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Tumbulu's Journal
Tumbulu's Journal
September 25, 2014

While listening to NPR's report on current findings regarding the frequency of mass shootings

- how they have increased lately......I could not help but nearly scream that among all the suggestions that school districts and all sorts of public officials must come up with plans of how to deal with this horror ( including glorifying and almost suggesting that those people who martyr themselves to save the rest must sort of get ready to do this for others) that not once was it suggested that we just get rid of all the free flowing weapons in the first place. Not once was it suggested that the problem is not that we prepare for such events, but that we actually prevent them by getting rid of the damn artillery in the room!

What is with people?!!!! Isn't it beyond obvious that the problem is that public health requires that easy access to firearms be curtailed?

Really, what a frustrating NPR segment. Did anyone else hear it and wonder why it was just considered a given that easy access to firearms would remain as it is today, but we must resolve to become maryrs stopping a lone gunman for the good of everyone else? What about giving up the firearms for the good of everyone else??????!

Has NPR become The Onion?

September 15, 2014

If you think that issues regarding vaccination should be part of the Democratic Party Platform

then I want to suggest that you discuss the issue in educated and insightful ways.

I recommend that you focus on the many benefits that they give to a civilized society. Such as allowing people to bring infants out into public (a very new concept, actually). Which then allows parents to leave children with caregivers without fear of the deadly childhood diseases that wracked our ancestors, and thinned the ranks of our species, as all pathogens do. Point out how the current lowering of overall herd immunity puts at risk our youngest, weakest and our oldest. Encourage, educate and discuss.

Refrain from ridiculing, bullying, name calling and pretending that you know more about the issue than others who have actually studied it (unless of course you actually do, but then be humble about it at least).

The general discussions on DU regarding this matter are appalling and a complete turn off to most anyone who comes here. The discussions come off as dictatorial and mean spirited. And not intelligent, or interesting. Plus the typical screaming posters appear just as crazed as the conservatives that so many of us on DU enjoy poking fun at. There are an abundance of liberal reasons to support universal and free vaccination of children. The most powerful political way that we as a community have helped increase the childhood vaccination rate has been through the expansion of the healthcare system through the Affordable Care Act. How about patting ourselves on the back a bit about making it FREE to get the vaccines (note each shot that my daughter got as an babe cost me $125 out of pocket- each shot- not each time I took her to the doctor!) So, making it free is a very very big deal.

Focus on what is good, what is important and how we have come to depend upon these conveniences of the day.

You will lose any chance of inclusiveness by ridiculing and accusing people of all the horrid things that you banter about. Your absolute need to vilify people is quite troubling.

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