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Stuart G

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 31,476

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

Why did Trump try to steal election? & Why was he behind Jan 6 insurrection? Simple Answer:

...Because he knew he could try to do these events...without any consequences or penalties..That is he could
try and if he failed he would .....get away with what happened and the "try." Does he still get speaking fees?
Is he still interviewed. Does he have rallies? Large crowds cheering him? etc. etc. etc.

Well.......Was Trump right on this? Will there be some kind of penalty? (any kind?)

Recall Numbers- NO -63.9% -5.8 million./ YES -36.1 %.-3.2 million

Source: N Y Times:

No..... 5.800,000..63.9%...Yes.... 3.200,000..36.1%

Read more: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/09/14/us/elections/results-california-recall.html

....Soundly...is....VERY SOUNDLY!!!......that shows them....

Fascinating Map of Covid-19 Cases throughout the United States..New York Times..


Yes, a whole of information at this link, along with the map, charts, numbers, etc.

Speculation that DeSantis has destroyed himself politically by taking a stance against masks.

...Yes, speculation is speculation. I think the anti-mask stance of DeSantis will be his total downfall. Like not
following the law on seat belts. You got to wear a seat belt in a car, and you got to wear a mask when you go
outside for any reason....................
.... Taking the "freedom view" on mask wearing, is similar to helmet wearing for bicycle and
motor cycle drivers. People do it, because it saves lives. Prevents serious accidents and death. That is why people wear
helmets when riding bikes and cycles....For a time it was an option. Now it is not an option. I watch parents teach
their children to ride, and the kids have a helmet on. You just wear one, just like wearing a seat belt. No big deal, you
just do it. DeSantis is totally wrong on this, and he doesn't have a clue..

Woodward/Costa book: Worried Trump could 'go rogue,' Milley took top-secret action to protect nuclea

Source: CNN

Washington (CNN)Two days after the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, President Donald Trump's top military adviser, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley, single-handedly took top-secret action to limit Trump from potentially ordering a dangerous military strike or launching nuclear weapons, according to "Peril," a new book by legendary journalist Bob Woodward and veteran Washington Post reporter Robert Costa.

Woodward and Costa write that Milley, deeply shaken by the assault, 'was certain that Trump had gone into a serious mental decline in the aftermath of the election, with Trump now all but manic, screaming at officials and constructing his own alternate reality about endless election conspiracies.'
Milley worried that Trump could 'go rogue,' the authors write.
"You never know what a president's trigger point is," Milley told his senior staff, according to the book.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/14/politics/woodward-book-trump-nuclear/index.html "You never know when you get up in the morning what the day will bring"

Title should read: " Worried Trump could 'go rogue,' Milley took top-secret action to protect nuclear weapons"

Proof: Trump will never run for anything, he said, "Virus a hoax, we've lost nobody". 1:51secs

Trump cannot delete this short video...& he won't apologize for anything..He proves he is a liar...Pass it on to his followers..
..............His followers can watch a 1:51 second video...can't they?..Not long...1 minute & 51 seconds..

Joe Biden pulled us out of Afghanistan..He did it, and knew he was going to do it.

...Let's think about that positive move by Joe...Why Pull Out? Useless Costly War & To Save Lives........
..............Yes, I know tomorrow is 9/11.....

9/11 happened in 2001...Joe completed the pull out...in the last few weeks..
..What Joe did saved lots of lives....
...You can't change 9/11 but Joe saved lives in last few weeks...That is over, Joe became President on January 21...
About 8 months later, we are totally out of a war that was going on for many years.....

.I usually don't think positive, but maybe this time I will hattip for Joe. and 4 President Joe Biden..

Vaccine & masks should be a requirement of the law..just like "seat belts" are. It's simple..

... When seat belts were "freedom" deals....then there were about 50,000 deaths on the highways...
...Now seat belts are the law in most states...(if not all) and a huge number of lives are saved...
Approximately 55,000 deaths before laws passed in 79....Now 35,000 deaths on highways due to
seat belt laws...Yes, people did not want to "buckle up" at first...but when it became "state laws"...then
the numbers went down..Keep in mind...35,000 deaths...down around 40 percent from 79, with ...
double the cars, and 100,000,000, more people, and 60 million more cars...

....Yes, people didn't want to "buckle up" at first..but now everyone does it...Why?...because it prevents death, and
word got around of people who had seat belts on that would have died if they didn't.(especially now that the
seat belts have shoulder harnesses as well as the air bags that are also the law in the front seats)...At first people
didn't want to pay extra, but now it is the law, and people who buy the cars don't even think of the cost of safety
devises when they buy a car, old or used..

....Why...By Now they all have seat belts and air bags... and yes they saved lives every year..(see first paragraph)..

Make masks the law...and save lives even if people don't want ....the freedom to save their own lives...Make it the law..
and watch the death numbers go down...Fuck the Freedom Anti Maskers...They are too stupid to make that decision, as
were the anti-seat belt assholes...Now everyone or most put them on automatically...You just do it...And since parents
wanted their kids to put them on, now everyone puts them on...Kids are now adults, and you put it on automatically...

...Like masks will become...No it ain't rocket science...It's save your life science...Yes I repeat a lot, many people
do....But when the polio vaccine came out, there were no anti-polio vaccine idiots..Now polio is eradicated in the U.S....as
is small pox...Most people don't know but there were millions of small pox deaths around 1920 or few years before
and after...You got to have small pox vaccine to go to most grammar schools in the U.S.A....It is the law and it works

..............I wonder why..?...

Companies: AT&T and UnitedHealth donated over $100,000 to Texas lawmakers behind new abortion law


A Texas law banning abortions after six weeks of pregnancy went into effect on Wednesday. It comes as the conservative-led Supreme Court is set to consider a case that could upend Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion.

Recent data revealed that 86 companies in the Fortune 250 gave $5.9 million to candidates seeking office in the Texas legislature in 2020, and seven of those companies gave over $100,000 to sponsors of the abortion law.

On August 2, UltraViolet, an organization that fights to expand women's rights, released an analysis of public data on corporate political spending in Texas. It reports that nine of the primary sponsors of SB8, the abortion law, received more than $100,000 from corporations like AT&T and UnitedHealth Group. While those companies did not take a stand on the abortion law, their contributions were significant in electing the lawmakers who sponsored it.

Here are the seven companies that made the largest cumulative donations to the sponsors and cosponsors of SB8:

AT&T: $291,042, amounting to 53% of its total in-state donations
Charter Communications: $219,500, or 61% of its donations
Berkshire Hathaway: $128,550, 53% of total donations
Exelon: $124,000, or 56% of total donations
UnitedHealth Group: $121,000, or 53% of total donations
Union Pacific: $109,000, or 43% of total donations
Chevron: $105,500, or 50% of total donations

Wide Spread Availability of Guns is Awful: New Amendment Needed!

We need a new Amendment to the Constitution of some sort..

At link is a horrific story about someone shooting a group of people.. Not new situation, but repeated often in the
U.S.A. (almost every day) Passing an Amendment dealing with guns, nationwide, seems to be the only solution...Read the story if you
desire...Proves we need an Amendment to the Constitution to change the Constitution regarding guns & firearms

Warning: proves we need an new amendment for the discussion. Yes, it will be difficult to pass, but it is what is
needed now..

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