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Stuart G

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 23,533

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

Mueller Will Get him...It is the same as it was then. Nothing has changed

On Aug 25 this was posted..

Mr. Mueller and his team have experience and knowledge in every area of crime that relates to Trump and his gang. Mueller is not new in getting crooks and criminals. He has a lifetime of getting them. His team is designed to get him. It may take time, but in the end, I believe strongly that Mr. Mueller will get him.

Today..Jan 11..

I believe that Mueller will still get him. Treason, Russian influence, Russian Money, Congressional Russian Influence..call it what you want..If it involves Trump or whoever. If the investigation takes a turn into a different direction, then Mueller will take the turn. Mr. Mueller is not new to important investigations. Yes, this involves the top of the government, and Russian influence. So, think of it this way. Who else would you like in charge of this? Ex Head of the FBI with all kinds of connections in law enforcement that we do not know. Someone who has seen a whole lot more than most. Respected and experienced. Who else would you like doing this? Incredible "Integrity" Yes, Mueller is the one to be in charge..Wait, he is in charge!! And that means the truth will be exposed.

February 3, 2020...Date of Iowa Primary..

A reminder that this is more than a year away. Yes, it is the first primary, but it is a year and 3 weeks away.

At this link in Video & Multimedia Forum, Mr. Trump shows he has lost it..

...Hit the link, and Don Viejo has posted proof to all that Trump has lost it by accusing Democrats of not caring about crime in an insane way. Just watch Mr. Trump go off. And most important...the entire video is one minute 50 seconds total..... And everyone can sit through one minute and 50 seconds.... And all Mr. Trump had to do was say nothing...Just for once, say nothing !!!....
.....It is so obvious that Mr. Trump just cannot shut up. And then he has to attack the opposition with a stupid unfair lie. This is the mother load of stupidity and insanity. For all to see in one minute and fifty seconds. So if you need to convince a friend of Trump's lack sanity, just show them this..............
....Perfect amount of time for a commercial to prove Trump is not qualified to be in the position he is in. And the key part is under a minute..(that is where he accuses the Democrats of not caring about crime) Please take a look.


Very Very Cheap...but among the very best things to own...

...list as many or few as you wish. I got just 2..

1. Aspirin tablets.
2. Library Card..

1.. Aspirin is so cheap because it has been in the "public domain" for decades..or a hundred years or more...It is also cheap to make, and widely available...

Now here is a piece of information that tells you how important this is: If this drug were discovered ..today and its ability to relieve pain and thin blood were made known for the first time, and proven beyond doubt as it has been, the cost per pill would probably be about $10.00. That is what the pharmaceutical companies would charge in my opinion. Maybe more.

2...Library Card....this is also not new. What an incredible gift this is. Most cities have libraries and lots of stuff available to take out for 2 to 3 weeks, and easily renewed. In my lifetime, the libraries have increased there "stuff" to incredible degrees...It used to be books and maybe LP records. Also some old pictures and documents that might have some kind of collectable value. Like pictures of the town or city from the early days or the equivalent. Old magazines and other kinds of "old stuff".. I remember 50 years ago going into a library at the university I went to in order to see some old "newspapers" it had saved..and those newspapers were from the "Civil War" yes, originals..........
.....But now, oh my...Yes, old LP records or what is equal to that...but what else? OK...CDs, Video Discs, meetings of all sorts, Computers for public use, current newspapers to read, historic news, new books, help at understanding tax laws,, help at understanding things, and all kinds of ideas that have been left out. A library card is an outstanding thing to have. And in general, it is one thing that is very, very, cheap. Often, if you live in the town, it is free, but you got to pay taxes. Oh well, what else is new?

A simple reason why fighting for the "WALL" is the stupidest idea Trump has ever had..

