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Stuart G

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Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 27,633

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

Some people are so stupid. 157,000 deaths?. Some still don't wear a mask. One example

only, of how stupid people can be: (general example..no specific person)
....There are people in certain states who know that when there is a "TORNADO WARNING", they do not go outside for fear of a tornado..

...Yet the same people are so sure that they will ..not get Covid 19, that those same people do NOT wear mask in crowds of people. I guess stupid is still stupid.

One idea about Trump that everyone now knows: "Donald Trump cares only about himself."

...While that idea might have been something Trump wanted to hide, now everyone knows it. Trump
doesn't care about anyone but himself. It is pretty simple and very clear. Trump is totally selfish.
...Trump spent little time preparing for the pandemic, not because it wasn't very bad, but because he didn't want to, and therefore he didn't. So many examples of this, but that is the idea that will always define Trump. There was a picture in which it was raining, (I saw it, a few days ago, I think the picture was here at DU) and he kept the umbrella totally on himself even though he was walking right next to his wife who was in the rain. Maybe you saw it too. (So many more examples, please give yours.)
...That is what I believe. We might have thought about that before, but now, (because of the last year or so) Donald Trump has proved this idea to everyone who is thoughtful and honest.

"This election is life or death for many. We don't have the luxury to complain. Let's get to work"

From a post from soothsayer...quote from that post..


from a quote from ...Alyssa Milano
..Last line of that post..at link above.

..That is it, that is everything.

Ex-'Ellen DeGeneres Show' employees claim culture of 'rampant sexual misconduct' in new article.

Source: Yahoo News

Ellen DeGeneres’s apology to her talk show staffers over workplace toxicity allegations hasn’t stopped new ones from surfacing.

One day after the Ellen DeGeneres Show host broke her silence in a staff letter about the ongoing investigation of the show, a new report from BuzzFeed News has dozens of former staffers making claims of “rampant sexual misconduct and harassment” on the set. And Everybody Loves Raymond actor Brad Garrett said that mistreatment by DeGeneres — whose motto is “be kind” — is “common knowledge.”

According to the new BuzzFeed story, top executive producers engaged in inappropriate workplace behavior, with one “being handsy” with female staffers and another soliciting oral sex at a work party.

Many of the new claims center around head writer and executive producer Kevin Leman. A former employee claimed Leman was behind the work party incident — which they said played out in a restroom at a company event in 2013. Another former staffer said they separately saw Leman grab a male production assistant’s genitals. Another ex-staffer claimed she saw Leman grope a production assistant in a car in 2017. And dozens of others talked about sexually explicit comments made by him, typically to lower-level and younger employees.

Read more: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/ex-ellen-degeneres-show-employees-claim-culture-rampant-sexual-misconduct-new-report-170312455.html

Comment.....: I guess Ellen DeGeneres is a total phony. She knew all about this as she must have. No letter of apology will change anything. Been going on for years. End of Ellen & her show. Good by phony..Good ridence.

I like this sentence, " .....a new report from BuzzFeed News has dozens of former staffers making claims of “rampant sexual misconduct and harassment” on the set....Also....Brad Garrett said that mistreatment by DeGeneres — whose motto is “be kind” — is “common knowledge.”

Morning Joe: Trump will lead to the end of the party of Abe Lincoln: 7min 50secs

This is the reason Trump will leave peacefully & not contest Biden's election in any way.

...One simple reason that is now clear to most of us. Trump will lose by a huge margin. Not a million or so, but tens of millions. Say 60 to 40 percent as is now being forecast. If anyone thinks it will be close, I think that is totally wrong. Trump has done such a poor job, that it is clear to everyone. So it won't be close, and Trump & company will leave peacefully without any arguments. If it were close, that would be another story.
...We see so many Republicans saying that this time they will vote for a democrat for the first time in their lives. Not one or two, but many. Countless stories right here in Democratic Underground support this. Why? Trump has done an awful job, and that is an understatement. There is nothing left to argue. Will it be 60 percent or 62 percent for Biden. That is what is left of the discussion. Or 65 percent? Trump will leave peacefully, because if he tries to argue the results, he will look very stupid and silly. If he refuses to leave after a huge loss, he will look even more stupid and silly.
.... Refusing to leave will cause him to also lose a lot of high fee speaking engagements. Who would higher someone who refused to leave the White House when the results were clear and fair to everyone everywhere?

