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Stuart G

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Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 22,657

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

Kansas Lawmakers Defect to Democrats as G.O.P. Struggles in Suburbs: New York Times:


The moderates from the Kansas City metro area all became Democrats in the last month, reflecting a national realignment in a key partisan battleground.

By Mitch Smith
Jan. 22, 2019

LENEXA, Kan. ó State Senator Dinah Sykes, a Democrat for three whole weeks, told the retirement home residents that she had felt ignored by Republican leaders. She said that she remained a political moderate. She promised that her views on policy hadnít changed when she quit the Republican Party, only the letter beside her name.

But just like America, and just like Kansas, the roomful of Ms. Sykesís constituents was divided.

ďYou flipped ó Iím disenfranchised,Ē said Kent Crippin, 82. ďAnd Iíve been a Republican all my life.Ē

Ms. Sykes choked back tears as she responded. ďIf Iím not re-elected, thatís O.K., but I did what I felt was right,Ē she said. ďIím sorry Iíve hurt you.Ē

Republican Party that has controlled this stateís Capitol and dominated its politics for years. The defections wonít affect control of the Legislature ó Republicans have plenty of votes to spare in Topeka ó but they reveal a larger problem for the party as 2020 approaches, and one that reaches well beyond Kansas.

The departures reflect a political shift in suburban areas of Kansas, a state that surprised political experts by electing a Democrat as governor in November. That shift is part of a larger realignment in traditionally Republican suburbs across the country, where long-marginalized Democrats are now ascendant and where voters who are upset with President Trump, especially women, have punished some moderate Republican candidates.

Story about cops beating up protester, (who was a cop) evidently planned ahead of time to do so.

It is (story about the original beat up) on the " Latest Breaking News" forum posted by Judi Lynn.....here is the link to this original story:
when you get to the above article, there will be link there where you can read more:
............first article....................................
Title, "Undercover Cops Beat Him like Rodney King"..about St Louis police that beat up a protester that turned out to be an undercover police officer..

Here the 2nd article ... where it says the "cops planned ahead of time to beat up protesters:
warning:...very hard to read accept that the cops actually planned the beating..

This link, is a follow up story that says that the some of the cops who were charged in the above beating,.actually.....................................................................
....."planned ahead of time to beat the shit out of the protesters," read the entire article towards the bottom it shows how the cops planned ahead of time to beat up protesters...


What Trump could do to bring the country together.

At 7pm ET....short announcement that tomorrow at 7am, all aspects of the federal government will reopen. With or without funding as a show of bringing us together. Specifically mentioned in the announcement is that the question of the "wall" will be decided later at another time.

Poem ....dedicated to "The Wall"

Let's have a ball with the border wall..
It will have a long hall, and a pee pee stall.
It will be there for all to see
Monument to stupidity it will be.

Let's have a ball with the border wall..
That wall will always be on call.
It will be there for all to see..
Monument to Trump, it will be.........................................

Too many acronyms..?? Abbreviations used ??? Many of us don't know the meanings.

What Is an Acronym? ..............................................................
... Acronyms are simply abbreviations created from the first letter of each word in a phrase or series of words.

.....The word ATM, for example, is an acronym that stands for automated teller machine

Sometimes I try to look them up, using google search. Sometimes I get the definition, and sometimes I don't..Usually if I don't, I leave it alone. Therefore, some people are not getting through to others. If it were once or twice..ok. It is now every day I look up terms. I do not text. Therefore, I don't use the acronyms. The word acronym is a fairly new word for me. (BTW), By the way, not all of us know all of them.

Therefore, if you want to get through to all of us, please reduce the use of these short terms with capital letters...OK?...don't mean to be mean, just want to know all the meanings of what is said.

Ten Richest Olympic Athletes. (they competed in Olympics, went on & made lots of money)

No, I won't tell you who is number 1 or number 6 or whatever. Guess if you can..Then hit the link, and be surprised. (yes, some won medals, and some did not, yes, very rich indeed) Yes, it is about their total wealth now, not in a year, or two, but total wealth NOW, long after these people competed in the Olympics. I guessed it, can you?


I heard this possibilty today on the radio:

..........Trump and his gang will resign in return for pardons by Pence..............

........Thom Hartmann Program...........today 1/18/19 at approx. 2pm ET.

..That William P. Barr is being brought into the administration to engineer a deal to get Trump off of all charges through some kind of resignation plan. That is Trump and his gang resigns, in return for immediate pardons by Pence. Therefore, the gang gets off scot free with no jail time, and Pence becomes the next President of the United States for the remainder of the Trump term. It was noted by Thom that Barr engineered a deal like this before in 1992, which helped those responsible for undermining Carter's reelection in 1980 to be pardoned.
...That this deal is to make sure that Trump and his gang never have to spend a moment in jail and to get a new name into the office: Mr. Pence. Trump's name is so dirtied that many think it is not possible for him to get reelected. Pence has been relatively quiet and could be acceptable to the population and this would give the Republicans "a chance" to win in 2020. Trump is becoming totally toxic to 65 per cent of the population and he will never win. He and the gang resigns in "disgrace" but face no real penalties for their crimes. Actually they will be going "scot free" and "gone" away...

..I have no idea if this could happen or will happen. But it was proposed today on this show. Also, the key for me is that William Barr has been through this before and knows exactly what to do. (see paragraph 1) Will this happen?.. Who knows?...But I hope we will all be around to see the end of this awful show..and in 2020 a new Democratic President of the United States.

So, Trump has taken on Pelosi? Who is smarter? More experienced? Has more support? Has more basic

intelligence? Knows how to handle people better with more respect? Is more respected by the American people? Seems to care more about our government? Knows more how the government works and operates? Got any more?

There is something horrifically similiar between the way that Trump treats migrant children and the

current government shut down. Donald Trump really doesn't give a shit as long as he gets his way. He doesn't care who it hurts or how much it hurts, or how it hurts. He has to get his way, no matter what.

Total and complete arrogance of power. That is what it is.

..I think it was a 15 minute gap in the Nixon tape conversation. Nixon's secretary claimed that she made a mistake in preparing the tape, and that is how it happened. Yet, most of us believe that Nixon altered the tape himself. Imagine, the President of the United States altering evidence to be presented to an investigation committee of Congress.
...So here it is again, the President of the United States lying about meetings with a foreign leader of an adversary country. And not just any leader, but the leader a most dangerous country, and a leader with a background of lying and worse. Covering up meetings, no record of any kind. No evidence as would be expected of such meetings, and be required as has been in the past.
..This is exactly the same. Arrogance of power that leads to the belief that someone can do whatever he/she wants to do. While the details are totally different, the thinking is the same. I can do whatever I want to do, and I will get away with it. That is what we are dealing with.
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