Reason is very simple: "The Wall" is not necessary. Trump says it must be built, and that is a "HUGE LIE"

..But all, yes "ALL OF US" know it is not necessary, no matter what Mr. Trump says. How can that be true? What proof do you have?.. Isn't "The Wall" something we must have, and must be built now as Mr. Trump says?

Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Here is the proof: This country has existed as a nation since 1776, that is over 240 years ....without "A Wall" ... along the southern border. While our country is not perfect, and our defenses are not perfect; "The Wall" is not the most important item. It is not even an important item..(except to Mr. Trump). "The Wall" is not worth shutting the federal government down for..Is it?

Here is a comparison to think about. Let's say the U.S. Navy said we must have another "Aircraft Carrier" in order to keep the nation safe. Why some people would ask? Because the latest and greatest aircraft carrier is absolutely necessary for our safety. Now, everyone, yes everyone would know that the idea of the "greatest aircraft carrier" is a lie. How do we know? Because we already have a few of them.. Why is the latest one absolutely necessary for our nation's safety? That is why everyone understands the truth about "THE WALL"

Trump has made a terrible, stupid mistake. He has bet his entire presidency on an unimportant idea: "THE WALL" Quite stupid.....

..Let's say he bet everything on providing food for very poor families who are running out of money right now. And everyone understood that there is a crisis and there is not enough money to fund the food stamp program this week, and people are starving right now... The media was reporting that thousands of people were starving to death "RIGHT NOW". Then, an emergency allocation for food or food stamps would be necessary. Or some kind of program to feed those starving right now. That would be necessary and obvious.

..But this stupid "WALL" obviously is ..NOT NECESSARY and EVERYONE KNOWS IT.. How do we all know? Paragraph 3. "This country has existed more than 240 years without a wall along the southern border. "
It really is that simple.

Trump is nuts! nt

Yes, Most of us could do a better job than Mr. Trump at being President of the U.S.A.

It is now obvious to me that the above statement is the truth. Trump's priorities stink: border wall, tax cuts for rich, working closely with Putin, etc. He is a mean and vicious man and most of us are not mean and vicious. While it is true that this is a most difficult job, we would have help and could hire help of the best and most experienced people. And many would help a newcomer like us. Putting all his priorities on a "border wall" shows how stupid and self centered Mr. Trump really is. Five Hundred people who come here could think better and clearer than Mr. Trump and have better priorities. And we would use our time more wisely and do a better job.

If Trump says something kind, respectful and postive for everyone it would be great.

Reassuring and a helpful speech. The kind we would like...but...it will not be that kind of speech.

It will be full of threats and fear. I wish it were not, but that is what I think it will be. And some ugliness about those who want to enter the U.S. illegally. Yes, he will get all the ugly talking points in his 8 minute speech. It doesn't take much to make a mean and ugly speech.

Lincoln's Gettysburg Address lasted 3 minutes. So short speeches can be outstanding. But Trump will go on too long, even for 8 minutes. Much too long for Mr. Trump.

About Nancy Pelosi...


Assumed Office ...June 2, 1987

That means Pelosi has served over 31 years in Congress. Served under Regan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Obama, and now Trump. What she has seen goes way beyond what we can imagine. A lady in Congress who became speaker and now speaker again. 3rd in line to the Presidency. What do you suppose she experienced? About political experience? She has been there and done that. To conclude with an old phrase..Mr. Trump does not know what he is up against. He is playing poker with 2 of a kind against a Royal Flush. Maybe a tiny clue, but a very small clue.

About writing comments in Democratic Underground. As I misspell a word, something corrects

my spelling. AUTOMATICALLY In the lounge, with a cup of coffee, can someone explain simply to me how this is done?.. By which program or gadget?. A poor speller like me.....this is AMAZING!!!!!!

Not all the time, but a whole lot of the time..It (???) often points out grammar mistakes. I really don't know, but my dictionary has dust on it. Thanks for any ideas on this, and to those who know..thank you for your knowledge... My hat is off to you... Stuart..
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