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Ichingcarpenter's Journal
Ichingcarpenter's Journal
February 7, 2013

Fly Over a Pristine Lunar Crater

Linné crater on the Moon is one of the youngest, most well-preserved lunar impact craters. This cone-shaped crater thought to be less than 10 million years old – a mere whippersnapper when it comes to impact craters. Scientists have been studying this crater for years, using it to investigate how cratering occurs in mare basalt. This “barnstorming” flyover video was created with data from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Published on Feb 5, 2013
This flyover was generated from 3D model of Linne Crater with the image draped on top. The 3D model uses the DTM derived from LROC NAC stereo images

Read more: http://www.universetoday.com/99778/fly-over-a-pristine-lunar-crater/#ixzz2KDNRCKBv

Hey, NASA, mind your vertical exaggeration. If you do it, state it, so we know--this crater is 500m deep and 2400m wide, the video distorts the depth to the point of being unphysical.
February 6, 2013

Idaho Republican Proposes Bill Requiring Students To Read ‘Atlas Shrugged

Idaho state Senator John Goedde (R) has introduced a bill requiring students to read the Ayn Rand novel Atlas Shrugged. The conservative lawmaker’s bill would force students to pass a mandatory test before graduating from the educational enslavement of high school.

Sen. Goedde said he introduced the bill primarily as a rebuke to the State Board of Education, though the new requirement would also foster egoism and “rational selfishness” among high school students, a population known for their selflessness and excessive empathy.

While he hasn’t read the book in thirty years, Goedde claims, “That book made my son a Republican.” The anecdote undoubtedly relieved some of the state’s more conservative lawmakers, who distrust reading on principle.


February 6, 2013

"I like big butts' and the NFL

NFL generates 9 Billion dollars a year....Pays 0 in taxes

The NFL's Billionaire Owners
Forbes list of the 400 Richest Americans includes the owners of the 15 of the 32 National Football League teams. That’s almost half of the league.


I don't like the racket its like stale cigarette buts.
February 6, 2013

International Space Station photograph captures giant underwater wave spread over hundreds of miles

A stunning new image taken from the International Space Station shows a huge underwater wave moving through the Caribbean.

The giant wave, believed to be hundreds of miles in width, was captured by a photographer on board the space station and appears particularly visually clear thanks to a beam of sunlight being reflected back to the camera at the exact moment the photo was taken.

The image, captured on January 18, shows a so-called internal wave just to the north of the Caribbean island of Trinidad.

February 6, 2013

Belarus accuses U.S. of human rights violations for suppressing Texas’ secession

Should Texas ever secede from the United States, it already has found its first international ally: Belarus.

The former Soviet republic — the last Stalinist-style dictatorship in Europe — is accusing the United States government of human rights violations for suppressing Texas’ independence movement.

Belarus’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs highlighted the alleged anti-Texas human rights violations in its recently published report entitled “Human Rights Violations in Certain Countries in 2012.“


The increasingly repressive government of Aliaxander Lukashenka continues to clamp down on dissent in Belarus. Human rights defenders, civil society activists, and independent journalists are routinely persecuted for expressing any signs of discontent with the authorities. Hundreds of pro-democracy participants have been punished with administrative or criminal sanctions, frequently in absence of sufficient evidence of an offence having been committed. Violations of detainees’ due process rights, including access to defense counsel, are widespread. The authorities enforce new laws further restricting freedoms of association and assembly. Independent media is virtually non-existent with the exception of a small number of online outlets.


The article made me smile

February 6, 2013

CIA operating drone base in Saudi Arabia, US media reveal

Source: bBC

The US Central Intelligence Agency has been operating a secret airbase for unmanned drones in Saudi Arabia for the past two years.

The facility was established to hunt for members of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which is based in Yemen. A drone flown from there was used in September 2011 to kill Anwar al-Awlaki, a US-born cleric who was alleged to be AQAP's external operations chief.

US media have known of its existence since then, but have not reported it.

Senior government officials had said they were concerned that disclosure would undermine operations against AQAP, as well as potentially damage counter-terrorism collaboration with Saudi Arabia.

