear the DofJ's case against
the State of California, effectively upholding lower court ruling against DofJ..

On the campaign trail Obama made reference to FDR's famous "make me do it" admonition to a black community
leader asking him to support civil rights more vigorously, which took awhile for the forces to gather by which time
John F. Kennedy was President and Martin L. King and Malcolm X were doing just that.

What is is going to take on the Medical Marijuana issue to "make Obama do it"? .. .If the DLC Leadership, a Conservative
Supreme Court, and a harsh public roasting in front of the national press won't do it, what will?

Major FAIL in my book for Obama. He lied on the campaign trail to his base about this and needs to be held accountable.
And EVERYONE seems to know that already except Obama himself. I mean at this point, given this SCOTUS ruling, isn't the
Obama administration acting in a flagrantly criminal manner by squashing states with voter approved Medical Marijuana Programs?

DHS's and FBI's War against Social Justice is inexcusably harsh and patently unconstitutional.

Occupy Wall Street's Act II: Hopefully it's a good second act.
OP-ED News - by Stephen Lendman
May 6, 2012 at 02:21:04

Grassroots activism takes time to grow. Broad-based participation is vital. Issues must be clearly defined.
Leadership is needed. Major obstacles must be overcome.

Avoiding being co-opted, diverted, divided, and/or subverted are key. So is staying the course because
major struggles aren't won short-term. Achieving social justice is the mother of them all, especially in
today's environment.

What began last September waned during winter cold. Perhaps May Day protests began Act II. Only the
fullness of time will tell.


Last fall, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), FBI, and other federal security agencies began
coordinating with city officials and police to subvert and disrupt Occupy Wall Street encampments.

Tactics include violent confrontations, infiltrating local groups, and close monitoring. In 2003, a federal
judge expanded New York police surveillance powers. Citing "fundamental changes in the threats to
public security," he relaxed a longstanding court order restricting police monitoring of political groups.


Social justice is on the chopping block for elimination. The criminal class in Washington is bipartisan.
Complicit with business, they've wrecked the economy and working households for profit. America's
resources are earmarked for militarism, imperial wars, banks and other corporate favorites.

Institutionalized inequality is policy. People needs no longer matter. Obama's National Commission on
iscal Responsibility and Reform (NCFRF) recommended deep social spending cuts.


Before his death, Franklin Roosevelt proposed an economic bill of rights. He felt constitutional ones
weren't enough. He wanted legislation guaranteeing employment with a living wage, housing, medical
care, education, social security, and freedom from unfair competition and monopolies.

Presidents today don't talk that way. Roosevelt wanted more for ordinary people. Obama wants social
justice destroyed. Austerity, not vitally needed help, is policy.

Sustained popular resistance for change works. Organized people can beat organized money. Succeeding
depends on doing what it takes for as long as it takes.

The Washington/corporate America nexus is venal. Job one is slaying the beast. Yip Harburg's lyrics
from "Over the Rainbow" said somewhere "dreams that you dare to dream really do come true."

It takes sustained sacrifice. There's no other way. Quiting not an option! There can't be, no matter the



I wonder ....why can't the Dept. of Justice be called in on this, on behalf of Occupy, et. al. ... or is DoJ
already "in on it" in the worst of ways, as collaborators in this outright repression of dissent?

This curious mind wants to know. Is this the United States of America masquerading as Syria?

And where is the WH on this? It raises awkward questions there I would think.

WTF moment: Obama's national address on Foreign Policy on May Day?

I thought it was odd, and a little insulting for Obama to deliver a major national address
on Afghanistan exactly when any news about the national May Day occupy-related activities,
marches, foreclosure re-occupations, etc.

Talk about cognitive dissodence. one tv channel even had a split screen, with Obama on one
and some outbreak live of "violence" caused by police once they had incited the demonstrators

What the hell kind of message is that from Obama to the OWS and far left peeps wanting to
have a voice relating to labor and economic inequality in "The Homeland". ???

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