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Stuart G

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 22,652

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

A joke about the , " Fortune Teller.".

During a recent outing in New Orleans, a woman sneaked off to visit
a fortune teller of some repute..
In a dark and hazy room, peering into a crystal ball,
the mystic delivered grave news. "There's no easy way to say
this, so,
I'll just be blunt: Prepare yourself to be a widow. Your husband will
die a violent and horrible death this year."

Visibly shaken, the woman stared at the fortune teller's lined face,
then at
the single flickering candle, then down at her hands. She took a few
breaths to compose herself. She simply had to know. She met the
fortune teller's dark gaze, steadied her voice, and asked, "Will I be acquitted?"

There is a new Papa Johns near me...I will never go there..nt

Judge Sentences Tim Durham to 50 Years In Prison for Defrauding Investors



Deceit. Greed. Arrogance.

Those were the three words a federal judge said best describe Indianapolis businessman Tim Durham and his scheme to defraud about 5,000 investors in Ohio-based Fair Finance out of more than $200 million.

Then she sentenced him to 50 years in prison, which essentially is a life sentence for Durham, 50.

“Mr. Durham, you were raised better than that,” U.S. District Court Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson said during Durham’s sentencing hearing Friday. “You’re educated. You’re specially trained in the law. All of that was jettisoned because you wanted a lifestyle that, quite frankly, I don’t know how you kept track of.”

A federal jury convicted Durham of 12 felony fraud counts in June. His associates, James F. Cochran, 57, and Rick D. Snow, 49, also were convicted of some of those charges.

Durham and Cochran, who owned Fair Finance, were accused of using the company as their personal bank to make loans to themselves and their family and friends. Snow, the company’s chief financial officer, was accused of helping them cover up their scheme.

The second and third pages of the story tell of some of the investors who lost their life savings. Also, Durham never admitted any fault in the scam and said it was "business conditions" that caused the collapse of the compainies..

here are more links on this story:


a doctor joke...

> Dr John Hartman, passed away at 98, after a long successful
life...A kind and well known
> heart surgeon, his only faults were that he was always impatient,
> felt that he deserved special treatment due to his
> position.............
> He is waiting in line to get into heaven, waiting is something he
> loathes. He runs up to Saint Peter, and complains..."Do you know who
> I
> am. I want admittance immediately.."
> St Peter looks up and says, "You are Hartman, the doctor, I am
> afraid you will have to wait your turn to be processed. Here in
> heaven, everyone waits patiently and takes their turn..You will get
> in
> eventually..".(that day, St Peter was understaffed, of course, the
> line
> was extra long) Hartman is furious, but goes back to his place in
> line, very angry having to wait.
> At that moment, a 27 year old intern, in his loose fitting
> garment,
> all dirty and bloody, runs past the line, and St Peter waves him thru
> into heaven without any hesitation.....
> Hartman is furious, and runs up to St Peter, and says,,,What right
> do you have to let that intern in, and make me wait? What is wrong
> with you?"
> St Peter, looks up at Hartman with odd smile..."Oh that isn't an
> intern, that is G-d..Every once in a while, he dresses up like an
> and
> goes down to earth and plays doctor.........
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