The US military pulled out virtually all of its troops from Saudi Arabia in 2003, having stationed between 5,000 and 10,000 troops in the Gulf kingdom after the 1991 Gulf war. Only personnel from the United States Military Training Mission (USMTM) officially remain.

Read more: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-21350437

February 6, 2013

Another Weird Shiny Thing on Mars

The Curiosity Mars rover has found some strange-looking little things on Mars – you’ve likely heard of the Mars ‘flower,’ the piece of benign plastic from the rover itself, and other bright flecks of granules in the Martian soil. Now the rover has imaged a small metallic-looking protuberance on a rock. Visible in the image above (the green lines point to it), the protuberance appears to have a high albedo and even projects a shadow on the rock below. The image was taken with the right Mastcam on Curiosity on Sol 173 — January 30, 2013 here on Earth — (see the original raw image here), and was pointed out to us by Elisabetta Bonora, an image editing enthusiast from Italy.

Read more: http://www.universetoday.com/99750/another-weird-shiny-thing-on-mars-2/#ixzz2K7DYodBl

image from JPL

February 6, 2013

John Fire Lame Deer Quote: Lakota Native American

John (Fire) Lame Deer and later The Old Man, was a Lakota holy man, member of the Heyoka society, grandson of the Miniconjou head man Lame Deer, father of Archie Fire Lame Deer.

February 6, 2013

Memphis renames 3 parks that honored Confederacy

Source: AP

AP) — The City Council voted Monday to change the names of three parks that honor the Confederacy and two of its notable members.
The council passed a resolution to immediately rename Confederate Park and Jefferson Davis Park in downtown Memphis and Nathan Bedford Forrest Park, which lies just a few miles away. The vote was 9-0 with three members sitting out the vote.
The resolution changes the name of Confederate Park to Memphis Park; Jefferson Davis Park to Mississippi River Park; and Nathan Bedford Forrest Park to Health Sciences Park.
The name changes upset those who believe the council is trying to change history by downplaying the significance of the Confederacy's struggle against Union forces. It was applauded by at least one civil rights activist.

The council already had been considering changing the name of the park honoring Forrest, a Confederate cavalryman and former slave trader who was a member of the early Ku Klux Klan. He also is accused of massacring dozens of black Union soldiers who tried to surrender at the battle at Fort Pillow in 1864. Davis was president of the Confederacy.

Read more: http://news.yahoo.com/memphis-renames-3-parks-honored-confederacy-010653790.html

Good for the city

Jefferson Davis was a traitor, slave owner and a war criminal

February 6, 2013

US Senator Ron Wyden, statement on the DOJ killing americans memo

“As I and ten other senators told the President yesterday, if individual Americans choose to take up arms against the United States, there will clearly be some circumstances in which the President has the authority to use lethal force against those Americans, just as President Lincoln had the authority to use force against the Confederate Army during the Civil War. At the same time, it is vitally important for Congress and the American public to have a full understanding of how the executive branch interprets this authority, so that Congress and the public can decide whether the President’s power to deliberately kill American citizens is subject to appropriate limitations and safeguards. Every American has the right to know when their government believes that it is allowed to kill them.

“The Justice Department memo that was made public yesterday touches on a number of important issues, but it leaves many of the most important questions about the President’s lethal authorities unanswered. Questions like ‘how much evidence does the President need to decide that a particular American is part of a terrorist group?’, ‘does the President have to provide individual Americans with the opportunity to surrender?’ and ‘can the President order intelligence agencies or the military to kill an American who is inside the United States?’ need to be asked and answered in a way that is consistent with American laws and American values. This memo does not answer these questions.

“I will continue to press the Administration to provide Congress with any and all legal opinions that outline the President’s authority to use lethal force against Americans, and I will not be satisfied until I have received them. I have not yet received an official response to the letter than I sent to Deputy National Security Advisor Brennan on this topic three weeks ago, but I look forward to raising the issue with him again at his nomination hearing this Thursday.”


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