These 13 states need to lock down now, according to Harvard coronavirus experts

Source: Yahoo News

"Right now, that would mean 13 of the Trump task force's 21 red-zone states returning to lockdown: Florida (with a staggering 48.1 new daily cases per 100,000 people), Louisiana (46.2), Mississippi (43.5), Alabama (39.1), Arizona (36.6), Tennessee (34.1), Georgia (33.8), Nevada (33.0), South Carolina (30.1), Texas (27.9), Idaho (27.5), Arkansas (26.4) and Oklahoma (25.6). "

Read more: https://www.yahoo.com/news/these-are-the-13-states-that-need-to-lock-down-now-according-to-harvard-coronavirus-experts-162201179.html

Mention of these 13 states is way down in article

...Yes, way down...many paragraphs..I posted it, because that is what is most important in the article, and locking down, could save lives. Florida governor would have to admit he made a mistake by opening too soon. But I do not think he will, we all know why, he is a total asshole, but closing down again would probably save lots of lives.

Trump's approval rating about 39% (late July numbers) Take a look:



...Most of the nation has seen enough of the Trump show. The Trump Show has been on too long, and it has been rejected by most of us. Donald Trump has made a fool of himself, and embarrassed this country. I doubt that these numbers can be improved. Most likely they will get worse. Trump is a fool/buffoon, was a fool/buffoon, and will always be a fool/buffoon. That is not complicated, but it is the simple truth.

Why Trump will go down as the worst President of the United States..ever...

....Some say James Buchanan (the president before Lincoln) was the worst. I doubt that the Civil War could have been prevented. That war was a series of events that happened over many years. George Bush Jr. had been told that an attack might be coming. He did not take it seriously for lots of reasons that we could go into,but this is not the place.
....Donald Trump had the perspective of seeing what had happened to other countries with the same exact problem: The Virus.. Trump could have talked to leaders of other countries in Europe as to what to do, and when to do it. There were examples for what was about to happen. It happened in other countries, and killed thousands of people. Trump really didn't care, because he did not prepare, given what happened to other countries. He could have clearly learned from others, because others faced the same exact thing.
....Yes, Bush Jr. could have prepared for 9/11 attack, but that was really way out of the perspective of reality. (at least his and most realities) A Civil War in the U.S.A. ? I guess that the South leaving the Union was discussed, but was it going to happen?..(I don't know the exact history before, but I doubt that the kind of war that ensued could not have been expected.. (one in 30 living Americans at the time were killed)...Went on for four years..??
....But what was going to happen because of..."The Virus" was clearly known by other leaders and preventive measures could have been taken. As everyone knows, Trump did "NOTHING." Donald Trump said "it would be gone in a five days.." He could have consulted with other leaders, but obviously he didn't. Trump could have prepared the country, but he didn't. It seemed that all he wanted to do, was stick by his prediction, and have that prediction come through no matter what. He followed up with, "It's under control "But that too was a hideous lie..
.....All he had to do was... go to Europe, talk to our allies and those who went through it there, and prepare as much as possible for the inevitable plague. Trump had a chance to do something, he could have gotten lots of information on what to do and when, but he did ...'"NOTHING"...
....I have even read that he sent thousands of protective devises over seas to other countries because he was sure that we would not need those devises.

....Of course people can argue with this, and that is fine with me.................................
But Trump had a chance to know what was going to happen,(others went through the exact same thing) and totally prepare for that eventuality...And Donald Trump did ...ABSOLUTELY NOTHING...

......That is why historians will view Donald Trump as the very worst President ever!!

I Believe in You - El Divo, Celine Dion...Beautiful Pictures..Please Watch & Enjoy

My absolute favorite..Not all pictures in Canada..but it doesn't matter..

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