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That Guy 888

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Gender: Male
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Member since: Wed Nov 7, 2007, 03:40 PM
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How the Democrats could win again, if they wanted Thomas Frank

What makes 2016 a disaster for Democrats is not merely the party’s epic wipeout in Washington and the state capitals, but that the contest was fought out on a terrain that should have been favorable to them. This was an election about social class –about class-based grievances – and yet the Party of the People blew it. How that happened is the question of the year, just as it has been the question of other disastrous election years before. And just like before, I suspect the Democrats will find all manner of convenient reasons to take no corrective action.
Trump's health secretary pick: not big on women's health
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But first let us focus on the good news. Donald Trump has smashed the consensus factions of both parties. Along the way, he has destroyed the core doctrine of Clintonism: that all elections are decided by money and that therefore Democrats must match Republican fundraising dollar for dollar. This is the doctrine on which progressive hopes have been sacrificed for decades, and now it is dead. Clinton outspent Trump two-to-one and it still wasn’t enough.

Neither were any of the other patented maneuvers of Clintonism. With Hillary carrying their banner, the Democrats triangulated themselves in every way imaginable. They partied with the Wall Street guys during the convention in Philadelphia, they got cozy with the national security set, they reached out to disaffected Republicans, they reminisced about the days of the balanced federal budget, they even encouraged Democratic delegates to take Ubers back and forth from the convention to show how strongly Democrats approved of what Silicon Valley was doing to America. And still they lost.

This is important because winning is supposed to be the raison d’etre of centrism. Over the years, the centrists have betrayed the Democratic party’s liberal base in all sorts of ways – deregulating banks, securing free trade deals, signing off on Wall Street bailouts and the Iraq war. Those who bridled at all this were instructed to sit down and shut up because the Clintons and their triangulating ilk were the practical ones who would bring us victory.


Petition to Congress: Reign in Presidential abuse of power for financial gain

From Rootsrikers:

Petition to Congress:
Donald Trump’s continued personal stake in his business empire creates an unacceptable conflict of interest. News reports confirm that Trump has used official meetings with foreign leaders to advance his personal business interests, in an unbelievable breach of the public trust. Please immediately pass the Presidential Accountability Act (HR 6340) to require presidents to end their conflicts of interest.

News reports confirm Trump is already using his power as president-elect to benefit his business empire:

He recently:

-Asked British officials to oppose wind farms he says would mar the view from his company’s golf course in Scotland.

-Reportedly urged the president of Argentina to approve a building his company wants to construct in the country, during an official call as president-elect.

-Put his adult children in charge of running his business empire AND at the helm of the transition team the top officials for the Trump administration and what policies they will pursue.

-And Trump’s hotels are even marketing high-priced packages to foreign officials and diplomats. They know they can buy favor by spending lots of money at Trump properties, enriching Donald Trump and his family’s business empire.

This is a breach of the public trust. There must be no question that America’s highest elected official uses their power to serve the public good, not to get personally richer.

Rep. Katherine Clark has a bill in Congress to force Donald Trump and any future president to end their conflicts of interest. If we’re going to prevent unprecedented corruption of the presidency, Congress must pass this bill.

Sign the petition to Congress: Do not allow Donald Trump to abuse the power of the presidency to enrich himself and his business empire.


I know Congress is controlled by the GOP, but better to fight Trump at every step.
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